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Another fun weekend. Oh yea, Ding – 66!

Well, it was another fun weekend and I accomplished my goal of making level 66.  I didn’t get to play as much as I had hoped for and made 66 just before logging off last night.  Of course I made time to teleport to Moonglade and pick up my new spells and upgrades.

The only new spell was Lacerate.  Lacerate does damage over time and is the only spell we have to take advantage of Mangle’s bonus to bleed effects.  The tooltip also indicates it “generates a high amount of threat”.  I didn’t get to try this new effect out yet, so stay tuned for observations. 

Here’s a recap of the fun things that happened over the weekend:

Hit the random number generator just right: I was farming Ravenous Windrocs for the second step in the Windroc Mastery series and just kept getting great drops from them.  First it was some green shoulder armor that was a slight upgrade for me.  Then a Crystalblade of the Dranei drops.  Always fun to see a blue item when you open up the loot window.  The icon for the weapon was very unusual, so I stayed moused over it a little longer than the standard split second click to get into inventory.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my Auctioneer told me the item was selling for around 150G!!!  Then a couple birds later, a Leggings of the Sly drops.  Another blue – w00t!  This one was a definite upgrade for me and was immediately equipped.  So a green, then two blue drops off a bunch of birds.  Very nice.

Got a glove upgrade for my Healing outfit: Friday night I got some guildies to go on an Underbog run with me.  Dumb me, I forgot to pick that plant after killing Hungarfen my first time through, and it just bugs me to have an uncompleted quest open in the log when it’s a simple thing to complete.  So I advertised for help to just kill Hungarfen and we ended up running the whole instance again.  We kill Hungarfen and Starlight Gauntlets drops.  A very nice upgrade to my healing gloves as I was still wearing my Wildheart gloves.

Found some Dreaming Glory: I ventured into the Kil’sorrow camp for the first time.  There is 2 to 3 areas where Dreaming Glory spawns.  When I was in there, it wasn’t very busy and I was able to pick at least a couple spawns of each area.  Also, if you’re looking for Marks of Kil’jaeden, I was getting probably close to 50+% drop rate on all mobs in Kil’sorrow.  I’m Scryer so I just AH these, but if you’re collecting them for Aldor rep, then this is a good farming location.

Equipped a new staff:  Yea, I just got my Braxxis Staff of Slumber last week.  Yea, it’s great and adds not only feral attack power but armor as well.  Well, I got this Staff of the Four Golden Coins as a quest reward.  It doesn’t have as high an attack power bonus or a plus to armor, but it does have some decent attribute bumps.  Well it’s soulbound so I equip it just to see what it will do.  I like it.  I keep it.  Armor doesn’t drop completely due to the agility bump.  I get some extra health and bumps to dodge and crit.  The crit bump was around 2%.  I haven’t been having any problems lately that are fixed by armor except in my most challenging fights, so I decide to forgo the armor boost from Braxxis in exchange for the stats bumps from Golden Coins.  So if you get this staff, give it a chance before you vendor it.  Only downside – it’s pretty plain looking.

Oh yea – I dinged 66!

March 5, 2007 - Posted by | Druid Gear, World of Warcraft

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