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Remember to stay flexible

My guild is currently alternating between ZG and AQ20 for instance / raid runs.  Every once in a while an Onyxia run will get thrown in.  I just noticed on our schedule that our guild leader has added some battleground runs into the schedule due to the great PvP rewards that are out there and the (somewhat) relative ease in obtaining them.

Anyway, I was in AQ20 the other night with my guild.  This was about the third time I had been in there with them.  We were at Rajaxx and had had trouble with him the times before.  I had always gone feral during this fight, but this time decided to stay out and help with the healing. 

We got through the entire script with no problems!  We had a couple deaths, but no major incidents and Rajaxx went down without a hitch.  I was able to pop into bear form and get a couple swipes at him towards the end.  Very satisfying.

It just served to remind me that there is more than one reason we all picked Druids.  Sure – they are fun, which is my main reason.  But the other reason that’s easy to lose sight of is that we can help our party in several ways.  I was stuck in the mode of “I like feral fighting so that’s how I’m going to contribute” and lost sight of providing back-up healing to help out a particular boss fight.  I am certainly not saying that just because I healed instead of fighting the script was accomplished, but our group composition wasn’t that much different than other nights, so I am convinced it definitely had an impact.

I think it’s a good lesson for all of us.  Have fun, but don’t forget there are other ways to contribute to the group’s goals.  Use all your talents and be wise enough to pick the best one for the particular situation.

December 13, 2006 - Posted by | Strategy - General, World of Warcraft

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