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“Easily” obtainable lvl 60 Healing gear

I just happened to be surfing the Druid forums to see if there were any comments about the Mangle talent.  I love it and am getting crits close to 1000 even without high end gear.

Anyway, I noticed a sitcky post entitled “Gearing up for end game healing guide“.  I took a look and it’s not a bad post.  I starts off with a decent overview of why your gear strategy needs to change at lvl 60 (not completely up to date with the recent +heal nerf), that is easy to understand.  Then assuming you buy into the strategy, it lays out where to find gear by slot.

I say easily obtainable in the post title, as a lot of the equipment is out of Dire Maul – easily farmed by you and a couple of your guildmates.  I’d always heard DM was good for healing gear, but never saw it laid out this straightforward, along with other alternatives.

There is some other gear here also, mostly UBRS or Stratholme.  A couple crafted items.  A few rep turn-ins also although I suspect we’ll see less of that given the PvP rewards and Burning Crusade right around the corner.

Anyway, read and enjoy.  Some good ideas for your healer outfit until BC comes out, then…. we shall see!


December 15, 2006 - Posted by | Druid Gear, World of Warcraft

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