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More fun with Wowhead

Are you getting tired of hearing me talk about Wowhead yet?  I just find it such an easy site to get information from and drill down into different item classifications.

Like this search.  This lists all the idols available for us Druids.  There are definitely some fun idols in there, and something to look forward to while adventuring in Outland.

Idol of the WildIdol of the Wild is the first Idol I’ve picked up in Outland.  I wasn’t too hard to get.  It’s a quest reward that you can pick up at that little Cenarion Expedition outpost just west of the temple, next to the main road.  It was instantly equipped in Outfitter for both Bear and Cat forms and has been performing great.  I’m getting Mangle crits now of 1000+, which is very nice.

Looking at the idol search results on Wowhead though, I’m struck by the fact that this Idol is the only green one on the list, meaning they will just get better as we adventure further into Outland.  Looking through the list there are plenty of different idols there to satisfy every kind of Druid; from casters, to healers to ferals.

 Idol of Feral ShadowsIt’s always seemed to me that most of the Idols I had seen were for Bear form and not for Cat.  Maybe the thinking was that Cat form had combo points and did enough damage already?  Well, here’s one ot the Idols that I’ll be looking to pick up for my Cat form.  A nice bump to every tick of damage for your Rip finishing move, especially if you’re combo points are maxed.

For you Healers out there, there is a nice epic Idol called Idol of the Avian Heart.  That’s a nice increase coming just from an Idol slot.

Idol of the Avian HeartSo there’s my pick of the crop of the Idols I researched via Wowhead.  Some good stuff to look forward to throughout Outland.  I’ll keep digging around in Wowhead and be sure to give you shots of other stuff I come across.


January 24, 2007 - Posted by | Druid Gear, World of Warcraft

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