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Weekend Update 5/28 – Progress on all fronts

Amanna had a nice long holiday weekend, taking Thursday afternoon and all day Friday off from work.  Lots of progress was made that was long overdue, including: getting the deck furniture washed and put out, weeding and edging some flower beds, mowing the lawn,

Oh wait – that’s not the progress you’re interested in, is it?

Well, amidst the bed edging and deck furniture washing, I did get a fair amount of WoW time in:

  • I’m not sure if I “officially” announced this in the blog, but I recently finally maxed mining out at 375.  What a grind.  Had I known then what I know now, I never would have switched from Herbalism.  Yes, I think it makes you more money, but only marginally.  Also, skinning is now above 350, so I can skin level 70 mobs.
  • I’m almost attuned for Kara.  I finally got into Old Hillsbrad; what a great job Blizzard did on Caverns of Time – it blew me away.   Since I had been having problems finding a guild group to go, I broke down and joined a PUG.  It was too bad, until halfway through someone decided they had to go, then we wiped on the next big group, and more people left – normal pug silliness (hence the post from over the weekend).  However, Saturday night I got a guild run together and we ended up doing the instance twice in a row as someone didn’t realize they had to talk to Thrall separate from everyone else.  I ended up getting some good gear out of both runs – first run got Ravenwing Pauldrons for my healing set, and Broxigar’s Ring of Valor.  The Broxigar ring isn’t fantastic, but it was a definite upgrade over the piece of crap I was wearing.  The second run netted Mantle of Perenolde (which appeared to be an upgrade for my cat form, but I ended up sticking with my Shoulderpads of Assasination).  I also got the real prize of the night on the second run – the Iron Band of the Unbreakable.  It was about the only blue that had dropped so far that anyone other than me could use, but since I was freaking out in chat about it, everyone let me have it.  Definitely a very nice tanking ring for Amanna. 
  • Last night I was trying to pull together a group for Black Morass to finish the Kara attunement and it just wasn’t happening.  Someone else needed help with The Slave Pens and I went along as tank.  Well a little way in it dawns on me this is the instance with that Bogstrok Scale Cloak that I wanted.  Long story short, we get to Rokmar (“dinner” as I call him) and the cloak drops.  Again, everyone let me have it since it was such a great tanking cloak for me.  I have a great guild.

The disappointment of the weekend was not being able to finish Kara attunement.  I believe that will happen soon though as our guild is really looking for additional raiders and there were a few guildies over the weekend that wanted to get me there, just not enough critical mass at any one time. 

So my stats are looking up.  In Bear form now, my armor is around 21,000.  My health is still a bit low, but starting to get better.  With buffs last night, some left over from the instance run, it was around 13,700.  Not great, but I’m getting there.

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May 29, 2007 - Posted by | Druid Gear, World of Warcraft


  1. Sounds like a good weekend for you.

    I would highly recommend trying to run mechanar for the Thoriumweave cloak( I got lucky and got it on my first run.

    I have been stuck on the BM part of my kara attunement since last week. I am in no hurry though since I can’t really play till after my guild starts its kara run each night.

    As for gear, I would post my armory profile but I logged off in cat gear. Last night while I was running SteamVaults I had about 24k armor (25k with blessing of kings) and 13.6k hp (14+k with BoK) and I think im running about 25% dodge.

    I will come back and post my stats when I get off work and a chance to check them out tonight. Recent acquisitions that have really boosted my stats are the badge of tenacity (bought it for 600g) and the throriumweave cloak.

    Comment by Ecanem | May 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. […] That may have changed with Ecanem’s reply to my Weekend Update post. […]

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  3. yup… nice weekend!

    Comment by wow wallpapers | June 3, 2007 | Reply

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