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I remember a long time ago I was in an instance with a PUG and I noticed a little gleam every once in a while on the end of one of the warrior’s weapons.  Kind of like that little white starburst the toothpaste commercials show on your teeth.  Anyway, at the time I thought it was just a cool visual effect Blizzard had added.

Fast forward many months and I create my Hunter alt.  For professions I choose Mining and Blacksmithing.  Well it didn’t take me too long to figure out that little gleam is the effect of sharpening your bladed weapon with a sharpening stone.  If I hadn’t taken blacksmithing as a profession, I probably won’t know about sharpening stones to this day.

That’s what I love about this game.  There are all kinds of little tricks that while not major by themselves, can add up to give you a definite edge.  Some are just general, some you come across based on the professions you choose, and even others you just figure out on your own. 

I had intended to put a couple of the little tricks I’ve figured out along the way in this post, but let’s try something different.  I know there are a few of you out there now reading this blog on a regular basis.  I’m further assuming that most of you are Druids (or druid sympathizers).  So I’m going to leave this post open-ended and ask you all to post your favorite Druid tip or trick that you use on a regular basis to give yourself a little edge. 

My personal focus is PvE not PvP, but feel free to post any and all suggestions.  If I get enough feedback, maybe we’ll start a separate Tips & Tricks page on this blog.

This is dangerous territory here – calling out for feedback.  I know there is a tendency for the Internet to be more vouyerism than participation.  So come on, take 2 minutes to post your thoughts – I guarantee it won’t hurt and it might even be fun. 

March 15, 2007 - Posted by | Strategy - General, World of Warcraft


  1. I must admit I don’t do anything. Nothing. Nada.

    Very boring I know.

    If anyone’s got any suggestions though – I’m all ears.

    Comment by Liraele | March 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. I know you have a section covering addons and mods, etc… but a few of the biggest things I use on my druid is outfitter, goes without saying really, switching between tank, dps, healing, pvp, riding gear is a very nice mod to use because of the hybrid nature of the druid, I really found this to be essential, a few other things I use are healbot, an addon to help with healing, and some various UI additions to make the layout for personalized for my playstyle…not sure if these can be considered tips, but they really help me play much more effective as a druid.

    Comment by seansflow | March 15, 2007 | Reply

  3. Yes seansflow, I think add-ons fit the “tips & tricks” category. Outfitter for sure.

    Keep posting other tips & tricks, but let us know what add-ons you consider Druid-required.

    Comment by Amanna | March 15, 2007 | Reply

  4. Druid Tip for PvP Hunters: Druids in cat and bear-forms are susceptible to the talent Scare Beast. Unlike Polymorph, a druid will not come out of “scare” fully healed. While Mr Druid is scampering about, use your potions, bandage etc.

    Damh and Hobbes

    Comment by Damh | March 15, 2007 | Reply

  5. No tips or tricks or anything, just wanting to tell you something.

    I was looking at the Flight Form spell yesterday and ti said ‘Requires Riding (150)’

    So does this mean we need to learn epic riding before we can use are spells? That would be weird if that was the case.

    Comment by Rebecca | March 16, 2007 | Reply

  6. From what I’ve been reading, learning Flight Form gives you the riding skill.

    And Damh: this post is supposed to be about helping Druids, not sharing how to kill us. I have half a mind to go to your blog and post all kinds of ways to kill Hunters. If only I knew some….

    Comment by Amanna | March 16, 2007 | Reply

  7. I’ll add my little trick. Using potions and scrolls to add to your stats. We have a guy in our guild who I always check out his buffs when I’m in a party with him. He must have at least 5 or 6 potion-related buffs on him. Makes sense – he’s an alchemist. Hey, so am I know!

    I’ll write something up in the future, but there are all kinds of potions, elixirs and flasks that can give you pretty good buffs. Like the best defense potion out there gives you a +550 armor buff for two hours. That’s over 3000 armor in bear form.

    Many of the elixirs and flasks can be pretty expensive, so I’d save them for instances or tough boss fights.

    And don’t forget scrolls. You can usually find them on the Auction House for a reasonable cost and there are some decent buffs out there on scrolls. Plus, you can use a scroll and a potion at the same time – no cooldown conflicts.

    Comment by Amanna | March 16, 2007 | Reply

  8. I’m pretty sure buffs do not benefit included in the armor conversion when you shift to bear form. So the +550 armor buff from the Elixir does not get applied after you shift to bear form.

    #1 If you are a herbalist, hibernate and soothe animal are your best friend. If a herb is surrounded by beasts you can hibernate, and soothe the animals to get closer to the herb. After you pick it you can either kill the mob or just cheetah and run away.

    #2. If during a fight you need to innervate a healer and you are the tank, communicate with the healer to get you to full life and possibly shield you. At that point, time the mob attack to switch out of bear form to innervate the healer then switch back to bear. If you are quick, you can do it and maybe take only 1 hit. The same can be done for rebirth as well.

    #3. Always have Demoralizing Shout up on a mob. It decreases the amount of damage you take, which in turns lowers the amount healers have to spend on mana. If you have a warrior in the group have him thunderclap as well. Take advantage of what classes have to offer. A ability by itself may be ok, but when combined with other class’s abilities they provide a huge advantage.
    Couple of Good pairings:
    1. ThunderClap & Demoralizing Shout
    2. Faerie Fire & Sunders or Expose Armor ( DPS Boost )
    3. If in cat form, coordinate stunning a mob with the rogue in the group. Pounce is a great opener for this. Same as Bash.

    #4. Remember to be aware of your surroundings. If you are dps, pop out and heal if healer is falling behind. Our pop out and heal yourself. Let the healer know you are so he doesn’t spend the mana on you.

    #5. Use an initial swipe in bear form to gather the mobs up at the initial pull. It gives time for CC’ers to grab thier targets.

    If I come up with more, I will post some.
    Brunnor (Gorgannash – Horde )

    Comment by Bruennor | March 16, 2007 | Reply

  9. As always, great comment Bruennor. Good catch on the potion buff. I just re-read the buff description and it says:

    “Immune to Polymorph effects. Increases melee attack power by 120, armor contribution from items by 400%, and Stamina by 25%.”

    So the 400% increase is only armor from items. Too bad.

    Comment by Amanna | March 16, 2007 | Reply

  10. OMG I’m so sorry Amanna. I saw the “post any and all suggestions” and immediately went into hunter-teacher mode.

    I’ll make it up to you, I promise.

    Damh and Hobbes

    Comment by Damh | March 18, 2007 | Reply

  11. Bruennor,

    I love your comment about using swipe to collect a number of incoming mobs. I had not thought of that but now that you post it, it makes perfect sense. Your other comments are good, but that one is the gem for me.


    Comment by Amanna | March 19, 2007 | Reply

  12. I just discovered the joys of Frenzied Regeneration. This is especially helpful if I am solo and I have multiple mobs on me. I hit Demoralizing roar right away and then just use my autoattack on one mob until I am either full of rage or at about a third health. If I get to full rage and I still have a lot of health left I might throw in a maul or two until my health gets lower. Then I pop Frenzied Regeneration and get healed up to full health mana free. This can also be useful for PvP if I find myself being beaten on, although not having enough rage is much more of an issue in PvP. Frenzied Regen is always a great way to use any leftover rage.

    This is just part of my multiple mob strategy, the other parts are things I have been doing a long time. I’m a resto druid so it’s a lot easier for me to heal myself while getting hit using swiftmend and nature’s swiftness. And that thorn’s damage really adds up over multiple mobs hitting on me for several minutes. I’ve been considering using Barkskin and Hurricane, but I’m not sure how that would work out with taking damage in caster form, plus its a mana hog. Oh and nature’s grasp is a good way to park a mob a little bit over to get at least one of a crowd of mobs off you for a little while.

    Comment by Jeff | March 19, 2007 | Reply

  13. I actually use Demo Roar every time to gather up mobs. It hits all of them in range and then you can use swipe to maintain aggro.

    In addition to Frenzied Rejuv, the Charm of Alacrity from a quest in Hellfire Peninsula is a great tanking/pvp bear trinket. If the healer gets CC’d, MC’d, or booted(in a boss fight), popping both of those will save your ass.

    If you are a druid tank, pay attention to the armor on quest rewards. Some of the best druid tanking items (armor wise) are green items from quests in Shadowmoon Valley. Off the top of my head, Manimal’s Clutch, Ash Tempered Legs, Supple Leather Boots, Umberhowl’s Collar, and Verdant Gloves. If a fellow druid hadn’t warned me to look out for these, I may have vendored a plate item for money instead of picking these as my reward.

    Also, when tanking a lot of mobs with swipe (more than 3) continually switch targets and turn in a circle so you maintain aggro on all the mobs, not just a constant 3.

    In pvp, if you are running away, untarget what you are running from and you will come out of combat faster. This will allow you to prowl sooner.

    In pvp, if you are healing and low on mana (when you actually have a group), throw a few HoT’s, untarget, and you will again come out of combat. This will allow you to drink and shadowmeld while other healers pick up your slack until you get mana back.

    Also in pvp, if you know you are going to have a rogue or warrior coming after you, throw up Nature’s Grasp before you go into the fight. I’m a feral/restro hybrid with only one point in NG, so I can’t guarantee that it will proc every time. Thus, instead of having to switch out of bear to hit it and getting stunned, it procs while I’m in bear and I can shift after that.

    If you are a healer for a paladin tank that doesn’t have taunt and you gain aggro from a single mob, you may be better off switching to cat and cowering instead of trying to take the damage in bear. This used to work wonders in MC back in the day if you didn’t see a warrior coming to get the mob back under control.

    One thing I never see feral druids in groups doing: Don’t be afraid to switch out and throw some rejuvs and lifeblooms. Especially when you are in a boss fight that requires you to run out of AOE range or there is an AOE that can’t be avoided. You are a healer’s saving grace because he can concentrate on the tank. Besides, if you die, you won’t be doing any damage, will you?

    Comment by Eilianna | March 23, 2007 | Reply

  14. Actually, scrap the NS before you shift in. Apparently since I’d come back to the game I’d never bumped the button and realized you could cast it in cat and bear now. I stand corrected.

    Comment by Eilianna | March 24, 2007 | Reply

  15. I would just like to add that Flight Form for druid DOES require you to buy epic riding training. They will be coming out with Epic Flight Form as well that will require you to get Epic Flying training as well. Just thought I’d clear that up. 😛

    Comment by Ogracious | March 27, 2007 | Reply

  16. What i do is I will 1 charge to the selected target, growl,mangle,feral aggression, then Lacterate i think thats how u spell it, then repeat.

    Once the priest is oom or someone has died or the party is taking alot of damage during a boss fight i will pop out of bear form blow trinkets followed by barkskin (must do this ASAP) then i will eather B-rez or Tranquilty followed by a innervate pop back into bear form were all good

    Comment by kertz | April 22, 2007 | Reply

  17. i have a 53 druid, at first i loved there versitility, n i love the fact u can dps, pop an AB trinket on, heal, then tank if need be, like say a patrol was pulled, but im really bored now, i dunno y, but i am…

    byakugan – laughing skull – alliance

    Comment by cooky | July 13, 2007 | Reply

  18. Something that i have used a few times but not been able to fully test is that if u are faced with an AOE pull that if befor you start, cast your HoT’s on, go bear and charge in, the non overheal damage should convert into threat.

    Comment by Rune | September 24, 2007 | Reply

  19. sry just have to correct

    flight form (normal) does NOT require you to buy any kind of training, apart from the epic ground mount.

    flight form (epic) DOES require you to buy riding (300)

    normal flight form comes with the riding skill (225)

    Comment by shockk | October 4, 2007 | Reply

  20. As a feral druid, I’d tanked plenty of instances but never got to observe other tanks in action. At level 65, I finally got to watch someone else tank an instance, and I learned so much.

    When you pull a mob in an instance, throw a wrath at it, as opposed to something that doesn’t project, like a moonfire. This way you’ll have more time between your cast and when the wrath actually lands to throw in a quick HoT, then shift to bear.

    Also, I felt so stupid for not thinking of this before, but:

    When you have to pull a group of caster mobs, hiding around a corner after you pull them so that you aren’t in their line of sight will make them come towards you until they CAN see you. I can’t believe I never thought of this, I always just backed away until out of their range after a pull.

    On another note, I’m new to endgame, and I was wondering if someone could post what kind of stats I should be focusing on with feral tanking gear/PvP gear.

    Comment by Shifts | October 9, 2007 | Reply

  21. Shifts,

    The most important stats for tanking are:

    The most important stats for kitty dps are:
    Attack Power

    Also, try to maintain around 20-25 feral combat skill. This will allow you to never have to worry about +hit.

    I’m tanking SSC/TK now and I’m around 31000 buffed armor and about 1100 stamina or so. I tank a lot of Karazhan in my dps gear now, which is rather funny, but I still have around 15k armor in my cat gear and I do a TON of damage to the mobs, which translates directly to threat. I have Moroe’s pocketwatch, but am using the Argussian Compass instead simply because dodging = no rage and I don’t like that. I may switch back shortly, just testing for the time being.

    As far as pulling non-caster mobs is concerned… I never pop out of bear form if I can handle it. FF causes a small amount of aggro and your group should be smart enough to know when they can attack. I only have druids use a spell cast to pull aggro on the High King encounter when they are pulling Olm away from everyone else.

    Comment by Slipslappy | October 11, 2007 | Reply

  22. Thanks for the info. I kind of got what basic stats I should be focusing on like agi and stam, but I’m getting gear that has stats I’m unfamiliar with, like defense rating, and I’m not really sure how this translates with druid stats.

    I don’t pop out of bear if my rage bar is pretty full, but if it’s empty I prefer just jumping out of bear and back again to set Furor off rather than pop an enrage.

    Comment by Shifts | October 15, 2007 | Reply

  23. You need 415 defense to become uncrittable. You need to hit that first if you are tanking Karazhan. Defense and Armor are very important for tanking, but you should never really concentrate on defense once you’ve hit your 415. Other tanking classes need a lot more.
    *I am assuming you have 3/3 Survival of the Fittest” in the feral tree*

    Comment by slipslappy | October 16, 2007 | Reply

  24. Guys,i noticed most druids are on feral or resto because the balance druids are not apreciated enough. well if you are feral or resto Sacrifice one talent point for nature’s grasp on balance ,it saves you! when the mob/player is in front of you cast it no matter what form and when they get caught heal yourself! you could use barkskin too to help. to be a good druid you gotta be abble to control all youre spells ,whether balance,feral or restoration.

    Comment by Rokku | October 28, 2007 | Reply

  25. I enjoy the battlegrounds a lot and have two Druids. One level 39 (main and balance) and the other level 53 (balance/feral/flavor of the month). Never made it to 70.

    Some odd tips from things I learned in BG or PvP:

    * Use Macros

    The druid class is versatile and pressing all the right buttons in the right sequence can be difficult when fighting. Remember .. in macros you can cast a spell and trigger a trinket with one button press.

    * Balance druid USE your animal forms.

    If the oppsing size is zerging a flag go bear to buy your team some time. Use swipe to keep em of the flag. Talisman of Arathor / Tidal Charm / Natures Grasp / Bash / Frenzied regeneration are your friends.

    Go cat to ninja flags and to get into position to starfire and moonfire unsuspecting targets.

    * When OOM try Bear

    Even balance bears can kill and they aren’t too squishy and you have loads of options to extend your survivability. When your health is low and if your enemy’s health is also low you can try to pop out in human form again and use the mana that regenerated during the fight to do one or two more moonfires or rejuvination. One on one you can win most of the time. Saved my butt a few times.

    * Tidal Charm

    Get this trinket. It is an extra 3 sec stun that you can use in any form. It also has a 30 yrd range.

    * Moonfire and Starfire

    These spells don’t have trails that can point out your location. Sneak into some bushes in cat form and then pop out and starfire your opponent. Sometimes you can take them out without them knowing where it comes from.

    * Load up on spell damage

    Obvious .. but at level 39 you don’t have many options. Either cloth (EEEEEK!) or BC enchants $$$$. However.. properly specced balance druids can one shot and two shot enemies with starfire. Also don’t get just arcane or just nature damage. Go for general +spell damage. This makes your healing MUCH stronger as well. Rejuvenations can then actually HEAL you.

    * If possible, starfire flag capturers

    If someone tries to capture your flag in AB and they just started doing it open with starfire instead of moonfire. More damage. It takes more time to capture the flag than to cast starfire.

    * Shifting

    Maybe obvious .. but shifting does not only break snares and roots.. it also gets rid of debuffs like curse of weakness, hamstring rips etc.

    * Killing hunters

    For me this used to be difficult .. but with some spell damage, natures grasp and the talisman or arathor you can take them down easily. Try to open with starfire if you get the chance .. otherwise if they see you first .. pop natures grasp and the talisman of arathor in the beginning .. one to root the pet ..the other to absorb ranged damage.. and moonfire/wrath away .. they panic after the 5th moonfire and then run 🙂 I never use starfire on them besides for the opener because they can interrupt that too much. Moonfire and wrath is the best option (together with insect swarm of course)

    * Moonfire spam

    I have a macro that casts the highest level of moonfire, then insect swarm and from there on you only use a lower rank moonfire to spam the target. Cheaper mana wise and the dot of the first moonfire will not get overridden. Together with spelldamage the insect swarm and moonfire dots wil hurt the enemy a lot on its own.

    Sorry for the long post – hope you guys can learn something from this.

    ibite – Alliance – Thunderhorn – EU

    Comment by Ibite | November 13, 2007 | Reply

  26. Hey guys, here are some general tips for all PvP fights:

    Also, I can’t say if these tips work well in end game (60-70). My main is a level 55. So if you are higher than that, read with care ^^.

    Nature’s Grasp: If you are a feral or resto druid, I recommend putting 1 talent point into Nature’s Grasp (in the balance spec). Only 1 point is needed. When cast, it will root the enemy if they hit you, allowing you to have a greater chance to heal yourself.

    Tiger’s Fury: This spell WILL NOT pull you out of stealth mode. This can add a lot of damage to your cat’s DPS (Damage Per Second) for a low energy cost. I always do it before a pounce, to ensure high amounts of DPS.

    Barkskin: This move is great when you need to make sure that ever important healing spell of yours succeeds. Always try to use it before you use a major healing spell (Healing Touch, Tranquility, Regrowth, etc.) This is also good to use before Rebirth!

    Regrowth/Rejuvenation: While Healing Touch is good, your better off just using Regrowth, then Rejuvenation right after. HOT’s (Heal Over Time) are the best type of healing spell to use when in combat (especially PvP). Not only does this combo cost less mana than Healing Touch, it is also faster. This will give you time to do more important things, while you heal away at the same time.

    Moonfire: Did you know when running you can attack a mob or player behind you. While running, jump, turn around, moofire, turn back around before you hit the ground again. If done fast enough, you can pull this off without losing any distance or speed. Pretty cool ^^.

    Here are a few tips against some of the more popular classes as a druid (any spec).

    Warrior: Entangling Roots is your best friend here. Pounce when in cat form, shred from behind (or mangle if you have it), rake (bleed damage ignores armor), then pop out (Thunderclap or Barkskin if needed to make sure you Root successfully). Now just get out of the warriors melee range and Starfire away (I usually get about 2 hits). Unlike Moonfire, Starfire has no chance of canceling the full duration of your Entangling Roots. When roots is over, Moonfire, then go into BEAR form. By now, his health should be low enough that even with critical hits he will have little chance of scratching his way through all of your bears high armor before you finish him off. Bash him and pop out heal if he does happen to get your health low (darn twinks…).

    Mage: Cat form can really hurt a mages health, because they can only wear cloth. Try the standard pounce/shred and mangle (if you have it) combo, then go straight to bear form. If they blink, chase them down fast with a feral charge. Bash them, switch to cat, and shred from behind. If my health is low after the Bash, I’ll Shred only once, pop-out, and Barkskin/Heal. If he hits you with Frost Nova, ALWAYS shape shift. You will break free from the ice IMMEDIATELY, allowing you to go back into the form you were in, or do something else. Try to do react fast to this, to keep the mage from spamming Frostbolt, or Fireball. Also, when in Bear or Cat form, you cannot be hit with Polymorph.

    Rogue: Faerie Fire!!! No more rogue stealth! And, if they are already stealthed and you know they are there somewhere, assuming you are stealthed too (cat), spam Farie Fire anyways, so that when they show up, it will hit them. The rogue’s stun lock has a better range than your Pounce, so 9 times out of 10, he will get you first. At least this time, after he locks you down, he cannot re-stealth.

    Hunter: Hibernate the pet A.S.A.P.! This will hurt him a lot if he is a Beast Master spec. If he is using a gun and hitting you from afar, he is most likely a Marksman spec. In this case, stay on him with your bear form. His pet can’t rip through your bears health like when your in cat form. Try to Feral Charge a lot too, to keep the pet away from you more. Nature’s Grasp works good to CC (Crowd Control) pets as well.

    Shaman: Pray! I hate Shammys…

    Well, I hope this ultra long post has helped you in one way at least. Good luck with your druid leveling and PvP training. If your thinking of re-rolling (Picking a new character as your main), at least wait till your a higher level (40-50), it gets much better. And if played well, I hear getting your druid to 70 is where all the fun lies ^^.

    Have fun everyone (m’-‘)>

    Dakken: Feral Druid (Horde) – Realm: Mug’Thol (PvP)

    Comment by Dakken | November 27, 2007 | Reply

  27. hey guys, FERAL druid here. just a few random tips for the feral druids out there:

    1. in pvp alot of people underrates DEMO ROAR, when you are going up against a rogue, wait a few seconds then pop DEMO ROAR, it will show you where he is, pop a feral charge on him and you own him, even a high tiered rogue.

    2. in pvp if you want to hold a flag or delay the bad guys for a while until reinforcements come (or you die) use feral charge on a random player some where on the edges of the fight, and then pop a bash on the first warrior who intercepts, the hit him and then feral charge someone else, as a bear, you would be able to keep this up for close to a minute (or two if you have good gear).

    3. last pvp tip, when you want to finish off a pesky warrior or rogue or even enhance shammy, pop a attack power trink (i carry 2, both with extra 200 attack power buff) right when they start whaling you, this gives you a damage bonus big enuff to cut down their health before they even realize what happened (you can cut rogues and shammies down from around 30-50% to zero in less time than the trink expires, but that all depends on crit)

    4. for those of us having to tank the heroix or even the end game dungeons and raids, use lacerate when you are waiting for you’re mangle and growl to cooldown, this give you an extraordinary amount of threat against a single mob (for multiple mobs, just start cycling while waiting for the CD’s)

    5. and the last one is sort of a tip, that i have learned when tanking heroix or endgame raids, don’t use swipe when keeping threat with multiple mobs, it doesn’t generate half as much threat as you need to keep them hitting you. use growl and lacerate combinations and just cycle (challenging roar has way too big of a cooldown to do anything useful except provide in emergencies)

    hope these few little tricks help you guys show all the other players that we aren’t just furry…we’re feral 🙂

    Comment by Faloric | November 30, 2007 | Reply

  28. A few tips to think about as a caster druid spec.

    1. Remember that Innervate works to full capacity if your not casting. For this reason its almost always better to use it on yourself. So you can sit tight while it works. I would suggest only innervating people who understand how it works or its a waste.

    2. Always cast an instant cast right after you do a time cast! This automatically Adds damage or healing to your cast because the cool down on the casts are clear after the time cast.

    3.Watch your life bloom timer and recast it at the last second to keep the hot effect going. If you get good at this you can get full health on the run very easy and cheaply.

    4.Learn to use Barkskin a lot and when to use it. It is an important tool that is often overlooked by the casting druid.

    i have more but this is a start

    Comment by dulariel | December 4, 2007 | Reply

  29. I am a level 39 balance druid.

    I used to hate warlocks in the BG. I would always get in too close and then get feared and feared and feared. Also, when I see a warlock with the succubus out I would always make a run for it.

    But I FINALLY realized a few things about warlocks which I didn’t know before and that is:

    – Succubus seduce breaks on damage

    – Succubus cannot seduce beasts!

    – The extended fear range is 24 yards and my extended balance spell range is 36 yards.

    – Shadow protection potions FTW!

    My strategy nowadays are as follows;

    If the lock has a succubus out I will get in his dot range in travel form and let him dot me (corruption, siphon life, agony – decurse agony asap), this prevents the succubus from CC’ing me while getting in range (because the cannot seduce beasts) of the lock and after the lock dotted me the succubus CC is useless (seduce breaks on damage).

    After getting dotted ensure that you stay OUT of his fear range. You can then either kite him/her with moonfire or you can root him and wrath/starfire him. If he slaps curse of exhaustion onto you shift into travel form to get rid of it or decurse yourself.

    If it is a twinky lock pop a shadow protection potion (or heal yourself).

    So nowadays the locks are doing one of two things.

    – They either run away from me and die.
    – Or they run towards me (to try and get into fear range) and die.

    Hope it helps any other fellow druid out there that is struggling with a pesky warlock!

    ibite – Alliance – Thunderhorn – EU

    Comment by Ibite | December 5, 2007 | Reply

  30. I know that a few people have mentioned a few of the macro’s that they use but here are some of mine.

    As a feral druid who spends most of his time in cat form, I have a lot of spells that I didn’t have room for in my main bar. So, I stated using macros that take advantage of the fact that I would never use two spells at the same time.

    Here are some of the macros that I use to let me use my hot keys more effectively:

    /cast [nocombat, nostealth] Prowl; [nocombat, stealth] Prowl; [combat, nostealth] Survival Instincts

    /cast [nocombat, stealth] Pounce; [nostealth] Faerie Fire (Feral)()

    /cast [nostealth] Shred; [stealth] Ravage

    With all of these the spell that is cast is dependent on whether you are in combat or if you are stealthed.

    Here is a really awesome moonfire spam macro that someone mentioned earlier. Be careful with this one though because you have to change the rank of the spell to whatever your spells rank at.

    /castsequence reset=7/target/combat/ctrl Moonfire(Rank 11), Moonfire(Rank 10), Moonfire(Rank 10), Moonfire(Rank 10) , Moonfire(Rank 10), Moonfire(Rank 10)

    And now for my personal favorite:

    /use Charm of Alacrity
    /castsequence reset=target Barkskin, Nature’s Grasp

    This one is great for when your health is running low and best of all it doesn’t pop you back into caster form unlike if you cast either of those spells with the normal spell buttons (I think this may just be a glitch and Blizzard may fix this in an upcoming patch so test this first). Also if you don’t have the trinket you can just remove the first two lines and it is still an awesome sequence.

    Comment by Trevor | February 25, 2009 | Reply

  31. I roll a 39 Feral Druid. I’ve never really had much of a problem in BG’s, but one class almost always killed me. Rogues. 😦

    But…today I finally found out a way to kill them, even the twinks to all those non-twinkers out there like myself. 😛

    If you see a rogue defending, try and stay back, before you attempt to fight, pop Rejuv and Regrowth on yourself, then stealth. Try to stay behind them as much as possible to come in, as if they’re subtelty, with improved detection, they’ll see you a mile off.

    Tigers fury, Pounce, Feral Faerie Fire then Shred/Claw spam. Once at 3-4 combo points, Rake for the next, preferably the fifth, then Rip. In most cases, you can get this whole sequence done before Pounce breaks, and generally the rogue panics and tries to vanish. The bleed damage breaks stealth and they re-appear. After the sequence they normally have about half HP if you got a tad lucky with crits, simply stack bleeds when they wear off, Nature’s Grasp if need be to get some distance to re-HoT then repeat. Works like a charm. 😛

    Selybe – Saurfang (EU) – Alliance

    Comment by Sel | May 31, 2009 | Reply

  32. druids are awesome

    Comment by steven | June 10, 2009 | Reply

  33. Fantastic website that helped me a lot in diet hxxp://diethelpfree[com]

    Comment by Alice | August 9, 2010 | Reply

  34. I’ve been playing a Druid for awhile now but have been plagued by SO MANY SPELLS that I ended up neglecting them if they weren’t conveniently placed.
    A little research and I’ve come up with a solution. A little setup/playstyle background. I use the default keybinds for movement in fact no changes from default key binds on left. I have all my number keys on my keypad 1-6 on one bar in dominoes that changes with form ie cat shows cat spells bear shows bear bar etc. All those I have macro’ed two spells with the following macro
    /start autoattack
    /cast [mod] claw ; shred

    What this does is show the tool tip of the spell that will cast when u hit the key
    Then start your autoattack even if say u don’t have enough energy/ rage etc. Not needed for ranged.
    Then if shift is pressed will cast claw if not then shred.

    So I can spM say keypad 1 if in front of target and shift 1 if behind. All my kitty only spells are on that one bar and only in cat form also seperat bar for stealth. Then do some for bear only, caster only etc.

    Then for all the spells that say are bear specific but don’t really attack and , cat etc I put on a bar above that bar and bind those to keys 7,8,9,shift 7,8,9 that’s six keybinds that line up perfectly however you can’t use the same macros because hitting shift 7 for instance casts a different spell and not the mod macro’ed spell. So for those keys here are the macros I use well the type of macro I use anyway sub the word spell for whatever spell you want bounds.
    Stances are
    1 bear
    2 aquatic
    3 cat
    4 cheetah
    5 boomkin/ tree of life or if neither are learned then flight form

    So for when I’m feral I’d use

    /cast [stance:1] spell ; [stance:3] spell ; [stance:2] spell ; etc

    Be sure to include all Stannces otherwise when your in a form not listed ie aquatic then the macro will just show up as a question mark that’s ugly inessence when your in bear form 7 will show say frenzied regen then in cat form u could have it show tigers fury then in all other forms u could have it show rejuvenation or even hibernate etc. I do all this and try to keep similar spells together to make it easier when I’m switching roles to keep fluidity and help remember where stuff is even if say I badly use cat form.

    I have a lot of other stuff tweaked that’s to much for this already lengthy post but feel free to email me any questions at

    Also this is current as of patch 4.0.6 of cata

    Comment by Eatachic | February 9, 2011 | Reply

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