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Wow – That was a fun weekend

Amanna is now just over halfway to 65.  With any luck she should hit it this week, leaving only 3 levels to go for flight form.  That’s my next big goal as from what I hear, the Druid Storm Crow form is a lot of fun.  Amanna had a little different weekend that most, with a variety of activities.  Normally, the weekend is spent solo questing like normal with maybe one instance thrown in due to extended play times.  While I did a fair share of questing, Amanna also did the following:

Dropped skinning and picked up Alchemy:  Yes, I did it.  If you read this blog, you remember my post from last week talking about the Alchemist’s Stone.  This bad boy, an upgrade for the Philosopher’s Stone, not only does transmutations, but can be equipped for +15 to all stats and +40% effects on healing and mana potions.  After much soul searching, I decided to drop skinning and go for Alchemy.  It was a hard choice.  If I had it to decide all over again, I would do it again but I would probably wait a couple more levels.  Skinning is such a good moneymaker, for virtually no effort.  Plus, I’m just venturing into Nagrand where the Clefthoof mobs are.  I’m guessing Clefthoof leather is going for a pretty penny on the Auction House.  My Alchemy is already up to 200 (only cost me around 40 gold or so), but now I’m running into more expensive herbs.  Plus, with most herbalists being higher level, the price is getting driven up for lower level herbs.  A stack of Goldthorn was going for around 15G on my server – I don’t remember it being that expensive.  So if you read my post and are considering making the switch to Alchemy also, consider waiting until later levels: more gold in the bank to fund the levelling process.  (The two most popular potions on the way to 200 and the only ones that got bought on the Auction House?  Swiftness Potion and Healing Potions.)

Tanked the Slave Pens:  An honest to goodness “you are our tank” instance run in bear form.  Saturday afternoon a call came out in guild chat if anyone was interested in a Slave Pens run and I said I was interested.  A whisper came back from a fairly senior guild member asking what spec I was.  I’m pretty used to this and usually when I say I’m feral, the response is “sorry, we’re looking for a healer”.  Hey, I’m still a healer you know.  Anyway, after replying that I’m feral, I get an immediate invite and the party leader announces that I’m main tank.  I hadn’t had a lot of experience tanking before and was definitely up for the opportunity.  Plus, being with fellow guild members took a little of the pressure off.  The run went great with no deaths.  We had two pallys for healers and they did a good job.  No great drops although this cloak off the final boss Quaggmirran was a small upgrade for me.  I did learn some things about tanking, and have been learning a lot about my other forms as well.  I plan to summarize everything on a post coming up soon.

Bought some new gear:  With the switch to Alchemy, I was looking for a big herb bag, assuming that I would be carrying around a lot more herbs now.  I thought I remembered one of the vendors in Cenarion Expidition selling them.  Well, they didn’t, but hitting the vendors reminded me that I had made Honored with CE and so had some new rewards open up to me.  I ended up making two purchases: Preserver’s Cudgel and Warden’s Hauberk.  The Hauberk I bought for my cat form.  Yea, it’s one more piece of gear taking up space in my bags, but I find my forms really starting to define themselves lately, and cat is definitely all about DPS.  39 Agility is a huge bump at this level and for the red sockets, I picked up 3 Bright Blood Garnets.  That’s +36 Attack Power extra making this a nice chestpiece for my cat form.  There are better red gems, but I thought I’d wait a bit to see how long this piece stays with me before investing in higher priced gems.  My thought process on the Cudgel was starting to build a healing outfit.  I’ve got some decent pluses to healing with just my main caster outfit, but this cudgel had good pluses to both healing and mp5 while leaving my off-hand open.  That off hand I promptly filled with Unearthed Orb, a quest reward for the escort quest out of The Shadow Tomb.  So using Outfitter, I created a Healing outfit and will look for an opportunity to brush up on my instance healing skills.

Ventured into Nagrand:  My quest log has been dwindling down and I finally got the “go here and talk to this guy” quest that Blizzard uses to tell you where to go next.  The “guy” was in Nagrand.  I had heard that Nagrand was a beautiful zone, and I can now wholeheartedly agree.  In case you haven’t been there yet, I’ll leave you with these few screenshots I took while making the journey to Telaar:

    Nagrand 1  Nagrand 2  Nagrand Telaar


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  1. I stumbled across your blog while looking for things related to druids ^^ I read your latest post and wanted to comment on a few things. First off, congrats on a wonderful experience main tanking! I play a 70 druid, feral specced 0/47/14 and I absolutely love it. If you’re serious about tanking, then I recommend buying Braxxis Staff of Slumber when you can use it. That 2H weapon alone will increase your armor by 3.5k. When you are high enough, definitely do all the quest chains in Shadowmoon Valley. Many of them have great rewards for bear and cat forms that are better than a lot of the instance drops. The last two things I wanted to mention deal with the Warden’s Hauberk. This chestpiece is a great item for cat and bear. It has moderate armor and fairly high stamina and agility. I don’t know if you have the Jerkin of the Untamed Spirit from Hellfire Pen. quests, but you can replace that item with the Hauberk. This piece can easily be your tanking chestpiece for the rest of the game. I suggest socketing 3 Delicate Blood Garnet (+6 Agility) to maximize the potential in both forms. In cat form, 18 more Agility will provide you with almost a full percentage point for critical strike chance and 18 attack power. In bear form, you get the crit %, but not the attack power (since bear AP is based on strength alone). Where Agility really shines for a bear is in the increase to Dodge, which enables you to avoid attacks completely, thereby increasing your lifespan. Agility is probably the favored stat for bears after Stamina. I think I’m beginning to ramble, so I’ll wrap it up here with one final comment. When you hit 65, be sure to do the Ring of Blood event in the North part of Nagrand to get the Staff of Beasts. You will use the Staff as your main weapon in cat and bear, and you can gain extra benefit by enchanting it with +25 or +35 Agility. Hope this wasn’t too confusing ^^;; Go Go Bear Tanks! Storm Crow form is amazing, and you will learn to love the fact that it is instant cast (unlike all the non-druid flying mounts).


    Link to Talent Spec:

    Comment by Val | February 20, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hey, I just wanted to say I like your site, I also have a site i update from time to time, anyway, have a nice day!

    Comment by Sean | February 21, 2007 | Reply

  3. Hey! Just wanted to say grats on halfway to 65! I have a 57 druid on a pvp server who I have mostly abandened to play on a 33 paladin. I really want to get my druid to 70 and get my epic horse and then flight form, but I want to play on my paladin as well.
    Do you have any advice on this? Should I make my druid my main again and get to 70?
    Please get back to me on this with an email. I would love the advice, since I am so confused on what to do.

    Comment by Rebecca | February 22, 2007 | Reply

  4. Rebecca,

    I think you need to do what makes sense to you. Personally, I play World of Warcraft to have fun. When I first installed the game and read about all the classes, the Druid really appealed to me and still continues to be fun 64 1/2 levels later.

    Saying that, I do go through dry spells where I just need a change of pace. I have a Hunter alt at around level 30 that I play in those situations. It’s a great change of pace and long term I’d love to get him to level 70.

    So I think you need to do decide what the game means to you and what’s important, and that will tell you who to play. For me, I don’t worry too much about what other people say I “should” do or “need to do”. I just play to have fun.

    Another consideration would be whether you’ve purchased The Burning Crusade or not. With your druid at 57, you only need one more level to enter Outland. Tons of quests, awesome gear and a lot of fun.

    So my advice is a bit cliche I guess, but oldies tend to be goodies – “follow your heart”.

    Comment by Amanna | February 22, 2007 | Reply

  5. Amanna,

    Thanks for the feedback. I thought about what you said, and have made my decision on what I’m going to do.

    Yes, I do have the Burning Crusade, thus my Paladin is a Draenei. I started playing last summer and my very first character was my druid, so I’ve been with her since I started playing the game. I feel to abandon her to play on a character that I recently started wouldn’t be the best idea for me.

    What I’ve decided to do is: I’m going to play on my Paladin until 40, then I am going to play on my Druid full time, taking breaks on the weekend to play on my Paladin. Though I’ve still got a lot of work to do to get that epic horse (560g and lots of BG Marks of Honor to go)…and get to 68 to get flight form, I still want to enjoy both those things to the fullest. The Druid has always and always will be my favorite class because they are so diverse, and especially because they can shapeshift. It was always nice being able to go into travel form at 30 before any of my friends had any decent speed increase 🙂

    Like you, I am feral, though I am usually made healer during 5-mans. I hope to start doing some 10-20 man instances so I can do my stuff in cat form and not sit back healing. I have always hated that.

    Well, with that decision made, I can’t wait to get my paladin to 40 so I can go back to my Druid and get that epic horse 🙂

    Oh, and sorry for the long comment. Sometimes I have alot to say.

    Comment by Rebecca | February 22, 2007 | Reply

  6. Rebecca,

    No problem on the long comment – It’s nice to finally have someone out there posting one. That’s what these blogs are for after all, aren’t they?

    Sounds like you’ve got a good plan. It can be hard juggling two characters, especially if you’ve got limited time to play like I do.

    I also really enjoy my Druid. I need more experience healing in groups (even though it’s boring) so I’m going to look for some opportunities there. I haven’t done a lot of cat in instances yet, as I haven’t quite figured out how to DPS without picking up aggro and getting killed lol. I’ve done a far amount of off-tanking and general support since us Druids are so diverse as you said.

    My guild isn’t one of those “uber-guilds” running top content all the time. It’s pretty laid back and I’m guessing all I have to do is ask to get some more experience in some of these other roles.

    So good luck levelling your Pally. Hopefully, you’ll be stopping back here from time to time and letting us know how things are going.

    Comment by Amanna | February 22, 2007 | Reply

  7. Amanna,


    Hmm…I’ve tanked once, but since it was my first time I wasn’t that good at it. Maybe I should brush up on my skills with that as well.

    My guild isn’t either…The people in my guild usually do instances with people not in the guild if they even do them at all. To tell you the truth, I haven’t seen one of the members of my guild in an instance. Maybe they wait until I get off….

    Thanks 🙂 And I’ll defintatly stop by here to give some updates on how I’m doing and to check on how your leveling is going. I’ve got plenty of quests to do on my Pally, so hopefully that will help me level a little bit faster. Well, I guess I’ll get back to you later. Good luck getting to 68!

    Comment by Rebecca | February 22, 2007 | Reply

  8. […] hasn’t really been a problem for me until around last week.  As I wrote in a previous entry, I bought the Preserver’s Cudgel having achieved Honored with Cenarion Expedition.  After […]

    Pingback by Gear and Forms - Stop the Madness! « Adventures in Azeroth | February 28, 2007 | Reply

  9. I too bought Preserver’s Cudgel and loved it, however, ran into a sad realization. I leveled from 62 to 66 in three days, upon completing the Durn quest in Nagrand you get a quest reward that is far superior to the Cudgel. The Azure Lightblade has 143 Healing, some Int, Sta, and Spirit. I’m upset at myself for blowing the money on the Cudgel as I honestly only used it twice. Oh well.
    Buying items that aren’t level 70 is a good idea if you aren’t a very fast leveler. If you’re fast like me, and just grind out quest hard and fast, then I don’t recommend picking up anything unless you don’t see it being upgraded in the near future.
    I have Braxxis off of some R-Tard for 20g and it is absolutely amazing, but will quickly be replaced upon reaching exalted with CE.

    Comment by Slipslappy | April 5, 2007 | Reply

  10. LOL Slip – I did the same thing. Bought the Cudgel and then a week or so later got the Lightblade (that darn Corki). This is the other reason I like the gear lists I’m putting together. It helps you know if a good piece of gear is coming up for you.

    Thanks for the comments.

    Comment by Amanna | April 5, 2007 | Reply

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