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Weekend Update 4/16 – 286 levels, gearing up for 70

So, if you’ve seen my post of Friday night, not only did I decide to keep skinning, I also dropped herbalism and picked up mining.  Hehe – it’s actually kind of fun to have to level two professions back up again.  It gives me a little side project.  The only downside to levelling gathering professions though, is the time it takes.  You can just run between the auction house, mailbox and trainer; you have to get out there and gather.  No worries, I’m already up to 158 on skinning and 128 on mining.  I hit that little dead spot for a while on mining where all your smelting is greyed, you can’t mine iron yet, and the only ore that gives you experience is Tin.  And of course you only get at best 1xp per node.  I finally got to 125 though, so I can mine iron and soon I’ll head to Ironforge for the new smelting ability.

With concentrating on skill levelling, I didn’t do much questing or instance running.  My guild called me in for dps on an Auchenai Crypts run.  Man, is that a quick instance.  They did have the entrance clear when I showed up, but running the rest of the instance and two bosses only took around 40 minutes or so.  Exarch Maladaar was nice enough to drop the Darkguard Face Mask for me (no other leather wearers in the group).  It was a nice upgrade for that slot for both bear and cat, and was immediately equipped.

Mid-day Saturday I got a whisper from a guild mate asking me if I could use this.  The this was Gift of the Wild III.  I hadn’t even realized there was a level three book.  Well, of course I said yes and now it’s sitting in my bank just waiting for me to turn 70.

I also blew a ton of cash at the auction house in anticipation of 70 (I’m 60% there now).  You know from my bear list that it has all three pieces of the Strength of the Clefthoof set.  Well, I have the boots equipped, but was having a dry spell at the auction house finding the other two pieces.  That didn’t really matter too much as I wasn’t that close to 70.  Now that I’m getting close, I’m getting more serious about finding the pieces.

Well, I saw the leggings over the weekend and bought it.  It was way overpriced, but “supply and demand”, eh?  Any economists out there?  I also bought and socketed the three gems:  two Solid Star of Elunes and one Enduring Talasite.  The leggings and the gems cost me a bit, so I’m pretty low on cash until my mining gets up to speed. 

I can’t wait to make 70 to slip not only these on, but my Shoulderpads of Assassination from last week.

However, I did finally track down a guild jewelcrafter that has some of the upper recipies, so hopefully I won’t be paying full auction house prices anymore.

Finally, a quick run into Arcatraz last night to help a guild member get one of the key fragments for Karazahan helped me two ways: first, I got my key fragment also, second, made Friendly with Sha’tar.  Next stop – wowhead to see what that got me (if anything).

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