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Quit yer whining…

No playing last night (I had a late dinner meeting and needed sleep by the time I got home).  Besides, I’m grinding at the moment in Plaguewoods.  It’s a real creepy place and there’s probably a post in there somewhere, but I need to kill 15 Gibbering Ghouls or something for a quest and of course this brand of Ghouls is few and far between…  I got 5 the other night so I’m getting there.

But that’s a good seque into this post which is about whining.  I ROFL when I read this post over on Not Addicted Forums (warning: mature language).  People just never seem to be happy with this game, and instead of just quitting and playing something else, they gotta whine about in the forums and anywhere else they think people will listen to them.

You know how it goes:  You’re on thotbott researching a quest and someone posts something like “crap quest – takes an hour and only gives 6K XP.  I’d rather grind WPL.”  Then GO GRIND WPL!!! 

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been on my share of quests where when it was done I was disappointed in what I got out of it.  Especially some of those multi-part quests that have you running all over the map delivering barrels of Dwarven whiskey or something only to get a couple thousand xp and maybe some piece of equipment about 10 levels below you.  Yea, that’s frustrating.  I guess I just don’t need to vent my frustrations about it to the entire community and imply that the game is a waste and the developers can’t provide intriquing content with valuable rewards. 

I think this is some people’s perfect scenario:

  1. Roll new Night Elf character.
  2. Get quest to travel to Dolannar.
  3. Arrive at Dolannar. 
  4. Get quest reward of lvl 60 and tier 4 armor.

Personally, I enjoy seeing new areas and levelling up.  If a quest gets too onerous or seems like it’s not paying off, then I just drop it.  But take responsibility for your gameplay – it’s not Blizzard’s fault and it’s not the developer’s fault.  If you think you’re getting spanked in PvP because of an unfair advantage another race/class has – figure out how to get around that.  I know from personal experience that each class has more than enough tools at it’s disposal to deal with any challenge presented to it, as long as the challenge is a comparable level.

Just my two cents worth. 


November 8, 2006 - Posted by | World of Warcraft

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