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My new best friend

My new best friend is Outfitter 1.4.2.

So now that I’m almost to level 60 (only 3 1/2 bubbles to go), I’m starting to think more about the alternate types of equipment I’ll need to wear in my different forms as I start hitting the instances more with my guild.  Yea, I probably should have started to do this about 4 or 5 levels ago, but I’ve been focused on the Jame’s Alliance levelling guide from and making good progress there I just stuck to it.

But now with 60 in my sights and basically at the end of the 51-60 guide, I’m ready to start hitting the instances hard with my guild.  I’m now starting to appreciate having different gear sets for my three different forms: human (caster/healer), bear (tank), and cat (DPS).

So, I went looking for a wardrobe manager.  I was biased toward something that would fit in with my FuBar/Ace.  I really like it over Titan.  I found a couple, but frankly couldn’t figure out how to do more than just setup some basic outfit profiles.  What I was looking for was an add-on that would automatically change my outfits based on the form I was currently in.  While both the Ace/FuBar add-ons said they would do this, the only add-on I could get this to work in was Outfitter.

And I’m not upset about that.  Outfitter is really nice and very visual.  You get a mini-map button, but also a nice additional screen in your character view where you can select/equip gear and set profiles.

Outfitter at open

When you open Outfitter, either by selection Open from the mini-map menu or clicking the little wardrobe icon from the Character screen, this is the interface you are presented with.  From here you can equipment various sets of gear and save them as profiles you define.  This lets you switch between the profiles whenever you want.  However, the option I really like is the “Special Occasions” items.

Outfitter Druid selections

From here I can set gear profiles for my various Druid forms and then they will automatically get equipped when I change forms.  Yea, I tried it and it really works!  Not sure on other applications of this though.  For instance I would think that the different warrior stances would be in here, etc.   Maybe it’s smart enough to know I’m a Druid and only present those choices, but not sure.

Anyway – I’m very happy with Outfitter and definitely recommend it.

Now I just need to bite the bullet and start playing around with the discord tools….


November 12, 2006 - Posted by | Interface Add-ons, World of Warcraft

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