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So, a week or so ago I wrote this post that was pretty gloomy on what World of Warcraft was like after making level 60.  Then I have a really fun night in BRD and write this post.  I think last night’s activities are probably more typical and more in the middle of those two extremes as I continue my gameplay a month or so post-60.

I’ve been trying to get attuned to Onyxia.  The fun night I had was getting some guildies together to venture into Blackrock Depths and work through Jail Break!  That got me a lot closer. 

The next couple steps in the questline you can actually solo.  First you meet up with Marshal Maxwell at Burning Steppes and he tells you to report to Marshall Windsor at Stormwind.  You report to Windsor and basically can just sit back and watch Bolvar whack about 7 elite dragonkins (after walking with Windsor from the front gates of Stormwind to the Keep). 

After the fight you get a Fragment of the Dragon’s Eye and are told to find someone else who is willing to help.  But Azeroth is so big..  and there are so many places…. where to start????  Thotbott of course, where you find out there is a cave in a location named Mazthoril in Winterspring.  You have to walk through the cave and step on a rune in the back of the cave to transport to some lady called Haleh at the top of the mountain above the cave.  The problem is, there’s all kinds of dragonkin, dragon whelps and elite level 60 dragons in front of and in the cave. 

Some folks on thottbot just take off all their equipment and run through.  They had to do 3 or 4 corpse runs, but eventually got to the rune without a big repair bill.  Then there’s the video of how to go around the left side of the entrance, up the hill and make some jump over to Haleh without having to go through the cave.  Lucky for Amanna she’s a Druid and can just catform/prowl through the entire cave without a single fight.

So I get to Haleh and wouldn’t you know it, my Fragment of the Dragon’s Eye is shattered and useless.  But wait, if I just bring Haleh some blood of a black dragon champion she can fix it.  Of course she knows where one is and he is in Blackrock Spire.  To arms!

So even though it was just watching other people fight and some sneaking around, it felt like pretty good progress down the chain.  From what I can gather from thotbott, once I get the blood and repair the eye, I’m attuned for Onyxia (not to mention get a nice amulet).

And I suppose that was the original point of the post – getting a better understanding of what “progress” means when there are no new levels to obtain.  I’m still only a month or so into level 60, but here are the three ways I’m finding progress and fun are had:

  1. Progressing down a quest chain that matters to you because of the “reward” at the end.  That reward could be a nice item or attunement to an instance or whatever.  But making real progress toward a desirable goal is good.
  2. Getting good increases to a faction you are working on for faction rewards.  I’m not particularly interested in grinding Twilight Cultists for 1 Cenarion Circle rep apiece, but it is fun to go into AQ20 and make some significant reputation progress during the night.
  3. Just having fun – usually by doing something you haven’t done before, questing/raiding with people you enjoy in areas you enjoy, or just playing for the fun of it.  This is the best for me.  I’ve already told my guildies I need to hit UBRS later this week to finish my chain and they are all excited to go.  They are excited to help me out and they like the instance.  I’m excited to go as I’ll make progress on the attunement and UBRS is a fun instance.

So just my ramblings over lunch.  As always, if you have something to say or some thoughts, feel free to respond.

 Have fun tonight with the patch – I hope all goes smoothly but history tells me it won’t work out that way.  I’m at a friends playing a game called real life…   😉


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