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Ding 63!

I hit 63 last night as I figured.  I was about 75% of the way there with plenty of quests in the log.

I started out by heading over to the Hewn Bog to collect my mushroom samples and clear out the encampment, at the request of nice Broken in Orebor Harborage.  I had just met all the folks at OH a couple nights ago after clearing out most of the quests centered around Cenarion Expidition and Telredor.  Of course, not many of them would talk to me.  You would think it wouldn’t be a big deal as I was probably around the 783rd Night Elf to wander through lately, but whatever…

So anytime I’m killing mobs I’m not familiar with I usually start in bear form – more armor, health, etc.  Just a bit safer.  I was up for a change of pace, so I started of prowling around in cat.  Well, it’s been a while and I got owned pretty bad by the first Shaman I ran into.  It was all good though as it forced me to keep plugging away and brush up on my feline skills.  By the end of the two quests, I was dropping Ogres and Shamans left and right.

My basic strategy is to start off in Prowl.  Once I get close behind them and I have their path down, I pop a Tiger’s Fury right before I strike.  Usually I pounce for the stun effect to make it easy to get a followup Shred.  I’ll use Ravage when I just want the big hit right from the start.  I like that Blizzard has changed Pounce to not require you to be behind the target.  You still have to be prowling, but you can Pounce from the front or side now.  I still try to be behind for the followup Shred, but it opens up some nice options.

Once I get through my first few opening moves, I wait for some energy to come back up then get a Mangle in as soon as possible.  Then it’s Rake and Claw until 5 combo points.  Most non-elite mobs are close to 75% dead at this point, so I usually hit Ferocious Bite to finish them off.  I’ve been getting 2000+ crits with Ferocious Bite which is very nice. 

So anyway, I finished up these two quests and turned them in.  Along the way I finished out A Warm Welcome quest.  Can’t say I felt bad killing all those Naga.  By this point I was fairly close to levelling, so I headed west and did the first Daggerfen quest, then went northwest over the fallen mushroom to the Ango’rosh Stronghold.  Here I had to collect mushroom crates and kill a boss.  I took down a couple Maulers, but they were pretty tough.  I was just starting to think I might need help, when I spied two fellow guildies just finishing up the Overlord.  They agreed to stick around and help me finish up.  What luck!

Heading back to Orebor Harborage, I cashed in and levelled.  Ding 63, Gratz!!!

Looking at talents, I had to give this one some thought.  I had already gotten Omen of Clarity, so I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend too much more in Restoration.  However, the only talent left in Feral that is really catching my eye is Shredding Attacks, but since I won’t be getting Lacerate until level 66, I decided to wait a couple of levels.  I eventually settled on Intensity.  In a previous spec, I had Furor and I really liked the instant generation of Rage/Energy.  Intensity not only instantly generates a small amount of Rage when you cast Enrage, but it also lets a small amount of mana regeneration continue while casting (5% at level 1).  I like these “twofer” talents and will probably fill out the rest of Intensity.

With the remaining talent points I’m probably looking at adding Furor back to my spec and picking up Shredding Attacks as mentioned earlier.  This will give me a very focused Feral spec with lots of talents geared toward rage/energy generation, higher damage and more crits.  I’ve avoided most talents that are specific to one form to try to increase my damage in both forms. 

So my current spec is viewable here.  I just noticed I don’t have Gift of the Wild maxed out, so if I want to stick with the above talent strategy I’ll have to forgo the last three points.  This is a great talent, so I guess I’ll have some hard choices to make soon.

February 3, 2007 - Posted by | Strategy - Feral, World of Warcraft

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