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Drumroll, please…

I started this blog back in November of last year.  That doesn’t seem very long ago, but I guess it’s around 6 months or so.  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun.  In that half year, the average daily page views have grown to just over 1,000.  That’s pretty cool when I think back on the first couple weeks when I got excited to get one page view – then I realized it was me because I had forgot to log in!

I really didn’t start this blog for many more reasons than just to have fun, experiment a little and find out what these things called “blogs” were all about, and maybe connect with a couple fellow druids out there.  My forte is research and communication, and you all responded positively to my posts on various aspects of the game.  I remember posting as a lark the “cliff notes” for Onyxia attunement and getting my first big jump in posts shortly thereafter as people found that post.  I really didn’t do anything more than copy and paste from thottbot and clean it up a bit, but it sure was a hit. 

After than, the blog took a fairly normal plateau and growth pattern.  I’d get a growth spurt from some post or another, then stay steady for a while.  Over the last month, growth has been tremendous following the reference WoW Insider gave us and some research posts that seemed very timely and well received.

But with growth comes greater expectations.  Comments over the last month or so have driven home the point that research and weekend updates alone will not service the community that has come to my little corner of the Internet.  So in a recent post, I asked if there might be a Druid or two out there that would be willing to fill in some gaps.  Namely – I am a feral Druid and have been from the start.  I don’t PvP, and I really don’t even enjoy healing, and haven’t cast many Starfires past level 45 or so.  Yet these are all perspectives that more and more of you have come to ask for.

Well, I received three offers from my recent post and I couldn’t be happier – both for the people that responded and the content they will be able to bring to the blog. 

I’ll be introducing the three of them over the next week or two.   First up is Cybeline, whose first post will follow soon after this introduction.  Cyb started playing WoW the weekend before BC and rolled a Druid as a fluke – then fell in love with the class.  She’s tried other classes, but her Druid is her true love.  What Cybeline brings to the blog is the Moonkin perspective – yes, she’s a great big owl and leveled to 70 with a deep Balance build.  Unless specifically requested by her guild to situationally respec to Tree of Life, Cyb’s role is that of backfield nuker in full Moonkin glory – and her first article will be a recap of a recent run with her guild through Kara, along with some strategy hints.  Cybeline was a silent reader until I asked for contributors, and she has graciously agreed to offer her perspective to Adventures in Azeroth.  I’ll be adding a more complete bio of Cybeline, in her own words, to the About page shortly.

You may also have noticed some minor changes around the site recently.  In anticipation of Cybeline, and two other contributors over the next week or two, I’ve spiffed the place up a bit:

  • I’ve removed the Hunter stuff from the blogroll.  Time to get real with myself – I don’t know when I’ll be playing my Hunter again if ever, and you don’t come here for Hunter information anyways.  In fairness to Big Red Kitty, I left him on the blogroll.  I’m just too good of friends with Hobbes…
  • I’ve deleted the post category “Druid Strategy” and added four new categories: “Strategy – Balance”, “Strategy – Feral”, “Strategy – General”, and “Strategy – Resto”.  This way all the great build-specific information we’re going to be compiling will be easily accessible.  I’ve also re-categorized prior posts.
  • I’ve added a category called “Raiding”.
  • Added a contact form to the About page, for suggestions, questions and feedback.  Comments left via the form go directly to my personal E-Mail account.
  • Shortly, I’ll be adding bios of our new contributors to the About page.

I can’t tell you all how humbled I am by the traffic that comes to the site every day and the great comments you all leave thanking me for this post or that.  Even more satisfying is seeing commentors answer each other’s questions with great detail and enthusiasm. 

I must admit I was very hesitant to add contributors – you know, that whole “this is my baby” thing.  But over the last month or so, the level of sharing and community that has been building via the comments was too much to ignore.  Not only did I feel I was only servicing 1/3 of the Druid community (feral), but I also sensed this little blog was on the verge of becoming something special.  What exactly that is, we will have to wait until it reveals itself.  In the meantime though, I am very excited to be taking this next step with you all and I sincerely thank the three individuals who have agreed to contribute on an ongoing basis.

Well, I won’t belabor the change, nor get too melodramatic (is it too late?).  I hope you enjoy the new content.  Be sure and tell us what you think.

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  1. Awesome work as always.

    Comment by Damh | May 8, 2007 | Reply

  2. i happened upon the site a couple of days back while looking for strats and gear guides for what is now my favorite class in the game (just turned 60 last night^^) and i must say i was very pleased, i wish you guys the best of luck and will be following the site with interest.

    PS: more balance! ^^

    Comment by Panzar | May 8, 2007 | Reply

  3. W00t. I just found this blog a bit ago, and as I play a feral Druid, I’m glad I stumbled across it. Glad to hear about the new additions, should round things out nicely.
    Great writing, and I’m looking forward to what’s coming up next.

    Comment by zenrain | May 8, 2007 | Reply

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