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As I’ve written about a couple times – by profession I’m a straight gatherer: Herbalism and Skinning.  When I first started playing World of Warcraft I dabbled in a couple other professions.  In particular I tried out Alchemy as it seemed a good fit for a Druid.  I eventually switched over to skinning simply from an economic standpoint – leveling up with a beginning character just eats too much gold.  I may have found the reason to switch back, so stay with me until the end here.

As my character continued to level and my skinning skill rose, I never had the urge (or the reason) to switch professions; either back to Alchemy or some other profession.  You didn’t make a ton of money with skinning, but it was good steady income and since most folks don’t take it, there are always a lot of corpses laying around to skin.  With Burning Crusade, the income has risen substantially.  On my server, I’m getting around 5-7 gold for a stack of Knothide Leather. 

I was talking with a fellow guild member the other night about professions, Alchemy in particular.  We were talking about various instance- and raid-helpful potions.  I mentioned how I had thought about switching in the past, but didn’t feel like taking the time to level back up.  She said it really wasn’t that hard and wouldn’t take that long.  So I mulled it over for a while, and eventually decided to stick with Skinning.  Two main reasons:

  1. Given the ingredients of the higher end potions/elixirs/flasks, I didn’t want to spend what little game time I had just running around looking for herbs.  And if I decide not to pick them, then I’d be dumping all my gold into the auction house to buy them.  Yes, I can make money back selling high level potions, but isn’t the point of Alchemy making potions for yourself and your guild?
  2. I can still help my guild with skinning.  We don’t have a lot of skinners in the guild, and I am able to fill leather orders for fellow guild members.  So even with one of the pure gathering professions, I can still help out.

Well, I was just cruising around on looking at new trade goods in The Burning Crusade.  I was interested in seeing what new leathers besides Knothide were introduced.  It’s been getting kind of boring seeing Knothide all the time.  (Answer – only 6 new leathers.  Of those 6, one is Rugged Knothide which is crafted by leatherworkers, and another is Zhevra Leather which you get in The Barrens of all places.  So for high end content – only 4 new leathers).  So while skinning continues to be lucrative, I’ve convinced myself it’s not going to get any more interesting.

But here’s where I stumbled across what might convince me to switch professions.  I just happened to take the leather filter off my trade good search, giving me all trade goods, and noticed something called an Alchemist’s Stone toward the top of the list.  I’m always interested in WoW items I’ve not heard about, especially when they’re Epic level.

Well, it turns out the Alchemist’s Stone is the new Philosopher’s Stone for Alchemist; used to perform transmutations.  BUT CHECK OUT THOSE STAT INCREASES!  For those of you that don’t like to follow links, this baby adds +15 to every stat!  I’m not a stats junkie, but a quick check on the wowwiki attributes page, tells me this translates into:

 +30 Attack Power (from Strength)
+30 armor, +.75% to crit and dodge (from Agility)
+150 health (from Stamina)
+150 mana, +.25% spell crit (from Intellect)
+7.85 health regen, +18 mana regen (from Spirit)

There are probably other effects downstream, but that seems to be the basics.  Also, don’t forget the effect on healing and mana potions of +40%.  Like one commentor on wowhead says:

A Super Mana Potion restores, on average, 2400 mana, on a cooldown of 2 minutes. This is an equivalent of 100 mana per 5 seconds (!!). Just by chain-drinking Super Mana Potions, you improve yourself by more than an entire tier of gear.This trinket adds another 40 mana per 5 seconds. That is 140 mana per 5 seconds per Super Mana Potion.”

I’m not a big fan of trinkets, but if I saw a trinket with those stats, it seems like a no-brainer to acquire.  So I have to say I’m re-thinking my skinning profession in favor of Alchemy. 

So how do you get one?  Usually wowhead is my friend for all research, but this time they curiously have no information on acquiring this item (or I just missed it).  Heading over to Thotbott, I found a good overview.  You need Revered with Sha’tar to buy the recipe for the stone and it requires Alchemy 350 to make.  Mats are going to cost you:

1 Philosopher’s Stone
1 Earthstorm Diamond
1 Skyfire Diamond
2 Fel Lotus (Herbalism approaching 350 and yet to find one of these)
5 Primal Might

This also requires an Alchemy Lab to make.  A little research tells me there are two – one inside Scholomance, and one in Shattrath City.


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  2. The next patch is going to NERF this significantly. The 40% healing bonus is going to be applied to potion only… Blizzard is getting better and better at making pll life difficult and frustrating. As if it was not hard enough to get this item.

    Comment by Tanuviel | March 6, 2007 | Reply

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