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It’s a Druid’s World (of Warcraft)

THAT was easy!

As in the Staples commercial – “That was easy!”  I got to use that phrase 3 times last night:

  1. First, since I had logged last night at the gates of the Dark Portal, it took me about a 1/2 minute longer to log in due to the action at the portal.  In that time, I was targeted by a Hordie and an Invading Voidwalker.  Tried to run, but response was too slow.  3 or 4 hits later – dead.  THAT WAS EASY!
  2. Of course the graveyard for the Dark Portal is clear on the other friggin side of the zone, so it takes forever to get back to my body.  The good news is the Portal is nowhere near as crowded as last night and I’m thinking I can kill 6 Invading Felguard pretty easy for the tabard quest reward.  NOT.  Still in PvP mode and some horde druid has a target on my back.  Kills me 3 times in a row.  THAT WAS EASY!!  (Although painful, he finished me off each time with mangle.  Not sure if they were crits but were hitting for around 700-900 each time.  I love mangle).
  3. Sooooo……, make my way back and hide in a corner until PvP turns off.  With the thinned crowd, it was pretty easy to hang out at the bottom of the ramp and moonfire a Felguard as he spawned and made his way down.  Even easier was killing him as all the Argent Dawn NPCs at the bottom of the ramp rushed to my aid once we engaged.  Hail – Argent Dawn!  THAT WAS EASY!!!

So, turned in the quest and got the tabard (and almost 5G to boot).  Screenshot attached of what it looks like equipped.  (And yea, I know.  Those Blademaster Leggings are embarassingly ugly.  My #1 goal in Outland is to find something to replace them.)   Nothing spectacular, but kind of cool.  Dark Portal TabardToo bad my guild has a really fun tabard also – I’ll have a hard time deciding which on to wear.  The Dark Portal tabard also has a cool effect.  You can use it to set off this golden aura around you.  I’ve read in some posts that it also causes area holy damage, but I haven’t tested that out yet.  If so, that might be the argument for keeping it equipped for a while.

I thought I had a pic of the tabard tooltip, but can’t find it right now.  I’ll get one and upload it to this post.

So depending on your server, if your Dark Portal was too crowded Tuesday night, it might have already thinned out a bit.  Ours (Eldre’ Thalas) did for sure.

BTW – Any WordPress bloggers out there that know how to embed gear links in posts that show the item box as a hover over the post as opposed to linking to the page?  I’ve seen it on a couple other blogs so I know it can be done, but can’t seem to get it down.  Just leave me a comment.

January 11, 2007 - Posted by | Burning Crusade, Druid Gear, Fun, World of Warcraft

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