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I just saw this on BRK‘s blog.  The Armory talent build research I wrote about recently is hitting the big time.  Someone has taken that idea and is getting serious about it.  In the blog’s own words:

“I’ll be talking about World of Warcraft character builds (initially talents, then getting into gear builds as well) and applying statistical information gleaned from the Armory. I’m in the process of crunching the data, and I currently have 2.0 build information for 81,000 characters of which 16,000 are level 70, and I have about 2.5 million characters to process data for once 2.1 goes live. That’s for the US alone. After that I’ll be analyzing the European and Asian regions.”

Anyway, the guy’s set up a blog, and in his first post says a website is coming soon also.  He promised to chew through massive amounts of Armory talent build data (and later gear build data!) and report back to us on the talent level vs. the build level.  It took me a while to chew through that one, but what it means is that all 0/41/20 talents builds are not alike.  Those 41 talent points could be distributed anywhere.  So with tons of Armory data, and computer program in tow, Kuroshiro is going to slice and dice talent build data like never before.

In hopeful anticipation that this project turns out as interesting as it sounds, I’m adding to the Online Resources.  We’ll keep our collective eye on it and see if it warrants our continued favor.


May 21, 2007 - Posted by | Online resources, World of Warcraft

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