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Alchemy finally in gear

I’ve been stuck at around 275 or so on my Alchemy.  I wasn’t high enough to get the Burning Crusade recipes that used, I assumed, all the Outland herbs I had been hording.  And the orange recipes I had all took Mountain Silversage, which hadn’t been on the Auction House.  Yes, I could just go pick some, but every night there seemed to be something more fun to do.

So a couple nights ago, when I saw some Silversage on the Aution House, I decided to buy a stack.  There were several stacks for sell, the cheapest going for around 25G.  (Maybe I should go pick some!).  Not knowing when there would be more, or when I would find the iniatitive to go pick my own, I went ahead and bought it. 

It turned out to be a good decision.  With the 20 stack, I was able to get 20 skill points in Alchemy taking me very close to 300.  I then visited the Honor Hold Alchemist and found that was high enough to start training in Outland recipes.  From there, I was able to level fairly quickly as I had a lot of Outland herbs inventoried.  I don’t remember exactly where I am right now – somewhere around 330 or so.

The other nice thing is I’m finally high enough to start making some money off the potions and elixirs I’m creating.  The higher level healing potions appear to always be in demand, as are agility and swiftness potions.  There is an Elixir of Camouflague that makes you untrackable for an hour that is hit or miss: sometimes sells right away and sometimes takes a day or two.

The real winner for me currently is Elixir of Mastery.  This elixir raises all stats by 15 for 1 hour.  The best part is it only takes 3xTerocone and 1xFelweed for each potion, which isn’t too bad.  On my server, a 5 stack has been going for around 17G or so.  So it’s nice to finally be in a positive cash situation with Alchemy.  I feel I can relax a bit now and refocus on leveling, leaving Alchemy development to take it’s own course. 

I probably will work some trips back to Azeroth though for extended picking sessions.  In particular, Dreamfoil, Icecap, Plaguebloom and Mountain Silversage all appear to still be vital herbs at upper levels.

The other good news is that I got the recipe for my Philosopher’s Stone and created it last night.  I only know one transmutation at this point: Transmute Arcanite; but it’s a good one.  Aracanite appears to still be in demand.  In surfing the Auction House last night, I found I could buy the mats for Arcanite (1xThorium Bar, 1xArcane Crystal) for around 9G, and Arcanite bars were selling for around 15-20G.  So that’s almost 10G a night I can generate just creating a bar every night (assuming prices stay stable).

If you’re on the same path, you have to fly down to Gadgetzan and talk to the Alcemist there.  That’s where I got the Philosopher’s Stone recipe and the Transmute recipe. 

Good luck and good crafting!

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