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Wowhead feedback already

I’m happy to say that the Wowhead folks responded to my bug report already.  That was pretty quick and tells me there’s good support for the site.  Here’s what they said on the profession filtering “bug”:

The ‘Requires a profession specialization’ is used to find items with a profession specialization such as Master Swordsmith, Goblin Engineering, Elemental Leatherworking. 

For instance if you choose: Requires a profession specialization: Blacksmith, it will returns all items that requires either Master Swordsmith, Master Axesmith or Master Hammersmith.

I know this is pretty confusing right now as the “Requires a profession” filter is missing. We’re looking forward to adding a filter that will return all items with a specific profession requirement ( e.g. Alchemy).”

Seems to me to be a little backwards to enable filtering on profession specialization before straight professions, but it sounds like that should be coming.


January 24, 2007 - Posted by | Online resources, World of Warcraft

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