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Weekend Update 5/7 – Questions

So my WoW weekend was pretty boring – lots of real life stuff got in the way of playing much and when I did it was mostly circling The Blasted Lands looking for Thorium Veins and skinning Helboars!  I’ve got my mining around 280 and skinning is at 275, so I’ll be back in Outland pretty soon. 

I was posed two very interesting questions this weekend that I thought warranted feedback from this ever-growing Druid community.

Question #1 – I had dinner with a good friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a while.  I turned him on to WoW a while back and while we’ve quested together a few times, I hadn’t seen him online in quite a while.  The reason turned out to be he has a fun little experiment going.  He, and four of his friends, have all rolled up Horde Druids, have leveled to around level 13, and now plan on leveling the rest of the way to 60 via Instancing only.  How fun is that – 5 Druids leveling through 60 only through instances.

So what’s the question?  My friend really didn’t ask me any questions, he’s a long time gamer and I’m sure he and his friends can figure this out, but their little plan got me thinking.  First – what group composition do you think they should have?  Obviously they need at least one healer and one tank, but past that what would you do with five Druids for instancing?  As a followup, how successful do you think they will be?  Personally, I think they will rock well into their 40s or 50s, but may start having some issues in later stages due to no crowd control.  Let me know what you think.  My friend (Hi James), and his group are going to start reading the blog, so give them your thoughts.

Question #2 – I got a question via the contact form over the weekend.  Ken writes to ask:

“…I used to be 0/30/21 Feral/Resto hybrid.  I would be able to tank with around 6k armor, and put out some decent DPS as well, but could also heal very well.  I PvP’d a lot back then so it was awesome for that as well.  But since they’ve changed the talents around, I was wondering if perhaps you knew of a solid Bear-Healer build?  I mean, I’d problably quest in Cat, but on my servers tanks are non existant, and healers are all shadow priests or Elemental Shamen who get forced into the role.  Thus i’d like to tank the instances (Hellfire to Crypts), or heal, as needed.”

So what do you think everyone?  Is there a viable, post-BC build that would let Ken effectively tank and heal?  My experience has been that the gear in BC has forced us more or less into specific roles, and outfit changes are required to switch roles and be effective.  So help Ken, and Amanna, understand how to fulfill our hybrid role in a BC environment.

I hope you all had a good weekend.  I may post one more time this week, then I’m traveling out of town the rest of the week.  Stay tuned though, some big changes are coming and I’m very excited about them…

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  1. Ok, I love the idea of a all druid group. So for question #1 here are my thoughts:

    Q1: You will need at least 2 Feral druids. 1 to be your main tank and the other to be either the DPS or the off tank. Since you don’t have alot of CC, you will need to then multi-target tank. Thats where the 2 bear tanks will be great. Swipe Spam! 1 resto druid should be sufficient. The other 2 spots should be either Moonkins or another feral. Ideal group I think would be, 2 Ferals, 1 Resto, 2 Moonkins.

    Cons: Lack of solid CC. Cyclone is temporary but unreliabe. You will need to compensate with bears! Rawr!
    Pros: Loads of Extra Healers! Moonkins can drop out of form and help healing! Loads of Innervates! Plus the biggest of all! STEALTH RUNS FTW!!! Everyone can stealth so this is a plus to get by those annoying areas!

    Q2: This is a tough position for you, Ken. If you want I suggest going something like 0/41/20. You will spend the necessary points in feral for Tanking purposes only. Avoid any talents that are Cat related. After which head into the resto tree. I suggest Sublety, Nature Swiftness, and the improved healing touch. I don’t have access to a talent tree calculate right now. I’ll post one later this afternoon.

    On a side note, you can heal any instance no matter what your spec is. Its mostly about skill, gear, and group composition. If you are feral, then choose to heal for groups that either have more CC’s available or are above average geared. Basically, when choosing to fulfill a role not within your spec be more mindful of group composition. Also make it known to the party what your limitations are, IE “I’m feral guys, We can definitily do this but lets not pull agro, or pull extra mobs”

    Best of Luck!

    Comment by Bruennor | May 7, 2007 | Reply

  2. I was (up until very recently) an officer in an all Druid/Shaman guild. We began as an all druid guild and only began welcoming shamans to increase our numbers, so I have quite a lot of experience with all druid groups. Your concern about difficulty post-50 was spot on. The lack of crowd control in the higher level instances (I believe) was what drove away most of our higher level members, and resulted in us becoming a “druid farm” that basically helped people level and learn to play the class, only to watch them leave for certain glory in more traditional, class-balanced guilds. It was a fun experiment while it lasted, and it really reinforced in my mind that druids in WoW are both the most interesting and the most challenging class to play…but we can’t do it alone.

    Comment by Axillaii | May 7, 2007 | Reply

  3. Highly recommend an all druid Ony run. Done it a couple times on our server and it is simply a blast. And with 10 70s, you’d make quite a profit.

    Comment by Slipslappy (Icedown) | May 7, 2007 | Reply

  4. Well, my weekend was kind of interesting…

    On Friday after much questing and killing ogres and attempting to kill Durn but being killed by a Durn Raid group (Yes, there were about 20 horde raiding Durn over and over again like he was a raid boss…I have no idea why….) and finishing three quests in the Blade’s Edge Mountains I managed to hit 68! I flew to Shattrath, took the portal to Darnassus and bought flight form. Then I hearthed back to Shattrath and flew around for about an hour. It was pretty late after that so I logged off for the night.

    On Saturday I got a good number of quests done in Blade’s Edge and started some in Netherstorm, and thanks to full rest to 69, I was able to get myself 8 bars away from leveling on Saturday before logging off for the night.

    Then on Sunday after completing part of the Manaforge chain in Netherstorm I hit 69, and I now have full rest to 70.

    I think I’m going to take a break from leveling Isthla this week. I’ve got some other things I’d like to do, including trying out the BG’s in the public test realms and leveling up a human mage alt with a friend who made a human warlock alt.

    So that was my weekend. I made a good bit of progress and I’m loving flight form ^^ I’m probably going to be able to hit 70 this Saturday, and then there will be so much I will have left to do…

    Comment by Rebecca | May 7, 2007 | Reply

  5. Hey grats Rebecca. That was a full and productive weekend. I’m glad you finally made flight form – it’s great, isn’t it? At least until you try to keep up with all your guildies that have epic gryphons, then you want one of those…

    Grats again!

    Comment by Amanna | May 7, 2007 | Reply

  6. Hmm, alot of questions.

    I’ll take Ken’s first. This is very viable, but you won’t be the best at everything. You won’t be the elite healer that can miraculously save the group when a battle goes downhill quickly. Also, you won’t be the tank that holds aggro without working at it or that the healer barely needs to heal. Still, viable.

    The following are two builds I’ve come up with. This depends on what you are willing to give up.

    A slightly more bear based build. The reduced rage cost on lacerate is not needed if you enrage before each pull.

    Slightly more healing emphasis. Rogues and hunters won’t like you as much because you don’t have LotP. You’ll be slightly harder to heal because you and the ranged/melee dps won’t have ImpLotP to heal them. However, your heals will tick for slightly more and you’ll lose less casting time from damage. Grinding will also be slower though, and you’ll have to shift and heal more.

    Hmm, on to Q1. I have participated in 4 druid groups before and sometimes pvp with a group of 3-4 druids and it is incredibly fun (especially pvp).

    That said, I have run instances with two feral druids and no CC and it actually works very well. Cat dps and bear tanking are far from mutually exclusive specs like traditional warrior specs. On groups that need two tanks, simply change gear: two swipes with the druids circling to hit different mobs is amazing aggro. I am really on the fence about the odd druid’s spec in this situation. At times, only caster dps is viable. Other times, the mob is magic resistant/reflective. A caster would no doubt require less healing, by not getting cleaved and having more armor in moonkin. However, when a feral shifts out to heal, he will likely have his full mana bar. Granted, this is a much smaller mana bar. And with 5 innervates in the raid, it may be better to have an oomkin with an innervate because he’ll likely have more spirit and some +dmg/healing than a druid in feral with no spirit and only 5k mana. I guess I just talked myself into two moonkin. Scary.

    Comment by Eilianna | May 7, 2007 | Reply

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