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An apology, then weekend update 3/26

First of all I want to apologize.  I haven’t posted a whole lot over the last couple of weeks.  I have a couple personal issues at the moment that are eating up a lot of my focus and energy.  Most of the traffic to this blog seems to be hits on my Bartender 3 overview (go figure), but I know there are a handful of readers out there.  I’m still around and still plan on continued posting – it will probably just be at a slower pace for a while until some things get worked out.

That slower pace extends to my gameplay also.  I didn’t get any nighttime instance runs in over the weekend and therefore still don’t have my flight form.  I got a decent amount of soloing in on Sunday afternoon and got around 86% of the way there, but still 130,000 xp short.  I think one good instance run would put me over the top, but I’m just not sure when that will happen.  Plus, while the quests in Outland do rack up xp nicely, I find there are many more quests requiring a group.  If you aren’t lucky enough to be able to find help for these quests, then you may get to a point in a zone where all that’s left to you is grinding.  That’s where I am in Nagrand – 4 quests left, all which require a group. 

Sketh’lon Quest Series

So, for the past few days, I’ve been in Shadowmoon Valley.  I have to watch myself, because at level 67 I’m on the low end of experience to be in this zone.  Nothing too bad in ones and twos, but you can get in trouble pretty quickly too.

 I was able to finish off this series.  It looks long, but it’s not too bad.  You get it from the griffon commander at the Wildhammer Alliance outpost.  Here’s the start of the series.  The payoff was a nice pair of pants for tanking.  Nice armor and decent stats.

On the step The Rod of Lianthe – you can get the rod from any humanoid mobs.  So I just farmed the guys on the hill leading up to Eclipse Point.  Even here it was easy to attract multiple mobs, so be careful.  Also, the mobs around here have a very irritating ability – Blood Heal.  When they cast it, they get a slight debuff and their health goes back to 100%.  Very disheartening, especially when fighting two at once.  Once I realized what was going on, I tended to save more rage/energy to disrupt the ability when they started to cast it.  I didn’t kill enough of these to say whether bear or cat is better.

Once you get the key, head up the hill into the encampment.  Continue north and head up the steps to the raised area.  Unless you’re level 70 or prowling, you’re probably dead by now.  This place is packed and everyone seems to have a high aggro range.  Once up the stairs, turn left and the rod is in the locked chest.  If it looks like you can open it without aggroing the mobs to the left and right, you are correct.  First time in, I tried clearing mobs, attracted a crowd and got killed.  Second time in I just opened the chest and hearthed out. 

The other quest series I was working through was this somewhat shorter one.  Once you prove your worth by killing 10 of those Infernal Attackers outside Wildhammer, the Wing Commander outside the fort has you running back and forth to Legion Hold to do recon, build a bomb, and set it off.  It’s actually kind of a fun series.  I admit, coming up the hill into Legion Hold for the first time and seeing upwards of 100 Infernal Attackers in formation, gave me a bit of a pause.  It was a great spectacle though.

As a Druid, you should be able to finish off this quest fairly quickly with Prowl.  Other classes have to fight their way up to Legion Hold each time they go back.  Just switch to cat and prowl up the hill.  Nothing will attack you, but stay alert as there are a couple of wanderers on the path that could give you some problems.

Once you get to the step where you need to disguise yourself as a box, here’s two helpful hints.  One – the communication device is up the hill then turn right.  It’s the purple glowy thing on the platform.  Two – kill the Terrormasters before trying to use the disguise.  It looks like they are out of aggro range but they aren’t.  Personally, I had a hard time with these guys in bear form – I kept getting feared and ran into other mobs.   Once I switched to cat, they went right down and I didn’t get feared once.  I also used Maim towards the end to stun them for a while.  Not sure if that helped, but I’m trying to get practice using it.

Be careful on the step Setting up the Bomb.  The power core is in a lake surrounded by Mutant Horrors.  They hit somewhat hard and seem to have a very high aggro range.  Combine that with the fact that they are fairly dense around the lake and I found myself fighting 2 or 3 of them fairly regularly.  Only died once, but with three of them on you, it can get bad quickly.  Finally hooked up with a Warlock that was on the same quest and things got a lot easier.

The drop of the weekend I got in Legion Hold.  It was the Fel Strength Elixir recipie.  I was with that Warlock and luckily he wasn’t an Alchemist, so I got it.  Not sure I would use the elixir, but my Auctioneer tells me it goes for around 5G a piece!  W00t, that’s a nice find.  I’m starting to run across some Nightmare Vine from time to time, so I’ll actually be able to make some of this.

The only other major thing I did was to re-arrange my inventory.  A while back when I switched to Alchemy, I bought one of those herb bags.  They have a larger number of slots, but can only hold herbs.  Well, I’ve gone back to a normal bag.  Fewer slots, but what I found is that you really don’t carry around that many herbs to make the specialized bag worth it.  You know how it goes – you really only carry the highest level herbs of the area you are in as those are the one that generally correspond to the recipies you know.  That, combined with all the gear I’m carrying to support 3 different outfits, and I need all the bag space I can get.

I’ve had my eye on one of those 20 slot Netherweave Bags, but they are going for around 300G on my server.  Instead, I found an 18 slot bag for around 30G which seemed like a pretty good deal. 

That’s about it for now.  I’m about 1/2 done with the post on consumables and maybe I can get it done over lunch today. 


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