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Simple explanation of attributes for us Druids

I’m not implying us Druids are stupid, but I’ve long wished for a simple explanation of the effect of various attribute increases on my abilities.  With us Druids being able to perform in so many roles, it becomes a bit more complicated for us to evaluate whether we want that new piece of gear that just dropped.

I was cruising around over at WoWWiki and found a page called Druid Tactics.  Pretty basic stuff, but I did find this little gem describing attribute increases in plain, straightforward language.  You all probably knew this already, but for me this was a real find, so I’m sharing it.  Enjoy.


There is no set of attributes that is perfect for every situation. A druid can do most things and profit from all attributes. The best choice obviously is the one that enhances your play style.

  • Each point of Strength is worth 2 points of attack power. 14 points of attack power result in 1 additional DPS.
  • Each point of Agility increases armor by 2, dodge and critical hit by 0.05% (at level 60). Also increases Attack Power in cat form by +1 per point of Agility.
  • Each point of Stamina is worth 10 health.
  • Each point of Intellect gives 15 mana and increases your chance for a critical spell 0.0173% (every 57.5 int = +1% critical chance).
  • Each point of Spirit increases your health and mana regeneration. 5 points of Spirit gives 1 mana per tick (2 seconds) in regeneration.

Oh, by the way – I finally decided on my new build.  I’m logging in now to apply it and see how it works.  I’ll post it today or tomorrow in case you’re interested.

December 9, 2006 - Posted by | Strategy - General


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  2. check out more info on wow druids at

    Its supposed to be there. Atleast was a few days back. They said they took stuff from many sites and integrated it. But dunno, might take it off for copyright issues. But definitely worth a check

    Comment by Greg | February 17, 2011 | Reply

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