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Wow – were you guys bored yesterday?

I’m not one to brag (well, maybe just a little) – but this little blog here got 838 page views yesterday; my highest total ever.  Either you were bored, or:

  1. You all finally found the bear tanking gear list;
  2. Your guild finally told you to get attuned for Karazhan;
  3. You’re still agonizing over Aldor vs. Scryer; or possibly
  4. You’re one of the few remaining 8 million players who hasn’t yet read my Bartender 3 overview.

Thank you for the continued support and comments.  I am very close to finishing the cat dps gear list.  I’m also hoping to put together an overview of faction slot enchantments that I think would be helpful.

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April 17, 2007 - Posted by | World of Warcraft


  1. I’m eagerly anticipating your cat dps list as your bear one for very very helpful. I also saw that Tanuviel posted a cat dps list so it’ll be interesting to contrast the 2 when your’s comes out 🙂

    Comment by Liraele | April 18, 2007 | Reply

  2. So is this dps list going to be burst I am assuming… I thought I already saw a a sustained one around here somewhere… ah yes…

    Just wondering what the focus will be on this list.

    Comment by eyesis | June 21, 2007 | Reply

  3. Eyesis – this is an old post. I did finish the Cat Sustained DPS list as you found. I did NOT do a similar list for the burst DPS. All the rankings are available on the overall web list. Just click the BC Feral Gear Rankings link (first one under Druid Stuff on my blog) and then click the Burst DPS link to dig through the rankings on your own.

    Emmerald who created the list is regenerating the web list from time to time as new gear comes out so it’s a great research resource.

    Comment by Amanna | June 21, 2007 | Reply

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