Adventures in Azeroth

It’s a Druid’s World (of Warcraft)

So…. whatcha speccin?

The new talent trees have presented some real choices for us Druids I think.  I haven’t surfed the forums extensively, but enough to know there are some lively debates going on.

Things are somewhat clearer for me as I know I still want to play primarily feral.  I’ve got no interest in a Balance build, although I must say the Resto tree does intrique me and would probably be a better fit for end-game instances runs – at least until I can get some better equipment.

But I’m in a guild that really allows you to play the way you want to play instead of imposing “end-game build rules” on us all.  Yea, we’re not an uber-guild running Naxx every night, but we have a lot of fun with minimal restrictions.  I really like it.

So – at least for the time being, I’m speccing mostly feral.  I’m going to branch out a little more into Resto than I have in the past.  Specifically the Naturalist and Intensity talents.  I like them both as they are essentially two talents in one.  Naturalist combines the 10% damage bonus of the old Natural Weapons along with a nice Healing Touch cast time reduction.  Intensity combines 15% mana regeneration during casting along with an instant 10 rage generation upon Enrage.  (Effects listed assume you’ve maxed both talents).  I really like both of these talents and I like the combination of effects.

This led to some real trade-offs in the Feral tree though.  I ended up deciding against Nurturing Instinct.  I like the healing increase when coming out of feral – especially since many times you’re coming out to get a healing boost due to damage – but with it based on strength it isn’t that big of a bonus to me until I can get some better strength bonuses.  Plus, using Outfitter, my character is going to automatically switch to caster gear when I exit feral form anyway, so that would just be one more layer of complexity to worry about.

I’ve also dropped Natures’ Focus and this could well be one I come to regret.  This talent gives you a good percentage chance to not be interrupted due to damage when casting various healing spells.  This has saved my butt many a time during soloing, especially when under attack by 2 or 3 mobs.  I’ve dropped it to pick up other talents, but it just feels like maybe I’ve made a mistake here.

Another possible mistake that doesn’t feel quite as obvious to me is not taking Improved Leader of the Pack.  6% of total health for a warrior is probably a decent amount of auto-healing, but it takes a critical hit and can only occur every 6 seconds.  I was really torn on this one and in the end dropped it.  Again – another one I may come back to.

I’m excited to get the mangle talent and I’ll be looking forward to see how that one works.

The last part is figuring out what to buy now, and what 10 talent points wait until Burning Crusade.  That might well be a harder decision.

Here’s the build I’m going with (until of course I change my mind).  I’d be interested in your thoughts, or a post of your builds.


December 4, 2006 - Posted by | Strategy - Feral, World of Warcraft

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