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Quick weekend update

Because I know you guys feel like the week just isn’t started until you read about my WoW weekend, here’s a quick recap.  I wasn’t on a whole lot, and much of my time on was kind of frustrating trying to put a group together, but I did make some progress regardless:

Downed Durn the Hungerer: You get this quest from the warden at Telaar after you complete the two “wanted poster” quests.  Believe your quest log when it says you need a group of 5 – Durn is tough.  He seems tougher than his level.  We had a good solid group of 5 including a lvl 70 Druid, and a couple 68.  It still took us two tries, although the first time was our mistake.  Wherever you are fighting Durn, make sure to clear the area out first.  There are lots of Bulls (both Elekk and Clefthoof) wandering in the area, and we got some adds during the fight.  Not good.  Durn wanders a pre-set path, so easiest thing to do is run ahead, clear a space and wait for him.  Nothing remarkable about the fight, but he hits pretty hard and has an AoE knockback with I think lightning damage.  Anyway, the weapons rewards are really good for Durn, and I took the Azure Lightblade.  Hard to believe I’ve already replaced the Preserver’s Cudgel I bought from Cenarion Expidition just a week or so ago. 

Finished my “Safari Mastery” series: With our Durn group still together, we found out that a couple of the group members had the final quest still in the three mastery series, so we headed off to finish them.  There’s the Clefthoof, the Talbuk and the Windroc.  All three went down without a problem.  The gear rewards are fairly good, but no upgrades for me.  Check the quest links if you’re interested.  I didn’t turn in the quests until after our group had split up.  If you’ve got a group together to do these, turn in together.  There is a followup to these quests to kill an elite Elekk.  She’s up on the top of that ramp-like hill just north of Oshu’gun (yea, you just knew something was going to be up there, didn’t you).  So I haven’t been able to finish this one yet, but I’m looking forward to it.  There’s a nice healing idol as a reward along with some other things you might be interested in.

Got attuned for Onyxia: Yea, finally.  I’m level 66 in the new expansion and got Onyxia attuned.  LOL. My guild’s been attuning and running for a couple weeks now.  Why, I’m not sure.  Could be just for fun, could be because now we can do it.  Again, not sure.  But I was all the way to the end and just needed Drak’s blood. Friday night a call came out in guild chat for interested parties, so I signed up.  The run took us right about an hour, but should have only taken 1/2 hour.  I love my guild but sometimes they are way too laid back.  We’re whacking things left and right without breaking a sweat, and our Pally’s are having to stop and drink mana juice between each fight.  Like they needed abilities?  I started the run healing, then switched to feral when no one needed to be healed!  Anyway – run went smooth, I got my blood, and now have a Drakefire Amulet.  So, someday soon I will be able to face Onyxia.

So there’s the highlights.  I was trying very hard all weekend to get a group together to do Ring of Blood series so I could get my Staff of Beasts, but it didn’t happen.  Sometime soon I hope. 

I hope you had a fun weekend. 

March 13, 2007 - Posted by | Druid Gear, World of Warcraft

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