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Potions, elixirs and scrolls – Oh My!

So in the summary of Druid Tips & Tricks, the “trick” I contributed was to use scrolls, potions and other consumables for additional buffs.  Not really a trick, but something I don’t do very often even though I’m aware of it.  I don’t know about you, but it was quite a few levels before I even realized there were good potions out there.

So let’s take a look at the consumables available and how they can help us.

Scrolls currently have five levels, I – V.  You’ve undoubtedly come across some scrolls here and there.  There is a scroll for every attribute and one to increase armor.  Basically, a scroll gives you a modest bump to a particular attribute or armor.  Scrolls are relatively cheap and show up as drops sometimes, but they don’t offer the attribute bumps that other consumables do, nor do they last as long.

Death cancels scroll buffs.

While, as mentioned, there are five levels of each scroll, in the interest of brevity I’ll just be talking about the highest level in this post.

Scroll of Agility V – Increases your Agility by 20 for 30 minutes.
Scroll of Intellect V – Increases your Intellect by 20 for 30 minutes.
Scroll of Protection V – Increases your Armor by 300 for 30 minutes.  Does not multiply in Bear form.
Scroll of Spirit V – Increases your Spirit by 30 for 30 minutes.
Scroll of Stamina V – Increases your Stamina by 20 for 30 minutes.
Scroll of Strength V – Increases your Strength by 13 for 30 minutes.

Potions and Elixirs
I’m combining potions and elixirs in one section because frankly I don’t see the difference.  They both up the ante a bit over scrolls in the effect they can have on your attributes.  Many have lasting effects good for 60 minutes and provide increases greater than scrolls.  There are also many potions and elixirs that provide a myriad of special effects with varying durations.  Costs vary widely so check your local Auction House or Auctioneer for average costs. 

Like scrolls, many have varying levels or strengths, including lesser, minor, greater, super and superior.  My personal observation is that, generally speaking, elixirs are a “higher level” consumable versus potions.  But for the range of effects and corresponding durations they provide, I put them in the same class.

Death cancels Potion and Elixir buffs.

I had intended to give an overview of all potions and elixirs, but there are just so many that I’m afraid it would make this post way too big.  Hopefully, most of you by now have discovered at least potions through mana and health potions.  If you belong to a guild or ever been in an instance, you’re probably familiar with magic protection consumables.  You can use my wowhead links at the bottom of the page to research all potions and elixirs.  I’ll just my favorites here.

Restorative Potion – attempts to remove one curse, one disease and one poison effect every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.  Unless you’re in a group with a Priest, we have few ways to get rid of disease and curses.  This potion is only level 42, but I’m finding it still works in Outland.  Just don’t expect it to remove more than 1 or 2 effects in 30 seconds.  I almost always have a couple of these in my backpack.
Elixir of Great Defense – 550 buff to armor and not that expensive if you keep an eye out for it.
Elixir of Mastery – +15 to all stats.  There are several downstream effects from these attribute boosts that are documented in this post about 1/2 way down.

As mentioned there are many, many others doing most everything you would imagine; from boosting protection and damage, to increasing particular stats.   Use the links below to find if there is one for you.

Finally, flasks are far fewer in number than potions and elixirs, but offer far superior boosts, therefore you can only have the effects of one flask at a time.  Expect the costs of flasks to be correspondingly more expensive.  Costs vary widely so check your local Auction House or Auctioneer for costs.  With the cost of most flasks fairly expensive, I don’t recommend them for everyday questing.  They can, however, be invaluable in difficult instances or in PvP.  With few exceptions, noted below, the effects of flasks last 2 hours, and the best part is:

Death does not cancel the effects of a flask.

Since there are relatively few flasks and their effects are so extraordinary, I’ll just list them all here with a brief description of their effects.

Flask of Arcane Fortification – bumps resistance to arcane by 75 along with a +40 health regen boost
Flask of Chromatic Resistance – increases resistance to all schools by 25
Flask of Distilled Wisdom – increases maximum mana by 2000
Flask of Fortification – increases maximum health by 1500 and defense by 30
Flask of Mighty Restoration – increases mana regen by 70 every 5 seconds
Flask of Petrification – turns you to stone for 60 seconds, during which you are immune to damage
Flask of Relentless Assualt – increases attack power by 360
Flask of Shadow Fortification – just like Arcane Fortification only Shadow
Flask of Supreme Power – increases damage done by spells and effects by up to 150
Flask of the Titans – increases maximum health by up to 1200 (lower level flask from pre-BC)

My favorite all-time flask?  That’s easy.  😉

Scrolls, potions, elixirs and flasks can give you decent, sometimes great bumps to attributes and abilities.  They can also offer very good wide ranging situational support like protection from a particular school of magic, or the ability to not be tracked while in PvP – so do your research to find just the right potion or elixir for your need.  Costs vary greatly, but in general expect flasks to be very costly.  While you can only have one flask active at a time, there is no limit on potions and elixirs.  For a reasonable investment, you can get some very impressive results.  Potions, scrolls and elixirs can make sense for everyday adventuring, but due to cost I would save flasks for instance runs, difficult bosses, and maybe PvP.

As usual, I used for research.  Unfortunately, most consumables can’t be filtered by the stats they affect, so I had to search though more high level lists.  Also, while recipies did have their own tab, I couldn’t find a way to filter recipies out of the lists.  So you just end up having to do your filtering on your own.  Just in case you want to do the same, here are the main searches I used: Scrolls, Potions, Elixirs, and Flasks.

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