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First Quest Gear – WOW!

I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home last night.  You guessed it – my Burning Crusade disk.  I wasn’t expecting it until today (Wednesday), so either Amazon shipped it early or their “next day air” was quicker than normal.  No complaints here.

So I got some chores done and installed the expansion.  Not too painful, but the four disks and two patches all together took upwards of 45 minutes to get loaded.  I’ve played a number of computer games in my time and I do find World of Warcraft to be one of the slowest installing and patching games I’ve ever played.  I honestly think they just want to milk your anticipation for all it’s worth.

I ended up playing for about two hours.  My server was a bit laggy but not too bad.  Even so, getting oriented to Outland and completing the first few “go here, talk to that person”, along with the slow performance, meant I only got 4 or 5 of the initial quests completed.

The good news is, if these first few quests are any indication, the reports of great gear in Outland appear to be true.  Keep in mind, I just made lvl 60 around 2 months ago and my guild is a “fun” guild, not an “uber-endgame-must always be raiding” guild.  Personally, I have LBRS/UBRS equipment with a couple pieces of the .5 and 1 dungeon set.  My guild has been raiding at theZG and AQ20 level.  So, I’m not decked out in Molten Core or Naxx equipment, but have some decent pieces.

So, I get into Outland and find the initial flight master.  I get to Honor Hold which is your first quest nexus.  One of the first quests I get is to kill 20 of these “tougher, meaner” orcs hanging around just outside the Hold.  Quest reward:

Phantasmal HeaddressThis wasn’t a huge upgrade for me, but was a very nice upgrade regardless.  I had previously been wearing a Feathermoon Headdress that I bought at auction.  What impressed me about this piece was it was one of the first pieces of gear you can pick up simply for killing 20 lvel 55-60 orcs.

While many of the spawns spots were busy/crowded, quest mobs appeared to be on a fairly quick re-spawn as did quest objects, so unless your server is more crowded than mine, or things really pick up as more folks get their expansion, you should be able to complete initial quests fairly quickly.

Another quest I picked up very early had four quest rewards, two of which were staves:

Staff of Twin Worlds  Amagaggans Quill

Again, either of these would be a decent upgrade from my current Staff of Hale Magefire

It was starting to get late, so I did some time just cruising around and checking out some of the other zones in the immediate area.  I picked up what looked like a quick quest to go to a certain area, kill a certain mob, and get a corrupted talisman, which I was to take to a guy at Expedition Point.  I got the drop on the first kill and headed over to turn it in.  When I turned it in, I got the followup quest, which has some very nice rewards for us Druids:

Sacred Feather Vest   Jerkin of Untamed Spirit

I’m currently wearing an Ironfeather Breastplate so either of these would be a great upgrade for me.  But here’s where I need your help.  Which do I go with?  The Feather Vest to help casting or the Jerkin for feral?  I’m leaning towards the Jerkin as I do a lot of solo-ing in bear/cat form, but I’m sure my guild will be hitting the Hellfire Ramparts quickly.  Let me know which you think is the better gear.

So, wrapping up – just in the first couple of hours, I saw some gear that was definite upgrades for me (sometimes a great upgrade).  The gear was easily obtainable through early quests.  All in all, I think we are all going to be very pleased with the drops and rewards we find in this new expansion.

Other tidbits I noticed last night:

  • Grandmaster profession trainers located just through the Dark Portal and in Honor Hold.  Learning the next level of your profession – 10G per trainer.
  • The pattern I see emerging on gear is that while it is much better than what you may be wearing, we are being forced to choose between a caster piece and a feral piece.
  • While crowded, the quest locations I encountered had quick respawns of both mobs and quest items.  Camping is discouraged on quest items by the quick respawns – it’s hard to camp when you continually get jumped by respawing mobs.
  • Looking at the item links in guild chat, it looks like there are some great drops going on.  While I didn’t get any, some of my guild members did.  We had one member 1/2 way through the first wing of Hellfie Citadel but hadn’t seen any major drops by the time I logged off.
  • I picked my first new herb – Felweed.  I didn’t see a lot of new herbs, although I’m guessing they were getting picked pretty quickly.  I did see a lot of Golden Sansam.  Hopefully, it’s worth a little more now than it has been.

As far as I’m concerned the expansion is a hit.  I had a blast playing last night and can’t wait to play tonight. 

January 17, 2007 - Posted by | Burning Crusade, Druid Gear, World of Warcraft

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