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Onyxia Attunement – Cliff Notes

One last step for my attunement.  I just need the blood drop off Drakkisath in UBRS.  In poking around on Thotbott during the process, I came across this wonderful condensed version for attunement.  There are instructions for Horde and Alliance in there.  Since Alliance rules, here is our walkthrough:

1) Dragonkin Menace (Elite) from Halrendis in Morgan’s Vigil, Burning Steppes.
2) Talk to Marshal Maxwell in Morgan’s Vigil.
3) Talk to Magistrate Solomon in Lakeshire.
4) Talk to Highlord Bolvar Fordragon in Stormwind.
5) Talk to Magistrate Solomon in Lakeshire.
6) Talk to Marshal Maxwell in Morgan’s Vigil.
7) Find Marshal Windsor in Blackrock Depths jail.
8) Return to Maxwell.
9) Find a random “A Crumpled Up Note” drop from a random dwarf in Blackrock Depths.
10) Take said note to Marshal Windsor.
11) Retrieve Marshal Windsor’s Lost Information from General Angerforge and Golem Lord Argelmach (two pieces).
12) Escort Marshal Windsor out of Blackrock Depths jail.
13) Meet Marshal Windsor at gates of Stormwind.
14) Escort Marshal Windsor to Stormwind Keep to unveil who Lady Katrana Prestor really is. (Spoiler: Onyxia)
15) Stand way the hell back while Bolvar fights the elite dragons.
16) Travel to Winterspring to find Haleh. Find lots of elite blue dragons and run to the back of the cave, where you’ll see a rune on the floor. It’s hard to see, so you will die a few times.
17) Haleh tells you to go kill Drakkisath in Upper Blackrock Spire. You will need 15 fairly skilled players for this quest, including yourself.
18) Once you have the “Blood of the Black Dragon Champion”, return to Haleh. Drakkisath drops only ONE of these per kill. Yes, one for the entire 15 man group. Not one per person, one per group.
19) Return to Haleh with the Blood and claim your
Drakefire Amulet.

A couple of notes to this overview from going through the process.

Most of the beginning steps can be soloed once your in the mid-50’s.  Dragonkin Menance may give you some problems and is definitely easier with a partner.  Once you get into Blackrock Depths, you will definitely need a party.  Hopefully you’re in a guild and can get some friends to help you out.  Steps 13-16 are definitely solo-able.  For step 16 just switch to cat form and prowl through the cave.  Elite 60 dragons all around so watch your step.  They have extended patrol routes also, so make sure you keep an eye behind you.  Drakk has been changed to drop multiple bloods per kill.  Based on thotbott updates it looks like anywhere from 2 to 4 blood drops will fall per kill, so you can potentiall attune multiple people with one UBRS run.

Looking for the cave in Winterspring for Haleh?  Check this out.  Basically just head south out of Everlook and about an inch south on the map to the right of the road a cave will be revealed on your map.  That’s the cave with the rune to Haleh.  If you want to get creative, search thotbott for the quest.  There are some instructions on how to avoid the cave altogether and go up the side of the mountain to Haleh.  I found just prowling through the cave simple enough.

Haven’t made it into UBRS yet for my blood drop, but I hope to soon.  I’d really like a shot at Onyxia before the expansion comes out.

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