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So, a couple days ago I posted a message asking what you would like to hear about next – builds, enchantments, etc.  Since most of my postings involve research or are feral-related, I thought I’d see what you wanted.  Based on the comments that got left, there is a great interest in other builds and play styles (healing and resto), and some PvP info maybe along with the feral information.

Well, here’s the deal.  I’ve played feral since the day I got my first talent point with Amanna.  While I have done some healing in instances and am familiar with the damage-dealing spells we all have, those areas are certainly not my speciality.  While at some point I may play around with some re-specs just to try those abilities out more fully, I don’t anticipate that being anytime soon, nor do I believe I will ever move away from feral.

In addition to playing and writing about feral, the other thing I enjoy doing for this blog is extensive research and summarization, like the bear and cat gear lists.  I’ve already started the research on a series of posts concerning enchants by gear slot that I think you will all find interesting.

This blog has really grown since I first started it, and with the recent WoW Insider exposure, it’s running around 900 views a day.  I’d like to offer more to all those visitors than just feral and general game-play thoughts and information.

So in order to make this blog more well-rounded and a “destination” resource for all World of Warcraft Druids, I’ve been thinking it may be time to add a couple new contributors to the blog.   I’d like to hear from you out there, particularly the regular commentors, if you would be interested in contributing to this blog to fill in one or more of the following content areas:

  1. Detailed information and strategy around being a “healing” Druid.   Along with feral, I think this is the other most viable Druids orientation, and is the information most missing from this blog.  I’d be looking for someone who can speak to gear, talents and builds, and the mechanics of being a good healing Druid.
  2. Druid strategy in end-game raiding.  We all know that end-game raids can be much different than soloing and instances.  Adding this perspective to the blog I think would be of great interest to the readership.
  3. PvP – I don’t PvP myself and really don’t have much interest to.  It just doesn’t appeal to me.  But I know it does to a number of you out there, so it would be great if someone could bring that perspective to the blog.
  4. A really good mechanics perspective would add a lot to the blog.  I can read and summarize just like the rest of you, but I don’t have the passion to play around with theorycrafting or dig into what one more point in defense really means to my character.  If there is someone out there that likes the mechanics of the game, let me know.
  5. Lastly – The Horde perspective – I’m really not sure if it differs from The Alliance perspective, especially the closer to end-game you get.  If it is different, then we should talk about it.

I’m not looking to add a ton of folks to the blog at this point until we both see how this works out.  One person may be able to write about more than one of the topics above.  Also, be aware that I will still retain creative control over the blog – the look and feel and information displayed are solely at my discretion.  You would be added as a contributor to the blog and I would certainly respect your suggestions, but as the end product reflects mainly on me, I plan on retaining control.  I do believe in giving credit where credit is due, so you will be free to represent yourself however you want on the blog (assuming it’s in good taste) and sign your own posts.

With the addition of are more well-rounded Druid information, I think we could really turn this blog into a great resource for all Druids.  If you are interested, and committed, to contributing to that process, please use the contact form below to send me an E-Mail.  In the comments tell me what you feel you could offer the blog, how often you would post, and why you would like to contribute.

I’ve turned comments off for this post so only the Contact Form is displayed, so please only use the Contact Form if you are interested in being a contributor.  Once I see how many, if any, potential contributors step virtually forward, then I’ll open the door for comments on what additional material you would like to see.   For now, let’s just take one step at a time…

April 28, 2007 - Posted by | World of Warcraft

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