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There IS hope

My cable modem got “fixed” last night.  LOL.  Turns out the replacement modem I picked up last Saturday was bad.  Hmmm.  Service tech comes out and the first thing out of his mouth is “I brought a spare modem.  I bet the new one you got is just bad.”  Turns out when techs replace a bad modem they are supposed to tag them before returning to the warehouse.  My tech said, quietly, that “sometimes” techs forget to tag the modem and they get sent back out as good modems.  Must not be only “sometimes”.  It happens enough that anytime this guy has a service call indicating a bad replacement modem, he just loads a new one on the truck and that usually fixes the situation.  One more reason to switch to DSL.

Anyway, before the modem was fixed, I had gone 7 days without playing World of Warcraft.  That’s ONE WEEK!  Don’t you get your first AA token at a week?  I found that while I missed playing a lot, after a few days that “gotta play NOW” feeling does start to subside.  I’m not saying that’s a good thing, but…

I didn’t play a whole lot last night.  Busy, busy week at work and working again today.  I did log on though to tidy up a few things.

I wanted to check out Amanna and see what my guild was up to.  Guild was quiet, but I did remember I had a couple gifts to send off.  I had tracked down some wrapping paper and needed to get two presents off to a good friend that plays on my server.  He’s a hunter and has a spider for a pet, so I got him a kitty to keep his spider company.  Yea, “too cute” – I know.  Whatever.  I also bought him a stack of Cooked Deviate Delights.  While he’s not a n00b at level 34 or so, he only plays part time and I’m guessing these will something new to him.

I know they are just electronic gifts and it sounds kind of cheesy, but I really do feel like I gave him a Christmas gift.  I guess it is the thought that counts…

So, Happy Feast of the Winter Veil everyone.  Here’s hoping you get that epic you’ve always wanted and a lump of truesilver in your stocking.


December 22, 2006 - Posted by | World of Warcraft

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