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Early Outland instance gear

Okay gang, this is probably my last post until I start having some initial impressions of Outland and Burning Crusade.

I just read this post over on WoW Insider documenting some of the gear drops from various bosses within the instances.  As you probably know by now from the beta testing feedback, if you’re level 60 or close, there is an instance for us right off the bat in Outland – Hellfire Citadel.  (okay, right off the bat?  First time I’ve seen this raid attunement chart and it’s got me a little worried.)

Anyway, Hellfire Citadel is a three wing instance with The Ramparts having mob levels of 60-62, so it should be doable immediately with a decent group of 60’s.  The WoW Insider post has links to wowwiki overviews of all the bosses, including loot drops.  Of course, it’s hard to know if the drops will stay the same once the expansion is live, what the drop percentages are, etc., etc.  But there is some nice looking stuff in there if the shots are accurate.

The Ramparts has 4 bosses: Watchkeeper Gargolmar, Omor the Unscarred, Vazruden and Nazan.  Click the links to go the the separate wowwiki pages and see the details.  Here’s the Druid gear I’m looking at:

Watchkeeper Gargolmar

Bracers of Finesse

Omar the Unscarred

Crystalfire Staff   Heartblood Prayer Beads


Band of Renewal   Shifting Sash of Midnight


MokNathal Clan Ring   MokNathal Wildercloak  

Sorcerers Band   Ursols Claw

So, with just a quick stats summary, you come up with:

Caster form (Crystalfire Staff, Prayer Beads, Band of Renewal, Sorcerer’s Band) – +16 to Spell Crit rating, +67 to Damage/Healing spells, +78 to Stamina, +77 to Intellect, +4 mana per 5, +60 to healing spells and +12 to Spirit.

Melee forms (Bracers, Sash, Clan ring, Wildercloak, Claw) – +83 to attack power, +60 to agility, +99 to Stamina, 2 sockets, +35 to resilience, +28 to Spirit and +160 attack power in Druid forms.

I haven’t takent the time to compare these stats to other armor out there, but most of these would be a very nice upgrade for me.  Considering all the beta reviews are saying that the Hellfire Citadels wings are only taking around 90 minutes or so to run through, I plan on doing many runs of the wing to track this equipment down.  It’s all equippable at lvl 60 so I’ll be able to wear it right away.

The wowwiki pages also show loot drops at heroic difficulty for the bosses.  Some very nice stuff there also, but you’ll need to be much higher level to open the difficulty and wear the armor.

There also appears to be more and more information showing up on the armor sets in the expansion.  Over on wowhead you can click on Item Sets on the home page to get this overview page.  Click the “Classes” column to sort by that.  Druid sets start appearing on page 3 of the results.  You can find information on a couple different armor sets from Burning Crusade.  (I’m kind of starting to like wowhead).

The only downside I see?  I’m still stuck with those dang Blademaster Leggings.  When, WHEN, will I get a replacement???

See you all on the other side…

January 15, 2007 - Posted by | Burning Crusade, Druid Gear, World of Warcraft

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