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I was able to finish up a piece of my mini-site for enhancements research, so I figured I’d publish it before my week-long break and get some feedback.

You should see a new page listed at the top of the blog now – Buffing Up.  Click the link to get an overview of what I’m trying to accomplish with this section.  Basically, I’ll be giving you lots of different views into the various items beyond gear that can augment your stats and effectiveness during gameplay.  Specifically, Buffing Up will have three sections: Consumables, Enchantments and Gems.

Probably most of the stuff you’ll find is things you already know about, or maybe you’ll find a little surprise you weren’t aware of.  Either way, I find myself continually researching ways to enhance particular stats or slots, so I thought there might be some value in putting all those searches in one place.

The Enchantments section is open for business, and I’d like your feedback.  Is this useful?  What have I forgot?  What should be done differently?  Really – you won’t hurt my feelings, let me know what you think (although a little praise now and then feels pretty good too…).  I’ve turned off comments on the pages in this new section, so give me your feedback via this post, or the contact form on the About page.

I sincerely hope this is of value to you, and I hope to build out the other two pages soon.

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June 29, 2007 - Posted by | Enchants, Online resources, Strategy - Balance, Strategy - Feral, Strategy - General, Strategy - Resto, World of Warcraft


  1. The only thing I have noticed so far is that you could actually add food to “temp enchantments”…
    Things like Spicy Crawdads and Fisherman’s Feast for tanking… Roasted Clefthoof for dps… etc etc
    These could be somewhere else and I could have missed them though.
    Looks great otherwise 🙂

    Comment by Slipslappy | July 1, 2007 | Reply

  2. Food will be part of the consumables section – food, potions & elixirs.

    Good catch though.

    Comment by Amanna | July 1, 2007 | Reply

  3. That… would be what I missed… >.

    Comment by Slipslappy | July 2, 2007 | Reply

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