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Ready to go (?) for the 17th

Well, everyone cross your fingers on this one.  I’m sure a lot of you are doing the same for yourselves.  I finally pre-ordered Burning Crusade.  I just didn’t want to be left out if my local Best Buy didn’t end up with enough.  I got $50 from my Father-In-Law for Christmas, so I pre-ordered from Amazon and paid for next day shipping.  I’ve scheduled myself for vacation that Thursday and Friday to get some solid, early play time in.  So here’s what I’m hoping for next week:

  1.  The expansion actually IS gold and will be available to ship
  2. Amazon really DOES have the expansion and ships it out
  3. It really DOES show up next day
  4. The disc is READY to go with no glitches
  5. There ISN’T a 150M patch download for the expansion (I’m hoping the “patches” download from over the weekend is this and there won’t be another)
  6. The expansion DOESN’T break my current install, or screw up my add-ons
  7. My server IS up
  8. I CAN login
  9. My server IS stable
  10. There are NO rolling restarts
  11. My wife NOT giving me 52 chores to do because I’m off and it’s just a silly game after all

Is that too much to hope for?  I hope not…

Assuming the expansion shows up on the 17th, I plan on installing that night and taking my first few steps through the Dark Portal.  I’m NOT a professional blogger (no, really), so my concentration will be more on playing than posting updates.  However, For those of you interested in the first couple days inside the expansion, in case you haven’t received yours yet, I’ll aim to post something once or twice a day.  I do plan on taking lots of screenshots.  Also, based on how most of you find my blog – it appears you’re all gear whores, I’ll definitely post pics on any cool gear I see or get.

So here’s keeping our collective fingers crossed.


January 9, 2007 - Posted by | World of Warcraft

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