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Coilfang Resevoir – The Underbog

MushroomI made it into The Underbog last night; my first trip into Coilfang Resevoir.  I had 4 quests or so from the nice spore folks at Sporeggar.  After a couple unsuccessful nights trying to get a group together, I finally got some fellow guild members to run the instance with me.  The Underbog is nice to hit before The Slave Pens as 3 of the 4 Sporeggar quests can be completed there. 

The Underbog is very nicely done and will remind you a lot of Maraudon.  While the setting is underground (under a lake to be specific), the instance is filled with plants, ponds and lakes and at least one waterfall.  Herbalists will find plenty to pick here – I saw (and picked) Ancient Lichen and Flamecap, among others.  In addition, the Sanguine Hibiscus quest item is quite abundant and party members should have no problem getting the 5 needed to complete the Bring Me A Shrubbery! quest.  Don’t stop picking after your first 5 though.  After turning in Bring Me A Shrubbery!, you get the Bring Me Another Shrubbery! followup quest (makes sense).  This quest is repeatable and each turn-in gets you 750 reputation with Sporeggar (but no xp).

There are 4 bosses in The Underbog (wowwiki has a nice overview of each with strategy tips).  We didn’t encounter Overseer Tidewrath and even wowwiki says he (she?) may no longer be in the instance.  I can’t really speak to strategy as we had a lvl 66 and a lvl 70 in our group – so we didn’t over think many encounters.  Even with that support there were a couple deaths – but no wipes.  With careful pulling you can generally avoid groups larger than 4.  We had one close call when a wandering patrol of 2 elite Nagas was inadventently pulled and joined the fight. 

On Ghaz’an, we didn’t get too worried about the acid attacks.  We did make sure to pull him completely away from his platform and over to the hallway so we could minimize the knockback with our backs to the wall.  Also, no one was fighting him from behind so the tail whip didn’t appear to be a factor.  I was one of two tanks, and I wasn’t keeping especially close watch on whether we got multiple acid breaths stacking.  We had a Paladin healing/decursing and I was tanking with a fellow Druid.  (It did help that the Paladin was lvl 70 and my fellow Druid was lvl 66).

Hungerfen was mostly a straight-forward tank and spank – but do be aware of the Underbog Mushrooms he spawns.  While they don’t do an incredible amount of damage, it can be enough to do you in if you’re tyring to recover from other damage.  This happened to me as I had retreated from Hungerfen to heal.  I wasn’t aware of the mushrooms and when one grew up and exploded next to me, it was just enough to finish me off.  Either avoid the mushrooms and resulting poisonous spore cloulds they generate when they explode, or put someone on mushroom duty.  Also, be sure to pick the Underspore Frond to complete Oh, It’s On!.  I forgot to do this and now have to go back in just for this one quest.

Swamplord Musel’lek was next.  Check out the wowwiki page for lots of strategy ideas, although we found this fight to be the easiest of all.  Due to his multiple shot abilities, we all just stood right on top of him, clothies included, and had a hunter kite his bear pet.  Again – we had some high level party members, but did not have any issues during this fight.  Once Musel’lek is down, it’s on to his bear.  Straightforward fight here.  At 20%, the bear turns into Windcaller Claw – one of the 4 quest objectives of Lost In Action.

The last boss is The Black Stalker.  Be sure to read the notes on this thing.  I can speak from personal experience that he can hit very hard.  Again, it was myself and the other Druid tanking in Bear form.  While he made it through the fight alive, I was killed about 2/3 of the way through due to static electricity buildup.  I kicked in my Frenzied Regeneration, but saw my health drop 2-3K very quickly.  If you don’t have higher levels in your party, be sure to have your healers ready and keep your tank’s health continuously higher than you migh otherwise.

All in all it was a very fun instance.  It was my first time in, but with guides (who admittedly were higher levels), we made it through in a little over an hour. 

I cashed in my quests and between quest xp and instance xp, am now halfway to lvl 64.  I also picked up a fun new trinket.  I’m not big on trinkets but I had been on the lookout for a replacement for my Force of Will.  It’s been feeling a bit…. tired.  Not that I’m throwing it away just yet, but while it’s an okay trinket for my feral forms, it didn’t do much for my caster form since I really don’t melee very much anymore in caster form.

Power Infused MushroomWell, the Sporeggar quest Stalk the Stalker has two quest rewards: Essence Infused Mushroom and Power Infused Mushroom.  I had considered taking the melee (essence) mushroom, then at the last minute decided on the caster (power)mushroom.  Like I said, Force of Will is getting somewhat dated, but I do like having the extra defense (albeit only 10 points).  I don’t have good caster trinkets and I know I’m going to be pressed into healing duty sooner or later, so it seemed like a good fit. 

The 10 second “cooldown” is kind of a bummer, but you take what you can get, no?  Especially in some of the instance fights where you are taking on mulitple mobs, my thinking is you might get up to three charges or so in a trash fight, and maybe even more in a boss fight.  That’s 600+ mana an encounter which isn’t bad.  My other question is what exactly does it mean when it says “when you kill”?  If someone else in my party kills the mob do I get 200 mana?  Do I have to land the killing blow?  Do I have to do a majority of the damage?  Not sure – I’ll have to see this one in action.

So an enjoyable instance, good xp, and a cool new trinket.  It was definitely a fun night.

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  1. YOU need to be the one, doing the final hit! and druids need to be in caster form!

    Comment by mmuuuuhh | April 10, 2007 | Reply

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