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Cipher of Damnation completed!

How did we ever live with quest logs that maxed out at 20 quests?  Now that it’s 25 I still have problems keeping it cleared out.  Could it be all the quests (particularly group quests) I’ve picked up along the way and never completed?

Well, I was quite pleased last night when someone in group chat was looking for help finishing the Cipher of Damnation series.  I had picked up all 3 fragments, just had never killed Cyrukh the Firelord.  The person asking for help only needed the third fragment off of Ruul and we were good to go.

We got a group together fairly quickly which was nice.  Ruul proved to be no problem, even though when I was getting my fragment it took us a couple tries.  I think we had better gear and a level advantage.  Anyway, long story short – on to the Altar of Damnation (dun dun dunnnn) and Cyrukh.

This battle wasn’t too hard either.  All you need to know is on Wowhead, but basically once you start the event, just wait for the NPCs to show up and talk to them – they do most of the fighting for you.  Keep them healed and you’ll be okay.  Be patient though, it took about 30 seconds for them to show up for us.  Part of our group stuck around to help a second group that showed up.  I guess the NPCs were tired from our battle as it took a good minute or two for them to rest and show up for this group.

This guy can hit kinda hard – he’s got some Fel Strike thing or another, but it’s not that bad if your healer is on his toes.  I was in Cat form supplying DPS (so my armor wasn’t that great) and the couple of hits I took didn’t hurt me that bad.

Anyway, the quest rewards are great for the series.  Check them out via links in the comments here.  I picked up the Staff of the Redeemer, a definite upgrade for my healing set. 

Once you finish the quest, you’ll get mail sending you to Shatt to get the Three Trials quests, which send you on your way to attunement for The Eye and Mount Hyjal (if you’re in to that sort of thing…).

On a personal note I’d like to thank you all for continuing to read and access this blog.  My posting has slowed down lately due to more outdoor activities now that it’s summer.  It’s also been fairly busy at work, and I still got that little issue of getting divorced that I’m working through emotionally.  So it will probably be more short posts like these for a while, and every once in a while get one of the bigger posts up.  Again – thanks for your continued support.

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June 7, 2007 - Posted by | Druid Gear, World of Warcraft

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  1. I loved this quest series. They are farly easy and dont take much time (getting a group for the last part excluded) and ofc after the fragments u get the lovely tanking bracers. I took the staff 2 and was farly happy with the neck.

    Comment by Nightravenn | June 9, 2007 | Reply

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