Adventures in Azeroth

It’s a Druid’s World (of Warcraft)

Ding! Grats.

Well, I couldn’t resist.  I made level 60.  Check me out.

I only had 3,600 xp to go, so I’m thinking I’d be done in a couple minutes or so.  It wasn’t to be…

I logged in and headed toward Chillwind Camp.  That was where I had been questing lately and seemed like as good a place as any.  I could just farm Skeletal Flayers at Sorrow Hill – get my xp, get my level and collect some Scourgestones while I was at it.  Also, I knew the mobs at Sorrow Hill were manageable so I felt comfortable fighting them with my UI hidden so I could go for my vanity shot.

Well, I fly to Chillwing from Ironforge and head out to Sorrow Hill.  What to my wondering eyes should appear but no less than around 10 people farming the Flayers.  Sorrow Hill is usually a popular place, but I never saw it this busy.  There literally wasn’t a single spawned mob.  Okay, whatever – I’ll just head into Andorhal. 

Right about that time I notice a good friend of mine is on, so I send him a “Howdy”.  He responds and says he could use some help with a quest.  Being lvl 29 he’s all the way over in The Wetlands.  So back to Chillwind, fly to Menethil Harbor, meet up with friend, ride out to quest area, help with quest, ride back to Menethil, fly back to Chillwind; no biggie.  I like helping friends out. 

So I ride back out to Sorrow Hill – still crowded.  I’m thinking, “what does a guy have to do to get 3600 stinking xp around this world?”  Actually, I was also trying to control to a certain extent where I made my level and with what.  Like I said, I wanted a manageable mob so I could fight without my UI and also in human form, not tanking as a bear.  Also, the creative side of me wanted to level in a somewhat photogenic locale so I could try to capture a good screenshot.  Some (okay, many) would probably argue that The Plaguelands are anything but photogenic.  And they are probably right.  But I was there and the mobs were there, and it just felt sooooo right… 

So anyway, fell back to my previous contingency which was to travel into Andorhal.  Finally – some mobs to kill.  I started killing and got down to 87 xp to go.  This was it!  So, I turned off my UI, got a good camera angle, pulled my last and got the shot.   Grats to me!

Unfortunately, the image is still on my home PC and I’m writing from work over lunch.  I’ll post it soon, I promise.  I’m sure the two people that are looking at my blog can’t wait to see it!  lol…

After all the playing and questing and instances, the actual act of turning 60 was a bit of a letdown.  No rush of adrenaline, no marching bands.  There was definitely a sense of accomplishment though.  The most fun was actually announcing it in my guild chat and getting all the grats and w00ts and sweets back.  That was really fun.

So how does it feel to be 60?  Kind of the same way you feel when you have a birthday and someone asks you if you feel a year older.  You don’t – after all you’re really just a day older than yesterday.  But there is that bit of saying a different number now when someone asks you your age.  And in WoW that different number is pasted on your forehead for all the world to see.

And people do notice.  Within 15 minutes of making 60, I received two whispers from characters I didn’t know inviting me to party with them.  One was from a lvl 52 in Chillwind wanting help killing a lvl 61 elite (huh?).  The other was someone in Ironforge inviting me to a MC run and assuring me it wasn’t a PUG.  Hmm, if you don’t know me and you’re inviting me to your group how is it not a PUG?

I really wanted to stay on for a while and see how many other whispers and invites I got but I called it a night. 

So all in all a satisfying night.  I can’t say making 60 has been the highlight of my WoW gameplaying, but it does feel good…


November 15, 2006 - Posted by | World of Warcraft

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