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Shartuul event walkthroughs

Want a Badge of Tenacity but just not sure where to start?  Figured out you need to complete something called the “Shartuul Event” but keep getting killed.  Amanna (via Slipslappy) to the rescue!

 I’m never sure if you all read the comments to my posts, or simply the posts themselves.  But embedded deep within the comments to my last post, Slip gave us some links to very useful guides to mastering this event. 

The first is the WoWwiki guide.  This guide has good community-contributed strategy tips.  What I like the best is actual images of the controls for the various demons you will control.  While I think the next walkthrough has move detail, I love being able to see and familiarize myself with the actual icons before attempting the event.  Definitely check this guide out.

There is great guide on Slipslappy’s guild website, appropriate titled The Guide to Not Sucking.  This guide doesn’t have ability icons like thw WoWwiki guide, but is more detailed.  Whereas WoWwiki is a community article with various strategies to try, this formum post was written by one person so you only get their perspective.  It does appear this person has the event on farm so they presumably have a winning strategy, just keep in mind you are only getting one perspective.  Highly recommended though for the level of detail to the walkthrough.  I was sorely tempted to copy the walkthrough over here as I think the color scheme is hard to read (and my readers LOVE walkthroughs), but having not done the event myself, that felt too much like stealing.  Be sure to read the entire post for updates and clarifications.

Thanks Slipslappy for the great links.  I have not gotten back to playing yet, but I hope to soon.  When I do, I will definitely be giving this a run…

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September 24, 2007 - Posted by | Druid Gear, Strategy - General, World of Warcraft


  1. Quick note… I was only in Avatars of Discord for a short while, but every once in a short while contribute to their forum conversations. The link to my info on the Shartuul Event is:

    Comment by Slipslappy | September 25, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hey Slip – sorry for the misdirect. Should I update the post?

    Comment by Amanna | September 25, 2007 | Reply

  3. Hey Guys,

    I know this post will have nothing to do with the Shartuul event since I don’t have that rep with Ogri’la yet and have never done the event. So feel free to recategorize this post if you need to. I know that I truly enjoy(ed) reading most all of the messages you and others have made on the progress of your characters through dungeons, quests, and raiding. It’s exciting from the reader’s point of view and as someone who’s getting some of that stuff done, it’s exciting to talk about too! SO… That’s what I’d like to talk about now.

    I made some pretty exciting progress last weekend. Friday was my wife’s birthday, but the two older kids (17 and 15) went to the HS football game so it was just she and I and our youngest that went out to dinner. That’s not too exciting but it gets better, when we got home I jumped on to WOW and got a few steamvaults runs done with me tanking most of the runs. I have noticed that as my armor has scaled (it was around 22k), I was taking alot less damage (duh) and on one of the runs, we didn’t even have a healer, two shadow priests were able to keep my health (15k) almost full all of the time just with the vampiric embrace thing. Of course all of the steamvaults runs were garnering me Cenarion Expedition rep which I needed for my Earthwarden. I successfully tanked another Black Morass run for another PUG (most of the dungeons I’ve ever done have been pugs but more on that later). My son got home in time to join us for our final steamvaults run before bedtime. Saturday morning I FINALLY got enough rep and bought (da daH!) EARTHWARDEN! Of course I had to try it out so I Tanked for another run through Black Morass to get Adam his Master Key quest and in doing so, got Revered with Keepers of Time and Bought the Defense/dodge enchantment (90g) and put it on my stylin purple hat!! Of course now I had to try that out so I went with a few of my new guildies (more as promised on that later) into a Mechanar run and guess what dropped on the first boss? Yep, a Thorium weave cloak! WOW excellent weekend for me so far right? Now my armor was close to 24K.

    About the guild front. Like I’ve said, most of the groups we have EVER gone in with have been PUGS, I’ve never pursued a hard core raiding group as much because I’ve never been geared as well as this guy is, plus my son can’t play during the weeknights as a rule. Actually that’s my rule, maintaining his cumulative HS 4.0 gpa is just too important. And I’ve enjoyed (for the most part) all of the casual guilds we’ve been in, but it’s always been VERY hard to get support from them, so we’ve turned to PUGS. Friday night was a turning point (I hope) for me (and him). It was 10 o’clock and out of 100 some odd guild members, he and I were the only ones on. Awesome people, just not a match for our play style. With my new gear, I was “All dressed up, with no place to go”. As a PUG tank, I’ve played with alot of the upcoming people from ALOT of the bigger, more serious guilds on our server and spoke to some nice guild members that I truly enjoyed playing with and they got Adam and I an invitation to their guild after their Kara run late late friday night (actually 1am saturday). They are running I believe 2 simultaneous Kara groups and starting a 3rd. Saturday they beat Gruul (we didn’t get to play) but I got enough Kara time Sunday as a sub to get me friendly with Violet Eye, enough to get my Base Protector Ring. Plus the guild leader took my mats and a few bux (I INSISTED) and gave me the +35 Agility enchant on my earthwarden!! After all was said and done, I had 25K armor, still 15K health, Defense rating of 429 and dodge 28% and crit rate still 23%. I wanted to get you guy’s opinions, on something… Whether I’m missing or they’re parrying or blocking I sometimes get frustrated when a mangle or maul doesn’t hit especially at the beginning of a fight where I’m trying to maintain control of the mob(s) against zealous DPS. I’ve read up on +hit rating and was thinking about trading some of my defense (since it’s 429 and I only need 415) for +hit gems. Don’t know if you’ve experienced that or not.

    I know this is a long long post and I’ve probably lost just EVERYONE! But, over the weekend I started looking at some of the kitty gear that I had in the bank. I bought the attack power to my kitty helm and when all was said and done, in kitty gear I have 1955 attack power. Is that any good?

    As one closing note, I was feeling poorly yesterday so I called in and slept in. I did jump on mid morning and one of my new guildies said “let’s run something”. I suggested Heroic Sethekk since I had yet to complete the final swift flight druid quest. I had ALOT of anxiety about that instance since so much was on the line. Seems like nobody wants to run heroic seth and I’d gotten spanked HARD twice before there not even making it past the first boss. This time we died a few times but Me (tank), A guildie holy priest (thanks Niellie!!) and 3 pug guys from some of the better guilds on our server, DPS druid (healed the statues), mage, and shaman, Whupped the quest (after one failed attempt) and then the last boss! One note, the druid quest is a LONG fight, make sure your healer and dps manage their mana. Also making macros to cast a lvl 1 HOT on the statues along with innervate and a backup healer is definitely a help. 2 druids are better than one! Now I’m zipping around the skies, jumping off cliffs and towers and instantly changing to bird form on the way down etc. I’m VERY pleased. Question, I’ve used item rack to reliably change gear for me, not getting outfitter to work reliably for me, but there is no “Event” for swift flight form. Now that I have the swift flight form, and am travelling at +280% I would like an item change program to autoequip the trinket that gets me that +10% extra! HAHAHAHA any suggestions?

    Thanks Amanna, and Slipslappy and others, for your continued input to this site.

    Comment by Beardown | September 25, 2007 | Reply

  4. Grats on all the cool stuff Bear!! That’s so great that you finally got your Earthwarden!! I think you will start seeing a large difference in your amount of misses now that you have it. The +feral skill helps immensely. If you find yourself still missing a ton, another option for you is to search for more feral skill as opposed to just +hit. Shapeshifter’s Signet from exalted LC is very nice and the agility would help your dodge a bit while tanking. The only issue would be giving up a significant amount of armor to use that ring, so you may want to look at other options. Personally I just use Earthwarden and don’t have many issues tanking.
    As for ItemRack… I still use it regularly. I have a “Bear” icon, a “Cat” icon and a “Flying really fast in the air” icon. 🙂 I just have it switch out my trinkets. I don’t know what I would do if I had to manually put on each piece of tank gear every time I needed it…

    On a side note, I too have had fun in the “easy” instances like Mech and Steamvaults. I actually rarely put on my tank gear for them anymore and just tank in my dps gear. It’s pretty funny to see the tank at the top of the damage meters. I usually tell the healer to dps as well… interesting thought having two shadow priests… I’ll have to try that!

    Comment by Slipslappy | September 25, 2007 | Reply

  5. Amanna, you can either update the post and delete this post, or just leave as is. No biggie to me. 🙂
    There’s a new change in the patches today!!!
    *** “Banish the Demons” now rewards either a Darkrune or a Fragmented Darkrune. Five fragmented Darkrunes can be combined to create a Darkrune. ***

    This means, no more 2-week-periods between getting a darkrune!!
    If you’re going to start, start now.

    Comment by Slipslappy | September 25, 2007 | Reply

  6. I actually logged into the game last night for the first time in about 6 weeks I think. I wanted to get the patch download started. I instantly got a “Amanna!!!” from a guildie. Didn’t recognize the name but turned out to be yet another alt from someone I knew pretty well. Fun to be missed.

    I believe I will be having “the talk” with The Mrs. pretty soon about playing. I’m a bit nervous as my gameplay was definitely an issue for her. I’m hopeful that as we have both re-prioritized some things in our life, that there is room for us to have a great relationship AND me to play WoW.

    I gotta lot of work to do though if I come back…

    Comment by Amanna | September 25, 2007 | Reply

  7. Re: Bear – very nice tanking gear :). Its starting to sound a lot like mine! As a casual, i’d recommend you hit a bit of the battlegrounds for the epic belt and bracers (veteran or dragonhide). It doesn’t take long to get the honour points/badges and they are some of the best you can get! (bracers are also good for dpsing!).

    On dps, 1955ap is a bit low. I’ve got around 2,500ap… which is also a bit low, but respectable for Kara running. I actually find it pretty challenging gearing for dps.

    Re:Shartuul event – I started casually (casually as i already have the badge of Tenacity) doing that on the weekend, using Slippy’s suggested ‘the guide to not sucking’. Its very useful, although i still suck! First time wiped because i kept forgetting to throw the hammer at the shield. Second time went through it very easily, but the event bugged out and the boss didn’t come out at the end of round 1. Very annoying!

    Re:Amanna – Good luck :). Took a bit of time for my missus and I to organise a workable WoW routine. We ended up agreeing with 3 set nights a week after the bub is put to bed. It works pretty well, and still allows me to raid/play comfortably! Still, no time for alts, and my wife is always going to hate WoW ;). But then i don’t have a single friend whose spouse doesn’t hate the game, unless they play themselves!

    Comment by Taur | September 26, 2007 | Reply

  8. PS Re:flight form… I use Outfitter, and it works well for me when i switch in and out of epic flight form, autoequipping and un-equipping the appropriate trinkets.

    Its been fine for me, although it did mess up for one of my druid guildies… somehow he ended up in his dps gear prior to tanking what should have been an easy Attumen in Kara. It was quite a surprise to the raid when we wiped for the first time in a long time against him!

    Comment by Taur | September 26, 2007 | Reply

  9. Uggggggg
    Did the Shartuul event tonite for the first time since the patch. The eye stalks during the last phase now mindflay the *&$(*&$ out of you and it’s extremely annoying. Made it much more challenging and the “big heal chaos strike” only healed me for about 15% instead of 60-80%… So I guess it is NOW “working as intended” and you guys have a much more challenging Shartuul fight. 🙂 Guess you’ll be using shadow nova a lot more than you used to.
    Also, the eye stalks now properly despawn after you win/lose.
    On a related note… you will no longer receive shards, focus’ etc etc from the grab bag. You will always receive either a darkrune, or a darkrune fragment which can be combined to make a darkrune (takes 5). So no more “luck” for the darkrune, it’ll just take time to build one.
    Good luck everyone!

    ps… I broke 4k attack power in cat form when in Karazhan a couple weeks ago. I love shammy totems!!!

    Comment by Slipslappy | September 26, 2007 | Reply

  10. Taur – thanks for the comments. I’m hoping for a similar “schedule”. The challenge then will be finding a raiding guild that matches the schedule. Ever hopeful…

    Slip – that sux. I’ve really never PvP’d and it hurts me in these kind of solo events. I suppose I’ll give it a try, but for now, my Badge dream will have to remain just that.

    Comment by Amanna | September 26, 2007 | Reply

  11. Taur, Thanks for the comments. I’ve done some battlegrounds and enjoy them much more now that I have some better gear. Cause you know some of the guys are geared to the teeth and there’s not much you can do to them. I actually have about 12K honor saved up which would be enough for the veterans belt, but I’ve hesitated spending it as of yet. I guess so far, seeing the 12k on the screen has been prettier to me than having the belt and being back to square one. Guess I’ll have to overcome that. I’m in an arena team with my son and some of my old guildmates and we’ve garnered 480 arena points after 2 weeks. I know it’s not much but neither is the time investment. With battlegrounds, you can rack up alot of honor points in a short amount of calendar time just by constantly running battlegrounds. With the arena the opposite seems to be true. It’s mostly calendar time driven with points being awarded once a week. But at the same time you can get 10 matches in, in under an hour. I don’t know which is better, but I’ve come to the conclusion that BOTH are worthwhile. And being worthwhile is what makes them fun for me.

    I also started reading Tanuviel’s site about heroic instances, although, I tell you, I had severe anxiety doing heroic sethekk. So we’ll see. I do know that I need to seriously work on my cat gear.

    WOW Slipslappy, 4K?????? Oh I went to look at your armory page yesterday and it said it’s out of date, maybe because of the patch.

    One final thing… I know from reading this blog that Amanna has changed professions a few times settling on mining and herbalism last I knew. My original lvl 70 hunter had mining maxxed and enchanting at 275 and he is what got me started making alot of gold on my server. My druid at level 70 had herbalism and skinning both maxxed, but, like Amanna, I found that my end game play took me into instances much more, and while I was still using herbalism, skinning was not used. At the same time, I was getting alot of BOP drops from instances and quests. I don’t know if I’ve done a dumb thing or not, but Sunday I unlearned skinning and took up enchanting. The reasoning was the same as my hunter, which was to disenchant the greens and blues that he got from quests and drops. Up until now I had been mailing him the drop items for him to disenchant and keeping and putting the soulbound quest drops into bags in my bank.

    The thing is, if you put a green item up for sale at the auction house, and it doesn’t sell, you still have to pay the deposit, sometimes multiple gold pieces. If you disenchant that item you can put up the component dust(s) and essences(s), ask top dollar, pay no deposit and if it doesn’t sell, do it again the next day. I’m sure most of you know this, I’m just mentioning it for those that don’t. Alot of raiding and dungeons are done during the weekend so I’ve seen a definite trend of depressed prices on the AH during the weekend when everybody is unloading their loot. By wednesday, prices are back up. So I have a tendency to buy from the AH on the weekend and sell during the middle of the week.

    Coming back to my decision, those 32 soulbound items which I didn’t need/use/want would have vendored for about 80 gold or so, but they disenchanted into 24 large prismatic shards, 3 small prismatic shards and 5 large brilliant shards. 275 enchanting will DE everything in the game up to some of the purple drops (which I’m still dreaming of) so 275 is good for now. Just as an aside, on the economic front, it took roughly 250 gold to train enchanting from 1 to 275 with an additional 80 lost by not vendoring the items for a sunk cost of roughly 330, say 350 gold for ease of math. Large prismatic shards go for about 20gold per so, 18 shards will more than cover the cost of changing. With the remaining 6 shards plus other items being worth about 200 gold. I anticipate this change to continue to pay off as I run more and more instances/quests. I don’t expect this to be as big of a moneymaker as say mining, but… my son has mining and I didn’t want to compete with him for ore.

    Take care, guys.

    Comment by Beardown | September 26, 2007 | Reply

  12. Oh, and Amanna

    Good luck on your broaching the subject of WOW with your wife! I’ve been married for 22 years now to the same physical woman (known her for 26 years), although I’d argue that sometimes it’s like a different person emotionally and mentally. And I’m not trying to draw you into the ‘he-man woman hater’s club’ or anything because I’m honestly not a member myself, but I’ve noticed a few things that seem to be pretty common in women from my observation.

    Women like traits in boyfriends that they can not stand in husbands.

    Women have choices, men have responsibilities.

    And here’s the applicable one, no matter how much or how little you do, it’s never quite enough. A subset of this is of course how much or how little time you spend together.

    Actually we have gone through this to a degree, not because we didn’t like each other, but because we have different hobbies. She likes artsy stuff and reading and I’m an engineer and ❤ computer games and have since I used to play Zork in college in the late 70s/early 80s. It seems that as you get older alot of this stuff mellows and goes away and you can do your fun stuff, she can do her fun stuff and you can really emphasize the fun stuff you do together.

    Forgive me, I’m senile. Hahaha!

    Good luck!!

    Comment by Beardown | September 26, 2007 | Reply

  13. Re:Slippy – our shammies (correction, shammy.. although we do have a few more gearing their way up) tend to be with the healers and mages/locks in kara for mana tide… i’d love to take advantage of their dps totems one of these days!

    Re:Amanna – I found it interesting you haven’t really gotten involved in pvp, in particular the BGs. Pre-BC i was a balance druid, and the only good balance gear was from the BGs so i spent a bit of time there. When BC came out i respec’d to feral. Took me a while to head back into the BGs, in particular seeing i hadn’t pvp’d much in feral form. When i did, i was a bit worried i wasn’t geared for it… although i did get some good advice which i’ve stuck with since, and that is if you enter the BGs in your tanking gear, you’ll do fine.

    And its true… with the bears massive armour, health and defence, you lead the way in AVs (mind, don’t get many kills). You drive the bonus honour gains by tanking the lieutenants and captains, and the dps classes start following you around! In ABs you can face off against a heap of melee classes, throw up your Moroes and Badge and watch the dodges fly! Your enemies hate it :). And WSGs were always made for flag-capping druids. EotS is a mix of them all :).

    Anyway, the BGs are a lot of fun, and good for the casual player. They take less time than heroics and you can work your way up to some decent epics and rares. And you’ll never find yourself underpowered even if you just run in your tanking gear. Arena is a different story… i found myself hopeless as a feral so don’t do it… but the gear you get from that is fantastic.

    Re:Amanna – badge of tenacity – i wouldn’t worry about grinding for it. You’re better off spending time on your professions making money to buy it on the AH. Thats what i did 🙂

    Re:Bear – Sethekk Halls heroic – i had the same issue as you… no one wanted to run it as it does require a different team makeup and CC. What i found is having a priest (shadow) and warlock in your team made the instance very easy. The priest can shackle the undead mobs, warlock can seduce the humanoids, and both can fear a wave each of the adds for the first boss (easiest way i found for the first boss is for everyone to dps him down as quickly as possible seeing he has low health, keeping the adds feared as long as possible).

    The druid quest boss Anzu is easy as long as you have a druid keeping the statues up as you recommended :). So having another druid or a warrior tanking usually results in him being one-shotted.

    Comment by Taur | September 27, 2007 | Reply

  14. Lots of good comments everyone. I can’t wait to get back…

    Correction – I’m currently mining and skinning, used to be herbalism. Regret the switch and thinking of dropping skinning for herbalism again, just not sure how easy it will be to have two gathering professions.

    Beardown: Wife and I have been together around 10 years and worked a lot out during our past separation. My favorite guy line I heard a comedian say “Ladies, either ask us to do something or tell us how to do it, but not both”. I agree with you on the hobby thing – we are in the same situation.

    On PvP – not a gear thing, just don’t really enjoy the PvP aspect and never really have. Much prefer PvE, especially dungeons and raids.

    Comment by Amanna | September 27, 2007 | Reply

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