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Vacation update 7/9 – A lot of little

Man that was nice having a full week off.  Even better I only had to take 4 vacation days to get 5 and two full weekends!  (Kids – you’ll appreciate that comment in a few years).

 Nothing crazy to report on the WoW front – I had few extended play sessions.  I did do a lot of little things though:

  1. I put a lot of thought into my priorities to help guide my gameplay.  I think that is an upcoming post, but I decided my number 1 priority is the lvl 300 flying skill so I can start my epic flight form questline.  So I’m blowing through quests, mainly in Netherstorm, to get money.  I’m also mining anything and everything I can. 
  2. I tried an experiment sending two stacks of Adamantite Ore to a guild jewelcrafter for prospecting.  I need money right?  The reason ore is selling so high is for the prospecting, right?  Maybe I should just have my ore prospected?  Well, two stacks of prospected ore later – guess what?  The gems that come out of the ore almost exactly match in value, the stacks of ore themselves.  A little thing called “game balance”.   Where you can make your money though, is having that same JC cut your gems into the best selling cut they can make for the particular gems.  Then, you can definitely make more than you would with just your ore stacks. 
  3. I came very close to dropping skinning, and at this point I think it’s just a matter of time before I do.  Why?  Again, money!  Leather stacks have really dropped in price on my server, but herbs continue to retain their value.  They even seem to have gone up a bit (in some cases a lot) after the elixir nerf.  Yes, skins are plentiful, but herbs are fairly plentiful also.  Why should I continue to get only around 5-7G per stack of Knothide Leather when simple Dreaming Glory is going for well over 15G in some cases.  It also seems like the quests I am doing at the moment do not involve creatures, so unless I’m specifically farming for leather or happen across corpses, I’ve got no leather to sell, whereas herbs are everywhere.  I was doing some quests on The Barrier Hills and ran across 4-5 spawns of Mana Thistle.  That would have been at least half a stack of something that is selling for over 20G on my server.  I hate to think about grinding yet another profession back up (and dealing with two gathering skills at once), but I’m really feeling like I can’t pass up the money.
  4. Had the worst ever instance run of my life in Botanica.  It was my first time in there, and to be honest – the first time for everyone in our group, but we had a solid group, were on vent and were cutting through trash mobs like butter.  Heck, the first boss Commander Sarannis went down without us even breaking a sweat.  We make our way to the second boss, High Botanist Frewynn, then things went bad in a hurry.  Long story short – about 5 wipes until we decided to move on only to have the next guy spank us badly too.  Yes, we had wowwiki up for strategy hints.  The thing with the Botanist is that he just seemed to get way too much health back while we were killing the treant adds.  We poisoned him, drew the adds away, burned them down (I thought) pretty quickly, but by the time we got back to the boss, it seemed like just a few seconds and he was channeling Tranquility again.  Not sure what to do there and if anyone had mastered this encounter (with suggestions other than wowwiki) I’d love to hear how you did it. 
  5. Didn’t get into Kara yet and this was my one big disappointment.  I really wanted to at least take a look.  No runs posted on the guild website through Wednesday night.  Then I log on Thursday and see a run going.  Check the guild website and sure enough there are a couple runs posted, but they’re all full.  Arrghhh!

So, that’s about it.  Nothing great, just a lot of questing and trying to gather money.  I have a long way to go (currently at around 1500G), but now that I have a goal I can really focus on it for a while.

Oh, and I also got the gem section of the Buffing Up page half done, and hope to finish it and post it later this week.  It doesn’t look like you all are hitting the enchantment links very much, so maybe this section isn’t useful, but I’m going to finish it out anyway.  If it’s missing something, or needs changed in some way to be more useful, let me know and if I can I’ll get the changes up.

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  1. On my server, currently, mithril is more valuable on an ore basis than fel iron… I find it wierd… but my lvl 50 Pally miner is happy.

    Adamantite is still worth a good deal, so I generally still mine in outland if I’m just farming (waiting for a BG to pop, raid to get together, or group to fill out).

    A few tips on Botanica. I’ve been through it once, still in greens and blues new to 70 (as with most of our group) and we downed every boss. We wiped once on each boss but the first and fourth and developed our own strategies.

    Botanist: We decided to kill the adds where they stand. Basically, the longer they’re alive, the more he heals. So if you can do a good amount of burst AoE (which our group could) it was worth it for us because the time it took to kite the mobs around the corner was longer than it took us to just take them down. Also, we were able to switch back to dpsing him down quickly. (Alternatively you can just try to dps/tank them out of his tranquility… basically never stop doing damage to them, even if you are running them out of his AoE heal… and don’t get too far)

    Satyr-guy: I’m a hunter. There are so few fights in this game where viper sting is actually of any use, that I rarely even try it on bosses anymore. This guys has a TINY mana pool. If you have a class capable, take his mana away. Between the warlock and me, this guy was pretty much OOM the entire fight. We used the boxes to the side to LOS heal (so the priest was never sacrificed, boxes are to the left as you look at the boss, positioning can be a little difficult the first time). Can’t remember if this guy was tranqable… possibly… I’ll check next time I’m there (tranq is rarely effective… like viper, you just have to spam it the first time you run into a boss to see if it works).

    I’m hardly a master of these encounters having only done them once, but that’s how we did it with the group we had (prot warrior, fury warrior, lock, hunter, healer… resto druid for first 2 bosses, holy priest for last 3). Hope this can be of some help. 🙂

    Comment by Vaerlin | July 10, 2007 | Reply

  2. I’ve done Bot a few or more times and here is how the groups I’ve been with have done the 2nd boss fight:

    I pull him to the end of the bridge (I’m the Tank) and tank him right inbetween the two pillars where the bridge connects to the main floor. Whenever he turns into his tree form, the whole party runs around back to the right and positions itself on a line with the columns, with the Tree guy in between the columns. Hence, no LOS. This, I have been told by those much wiser in theorycraft than me, helps cut down on the amount he heals himself, as long as all the little treelings are killed fast as well (AOE being the operative word) as soon as he turns back, I (the Tank) rush back to engage said untree’d boss and get him back into the middle of the two columns again if he has moved out.

    Pay attention to the Threat Meter, try not to pull aggro off me (The Tank) so I can keep him right there. Not that I lose aggro, but I’m just sayin 🙂 For some reason that LOS thing is important. But I’m just a Prot Warrior so I know diddly about Caster Stuff 🙂

    We’ve usually downed him before he gets to his 3rd ‘Turn into a Tree’ Thing.

    Hope this helps

    Comment by Jona | July 11, 2007 | Reply

  3. When it comes to Botanist Freywinn, there really is only one thing to keep in mind. When he changes to a treant, he casts Tranquility which heals himself and the three lashers for 1% of the caster’s health every 2 secs. So, if you get the lashers out of LOS, they can’t be healed and can be burned down quickly. Freywinn does not switch out of treant form until the lashers are dead, so simply get them behind a pillar (or around the corner like I do) and burn them down, then get back on Freywinn.
    Thorngrin only has 75k hitpoints and can be dps’d down rather quickly if you get a good amount of threat at the beginning. I like to bring a hunter to Bot and misdirection works really well on this boss. Also, have the hunter drop a snake trap right after the hellfire and Thorngrin sometimes sacrifices a snake instead of a player.

    Comment by Slipslappy | July 11, 2007 | Reply

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