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“13 Must Have Add-Ons” update

Okay, I had some time last night and I downloaded the three add-ons from Not Addicted’s list of 13 must haves to check them out.  Good news and bad news.

Good news first – simply installing Bongos and Perl Classic Unit Frames increased my frame rate enormously.  Like I was really struggling along with around 14 – 20 FPS when there was a lot of action going on, to now I’m seeing FPS around 50 when resting and 30-40 when there’s action.  A great increase and saves me from throwing extra ram or a new video card at the problem.  I guess the standard Blizzard UI isn’t very good at managing memory.

Now the bad news, and it’s really not bad news.  I just found the setup for Bongos to be not quite as simple as Not Addicted makes them out to be.  Yea, you won’t be sitting there for hours like you might with Discord, but your first couple times around, you’ll probably be spending more than a few minutes getting oriented.

I did find some things that have stymied me for the moment and I’ve posted some forum messages to try to get some more information, especially for Bongos.  The mod supports stance changing (form switching for us Druids), but it’s not straightforward to me how to do it.  There are action bar set and page switch options, but no instructions on how to set them up.  I played around with it a bit, but couldn’t figure it out.  I eventually switched back to my normal setup as I was impatient to play last night.

If anyone is currently using Bongos and has set it up to support form switching, please take the time to post a reply here explaining the process.  The most popular category of post on this blog by far is add-ons and druid gear so I’m sure everyone would be interested in how to effectively use this tool.

Perl frames worked great and config was easy to understand.  Everything is done from one main config panel making life easy.

OneBag, after some initial frustration, also works great and I really like some of the options. You can have inventory slots colored according to the rarity of the item (e.g. green outline for green items).  Couple more options that are kind of fun.  Overall, I really like having just one consolidated bag open up for inventory management.  Yea, you all have probably been doing this forever, but if you haven’t check it out.

Miscellaneous add-on updates:

  1. All the links from Not Addicted go to Curse gaming.  They look to be having a problem this morning as I keep getting Server Error when trying to click them.  I’ve been really liking wowinterface lately (‘cept I still hate their search), so you can go there for downloads if you want.
  2. No updates on the Autioneer home page.  Hopefully available soon.
  3. Having a problem with Outfitter not swapping all the gear I tell it to when switching to Bear form.  I’ve posted a question on wowinterface, but if anyone has figured this one out, I’d appreciate a reply.

 That’s it for now – gotta work!

January 4, 2007 - Posted by | Interface Add-ons, World of Warcraft

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