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“Big” Alchemy changes afoot?

I haven’t gone back to skinning yet, and having identified at least one alchemy money maker that’s fairly easy to make, I’ve stuck with alchemy for the time being.

I just saw a link to a blue post over on AFK Gamer.  Among other things was the following concerning consumables:

“We’re making substantial changes to the way certain consumables work . In particular, Flasks and Elixirs are going to undergo major changes. More information will be available later on. We want Flasks and Elixirs to be a part of the game. We want alchemy to be a cool, needed profession. But we want to remove the tedium and cost from the massive consumable farming that’s going on for endgame raiding. We’ll provide more information soon – but for now, expect big changes to Flasks and Elixirs.”

It will be interesting to watch this develop and see what “big changes” come.  How about letting Alchemists buy herbs from a vendor? 

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