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Weekend Update 4/9 – 1 run and 3 gear

For a variety of reasons I only got to play one night over the weekend – Saturday night.  However, it was very fruitful.

I completed all the pre-quests leading up to the Aracatraz run to get those Verdant Gloves.  This is a long quest chain and one of the so-called “phat loot” quest chains in Shadowmoon Valley.  These gloves are the piece of gear I most desire off the Bear tanking gear list I recently compiled.  For an overview of this quest chain, follow this link and look for the green text about half-way down the comments.  I made it through step 6 which means all I have to do now is get a group together for a trip to Arcatraz and then some killing outside the Black Temple and the gloves are mine. 

Being a druid really helped on a few of these quests.  The ability to scout tablets from the air on the first quest helped greatly.  Then, when you need to talk to Oronu the Elder (twice), stealthing helps immensely as the steps leading to him are guarded heavily.  Of course, you could just kill all those mobs for the xp, but it oh so faster just to stealth past them.

In the middle of completing these quests, I dinged 69!  Grats to me.  I promptly logged into my banking alt and bought a pair of Heavy Clefthoof Boots.  For the gems, I got a little overly-excited and bought a Solid Star of Elune for 50G before coming to my senses and realizing I should check with my guild jewelcrafters before I go off buying too many gems.

I didn’t get the boots until later on Amanna, but equipping them made me realize that the +2- strength bonus I mentioned in my writeup is only if you are a Leatherworker 350 or above.  I’ll update my post to reflect that.

After making 69 I was just looking for some xp for the rest of the night, so when a guild member asked for help on a Mechanar run, I offered.  Never been there and sounded like fun.  Well, once I joined the group, he whispers me and says it was a pug so to try to save my sanity.  lol

By the time I flew all the way to Area 52, the group was already falling apart as they often do.  Long story short, we reformed with other guild members (and one alternate) and were on our way to Sethekk Halls.  This was fine with me as this would help me get Mark of the Ravenguard, another highly-rated item on the bear list.  And while I haven’t published the cat dps list yet, I know from working on it that the end boss in Sethekk drops the shoulders I have on the list Shoulderpads of Assassination.

Now let me tell you about Sethekk Halls.  I had never been there, but had read a couple guides in anticipation of getting there.  Most all of them say it’s one of the shortest high-level instances around, and can be run ini 30 minutes or so with a “good solid group”.  Crowd control is critical with several 5 mob pulls.

What was our group composition?  2 warriors (neither protection-specced), 2 rogues, and little ‘ole Amanna (feral spec) as healer.  I do have some decent healing gear, but let’s just say – not my strong suit. 

Needless to say, we did not run Sethekk in 30 minutes and had multiple corpse runs.  We did make it through though and I can see how with the right group it wouldn’t be too hard.

As we neared the end, one of the guild rogues and I started bantering about the Shoulderpads from the end boss and what we were going to do to each other to steal them.  Well as these things go, they actually dropped of the end boss, Talon King Ikiss.  Now I don’t know about you, but getting the drop is one thing, winning the roll is another.  And my luck at rolling isn’t that great.  Plus, I had already won a roll earlier on one of the unlocked chests.  To further complicate matters, the group leader announces that everyone who hadn’t already gotten a blue could roll.  Why I don’t know as our guild rules normally are first rolls only to those who can use, then everyone else.

Well, I ended up rolling an 85 which held up and I now have these bad boys in my inventory just waiting to turn 70.

So while I didn’t get to play a lot, it was a great session for gear.  Two solid bear items and a great kitty item I can’t wait to equip.

Finally, some thoughts on Sethekk Halls – I would agree it isn’t that bad of an instance, we just had the wrong party for it.  I’d definitely bring a Priest; while I was able to effectively heal as a feral-specced druid, a solid priest will do a much better job, and be able to shackle the few undead that are sprinkled throughout the instance especially in a couple of the 5 mob pulls.  Definitely have one other crowd control technique in the mix – either Improved Sap via Rogue or Polymorph.  I was casting Hibernate on the elite Warhawks in some of the mobs – but many times they were breaking early and then they came right for me which as healer wasn’t real good. 

They other thing to be aware of to keep your healer alive is the Sethekk Shamans summon Voidwalkers.  Of course, these guys head right for your healer if you don’t get them under control quickly.  I died quite a few times from these guys.

The bosses aren’t too bad.  The first one summons elementals are various times throughout the fight, but they go down easy if you’re on the lookout for them.

The end boss periodically channels an arcane explosion that can do significant damage, but there are pillars around the room that you can hide behind.  We just tanked the boss right next to a pillar so it was easy to run behind when he began to cast.  Do keep your health up though as following the arcane explosion he shoots out arcane bolts that did not seem to be stopped by line of sight.  If you are down on health (like I was from healing others not myself), one of these might be enough to finish you off.

Herbalists will find Ancient Lichen in this instance.  Not an abundance, but we saw 5 or 6 locations.

Other than that, the instance is really not that bad.  With good crowd control and a little research on the bosses, it is definitely do-able in around an hour.  30 mintues?  Maybe, but only with a very good group used to playing with each other.

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  1. Yeah, the 30 min thing is definitely a “friends” group that plays together and knows each others play style. When we need a guild Sethekk run we always take the following:

    1) Pally tank
    2) Priest (Main heals & Shackle)
    3) Rogue (Sap)

    Anything else is just for fun.
    With any of the instances in Auchindoun, I have found a pally tank to be the best there is. Little to no need for any type of cc at all, but it can’t hurt.
    Definitely don’t want a feral druid healing 😛

    Comment by Slipslappy | April 9, 2007 | Reply

  2. As I said – healing isn’t my first choice as a druid. It’s just boring to me and I prefer tanking and dps better.

    That said, even given the absurdity of a feral druid healing, I got kudos at the end from everyone on the great healing job. Maybe we just knew our group composition was crazy and therefore had “lower standards”, but all in all it was fun to get the compliments.

    On the tank issue, one of the advantages a druid tank has specific to this instance is resistance to polymorph. Talon Lord Ikiss does use polymorph from time to time.

    Comment by Amanna | April 9, 2007 | Reply

  3. From what I remember, Ikiss polys the person with 2nd highest aggro, so usually a rogue, but never the tank. I could be very wrong.
    I actually healed in Sethekk just now and hated it lol. Granted we had a Holy priest there, and I was just backup for when our psycho mages decided they wanted to aoe the entire room, but I still ran out of mana after 6 or 7 big heals and was completely worthless.
    One thing I hate about 5 mans is I very rarely get to dps. It’s either tank or heal, usually tank. And as much fun as it is, dps > all imo. With 2400 buffed ap, 30% crit and 30% dodge, I sometimes feel by tanking I am wasting some of my stats. 😦 Oh well… the life of a druid.
    I am strongly considering making my druid my main now that he’s 70. He just has so many more positive raiding potential over my hunter…

    Comment by Slipslappy | April 10, 2007 | Reply

  4. Hmm…I have no comments on what you’re saying, since I’m not high level enough for Sethekk. But anyways, last night I managed to ding 65 and I am now a full level from 66. Woo hoo >.

    Comment by Rebecca | April 10, 2007 | Reply

  5. So, that means I’m 3 levels from flight form. It seems so far away. Congrats on 69 btw, and goodluck on getting to 70. I’ll get there eventually.

    For some reason the last half of my comment was posted last post. Odd..

    Comment by Rebecca | April 10, 2007 | Reply

  6. Congrats Amanna and Rebecca!!

    Personnaly I find sethekk halls to be a pain to run. There are many pulls that are 5 mobs. Plus even though it is short you only have 2 bosses in there, so there is less loot to go around. The one nice thing about the place is that the 2 bosses are nicely scripted. I love the trinket guy. “Rawr, Power in Trinkets”!!!

    Congrats to all,

    Comment by Bruennor | April 10, 2007 | Reply

  7. Thanks Bruennor.

    Yea, I was kind of laughing a bit when I saw him going off about trinkets.

    The only saving grace of our run (other than the Shoulderpads of course), was that both chests we found were unlocked. The first chest had a blue quality gem in it (forget which one), and the second chest that I won had some greater potions and a higher level green head piece.

    Rebecca – grats on 65! Slow but sure. You’ll get there.

    Slip – you just gotta prove your guild has false ideas about druids. We have a druid in our guild who is in high demand for dps and is regularly on the top of the damage meters in almost every run he goes on.

    Comment by Amanna | April 10, 2007 | Reply

  8. Oh! I’m sorry, I totally meant to be more clear. I’m talking about PUGs. I’ve been with my guild for over two years now and wouldn’t be there if they weren’t a very good guild. They understand the abilities I bring to the table and understand that I am best utilized as raw dps first, tanking second and backup healing third. We ran Black Morass a couple days ago and I was at the top of the meters by leaps and bounds. I absolutely love being able to dps.

    Grats to Rebecca for dinging 🙂

    Comment by Slipslappy | April 11, 2007 | Reply

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