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Weekend Update 6/25 – Little to report

Continuing my theme as of late – it’s summer and it’s time for chores and cookouts.  Plenty of both this weekend. 

Most of my play time was spent noodling around with my Warlock alt.  Level 17 without much effort.  Warlocks are fun…

I got an E-Mail I first thought was spam from someone giving me the “inside scoop” on getting bought by a gold farmer.  At least I thought it was spam until I saw this on wowhead.  Reading the Q&A after the jump the gold farmer part is explicitly denied.  One way or another I suppose it means ads on wowhead.  I just hope they aren’t too obnoxious.

I’ve been keeping my eye on a Badge of Tenacity that appears on the Auction House from time to time.  It first appeared with a starting bid of 3000G and a buyout of 3500G.  It’s currently down to a starting bid of 1850G and a buyout of 2000G.  If it gets much lower and hangs around I might just be tempted to buy it.  Of course, that seriously delays my riding skill upgrade so I can start my epic flight form quest, but hard choices have to be made from time to time.

What do you think:  Badge of Tenacity or Epic Flight form?

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June 25, 2007 - Posted by | Druid Gear, World of Warcraft


  1. For that price it’d be still worth your time farming for the item. I’ve started doing that myself.

    Comment by Andrew | June 25, 2007 | Reply

  2. If it continues to drop, I would purchase it. i’m currently farming for mine and it is aweful. Its mind numbing. I’m starting to get the reputation with the Ogri’la in the hopes that if i do the demon quest I can better my chances.


    Comment by Bruennor | June 25, 2007 | Reply

  3. I have all but given up on the badge. It’s never on the AH and I have farmed so much I have over 1000 Apexis Shards. I would use them to summon the dragons and such, but nobody in my guild is working on that rep and has no desire to come up. I think we all need to transfer to the same server and start an all druid guild.

    Comment by Slipslappy | June 25, 2007 | Reply

  4. Grinding for this badge really is bad. I started farming for it, and have pretty much given up on it as i figure running heroics is a better spend of my time (and my current trinkets aren’t too bad as it is). I’d much rather spend 2k-3k gold on purchasing it when it is on the AH.

    One thing to remember is that its not just depleted badges that drop, but a range of other rare items… depleted cloaks, staves, maces etc. I’ve had two rare depleted items drop for me, and neither were the badge. My impression is that the chances to grind the badge is incredibly low.

    There is a good discussion on the druid wiki page on the badge, (not sure if i can post that here?)… worth looking at!

    Comment by Taur | June 26, 2007 | Reply

  5. P.S

    Epic flight form FTW! While i haven’t finished the druid quest for it, those wyverns you can fly after paying 5000g are jets!!! The badge trinket couldn’t possibly give you the same buzz!

    Comment by Taur | June 26, 2007 | Reply

  6. Checked last night. Now there are two players with badges. Open market capitilism FTW!!! The starting bid for one of them was 1400G. We’re starting to get within range.

    Comment by Amanna | June 26, 2007 | Reply

  7. The badge is nice yes.. but anything that kills flight/walking time is gold well spent. I mean all that
    extra armor doesn’t really help you when you are waiting to get somewhere.

    You may spend a pretty penny on getting that epic flight.. but eventually you make that back up in the less time that you spend getting from A to B.

    Comment by Eyesis | June 26, 2007 | Reply

  8. I posted another thread about the badge that is obviously lost. I think it might be because I have my armory page as my website. Let me know if this gets flagged as spam Amanna.

    Comment by Slipslappy | June 26, 2007 | Reply

  9. Slippy – you ALWAYS get flagged as spam, lol. I do think it is your armory link, because I don’t see anything else it could be.

    I thought I had posted a comment to you on your other replies. I did find your Badge comments in my spam, but something went awry when I “de-spammed” them and they never recovered. I love WordPress, but the way you recover valid comments from spam is sometimes a bit unwieldy.

    And Eyesis – I hear what you’re saying and I get very envious when I’m trying to keep up with epic birds when in my “normal” flight form. But for me at least, the gameplay’s the thing. Yea, it sucks taking a long time to get somewhere, and I might end up buying the higher flying level, but I will be sorely tempted if that trinket gets down to around 1200 or lower.

    Comment by Amanna | June 26, 2007 | Reply

  10. Yep, taking the armory link out of my “website” allows my posts to be viewed immediately… guess I’ll leave that out from now on.
    Just a little fyi for you, I bought my epic flight training about a month ago, did the entire chain and got my epic flight form that week. Three weeks later I already have over 1000g from mainly selling Netherweave and cheap greens in the AH. Also, if you get any greens “of the falcon” or “of the boar” most of those usually don’t sell at all, because the stats are offensive as well as defensive. Have an enchanter de them and the Arcant Dust sells for a TON more, at least on my server. Mining has been big for me too. I don’t AH my ore, as I have a JC prospect all of it for gems, but the green gems I get sell pretty well, especially if you can find a JC to cut them into agi/crit/spell damage gems. The cut greens are much better than the greens you can buy from the vendors in Shatt and I have never not had one sell. Just have to be smart about what you have them cut into.
    The most profitable thing I did was level two toons to 70 though. The quests alone yielded the money to buy my epic flight form.
    Just a little incentive for those of you who are skeptical about blowing 5000 gold on a single thing. 🙂 I have nothing else to really spend my money on besides enchants for new items. Get the flight form, you won’t regret it.

    Comment by Slipslappy | June 26, 2007 | Reply

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