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Feral PvE Build – Second 20 Points

In my first post in this series, I gave you some thoughts on how to spend your first 20 talent points on a feral PvE build.  I’ve received some positive feedback, especially on the increased survivability with Nature’s Focus.  Let me just repeat some key points to keep in mind as you read this series:

  1. Remember this is a pre-BC, PvE, mainly solo build.  We will be examining how to change this build for BC and more Instancing later.
  2. I am NOT the ultimate authority on Druid Ferals.  Not by a long stretch.  Actually, I don’t think anyone is.  So, take my posts as one opinion, evaluate, mull over, do your research – then spend your points where you think they should go. 
  3. Have fun!  You’re playing, in my opinion, one of the most fun classes in the game.  If you’re not having fun, then you’re either taking it too seriously or you should switch classes.

There – that’s out of the way.

You’ll receive your second 20 talent points levelling from 30 to 49.  You’ve graduated to a certain extent.  More instances are opening up for you, and the mobs and zones you are facing are increasing in difficulty.  By now you should have experimented with your different forms and become comfortable with all of them, perhaps even settling on a favorite.  With these 20 new talent points, we’re going to get you free rage/energy, a stun mechanism, more damage, more dodge and the pulling mechanism you will use when you become your guild’s elite tank in BC dungeons!

Sound good – let’s get to work.

We’ll be finishing up our work in the Resto tree this time around.  First, Omen of Clarityis a talent to take as soon as you can get it.  With this talent, each melee attack has a chance of proc’ing a special buff that makes your next damage or healing spell free.  This applies to all forms, so that’s a freebie in bear, cat and caster.  This is a fantastic talent, amazing even more so that it’s only one talent point.  There are lots of articles around the web with studies on how often it procs.  The ones that say it happens around 2-3 times a minute seem about right to me.

Lastly in the Resto tree, let’s finish out the last two points of Naturalist.  We had three points in it last time for an extra 6% damage in all forms, these last two points will raise that to 10% damage.  Not bad at all.

Switching over to Feral, we need to take a few more points to get to tier 3.  I’m not personally a big fan of Brutal Impact; an extra second of stun for 2 talent points just never sounded that great to me.  No, I’m going to send you back to the top of the tree to take 5 points in Ferocity.  The discount to Rage/Energy doesn’t sound like a lot, but it will add up over time.  Remember you also have Omen of Clarity procc’ing a couple times a minute, so you are going to be able to use special moves a lot longer now than you could before.

Now we’re going to buy all of Tier 3: Feral Swiftness, Feral Charge, and Sharpened Claws.  With Feral Swiftness, we’re not so interested in the increased movement speed as we are the 4% dodge for just two talent points.  This is phenomenal payback and 4% dodge will only pay larger and larger dividends as you progress toward and into end-game.  Feral Charge gets you a stun mechanism and a way to quickly re-engage a target that has moved away.  Sharpened Claws is simple: more crits = more damage = more combo points = more damage.  ‘Nuff said.

With our last 5 points, we’re going to take Predatory Strikes and Primal Fury.  Predatory Strikes increases our attack power by 150% of our level, so it will scale nicely.  Primal Fury generates free rage or combo points when you score a critical hit.  Primal Fury along with the extra 6% to crit from Sharpened Claws is a great combination.

With the one talent point we’ve got left, we’re going to take Faerie Fire.  This gives you the feral version of the ranged spell you may have been using in caster form.  Having access to Faerie Fire in feral form is great: you don’t have to switch out to cast it, you get the same armor reduction as in caster form (with trainable ranks), and Faerie Fire lets us Bear perform as tanks as FF can be used as a pulling mechanism.

So, how to take your points?

I’d take Omen of Clarity right away – the proc is fairly frequent and this is just a great talent to have.  (Don’t forget you have to cast this one every once in a while). 

After Omen, I’d fill in Ferocity for the rage/energy discount, then start to fill in Tier 3 of the Feral tree, delaying Feral Charge if you want – I didn’t use it much soloing; it’s of more use in instances.  Anytime you feel your damage needs a boost, jump over and complete Naturalist, but I don’t think there is any rush on that one.

From there, you’ll want to move right into Predatory Strikes and Primal Fury – they’re both great talents so just pick the one you want more when you get a level.  Personally, I’d take Faerie Fire as soon as I could, but you can wait on this one if you like as you can still cast it and switch into form.

Here’s the final 40 point build.  Have fun!

Forms Bar


June 11, 2007 - Posted by | Strategy - Feral, World of Warcraft

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