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Based on how you all are finding my blog, it appears that information on factions and their rewards is a very popular topic.  There appears to be two over-riding questions:

  1. How do I improve my reputation with the faction, and
  2. What rewards do I get from the faction?

I hope to post some resources to answer #1 shortly, but I have a great resource for you to help with question #2.

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I’m really starting to like Wowhead.  They have a nice clean interface and lots of easy to understand search options.  Maybe it’s because not a lot of people haven’t found the site yet, but it doesn’t seem as cluttered as say Thotbott or Allakhazam.  So the other night as I was researching some factions,I thought I’d give Wowhead a try.

I really like how easy it is to get faction information quickly on Wowhead.  Right from the home page you can click the Browse icon to get a drop down of all the items within Wowhead you can look at.  You’ll notice that Factions are in the list.  If you click Factions, this is the page you get.  If you click on one of the factions, The Sporeggar’s for example, you get this page.  Scroll down just a tad and under “Related” you’ll see a bunch of tabs related to this faction.  “Items” is the first tab displayed so you can easily see what items are available from the faction.  You can either click on the item for a detailed page, or hover over the picture for the wow-like tooltip (which includes faction rep requirements).  Additional tabs for factions include NPCs, Quests, Comments and Screenshots.  Each tab has a similar simple list with much more information available to you if you click through.

You might not even notice one of the best features of Wowhead.  Right below the Items tab is a link that says “Create a filter’.  This link is on virtually all Wowhead pages that list multiple results (gems, armor, items, factions, etc.).  If you click the Create a filter link, you can filter your results in any number of ways.  There is a huge number of filters you can apply, from “requires a profession” to particular stats to spell characteristics to “has a tagline”.  You can also combine filters to narrow down what you are looking for.  It is a very powerful, yet easy to use filter engine.

One note: In researching this entry, I did come across a bug with Wowhead’s filters.  I selected the Sporeggar faction.  From the item list, I clicked “Create a filter”.  The existing filter of “Requires reputation with a faction” = “Sporeggar” was automatically created.  I then created a second filter of “Requires specialization in a profession” = “Alchemy”.  There are two alchemy recipies available as Sporeggar faction rep rewards, although they did not show up in the new list when both filters were applied.  I could be using the filters wrong, but this seems like a bug to me.  I’ve submitted a bug report to Wowhead and I’ll let you know what they say.

Verdict: Wowhead is a clean, simple resource for researching all kinds of World of Warcraft information.  There is a lot of interest in faction rep rewards out there and Wowhead’s display is the simplest to get at that I’ve seen.  I did find a bug while writing this article, but it isn’t one that would keep you from using Wowhead as your prime faction rep reward research tool, if not your research tool for all other issues.  I heartily recommend Wowhead and suggest you add it to your list of links.  Be sure to try out the filter option for yourself.

January 24, 2007 - Posted by | Factions, World of Warcraft

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