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No regrets, but…

Logged on last night for a bit to continue the Herbalism levelling after dropping mining.  I decided to clean out my bags of old leftover ore to make room for all the new herbs.  I didn’t have a lot of ore, but sent it off to my banking alt.

I logged on to put everything up for auction.  I haven’t downloaded the beta Auctioneer yet as I keep hoping it will just “show up” via the WoW Ace Updater.  So lately I’ve been posting my auctions the old fashioned way.  You remember; do a search on the item, compute an average price in your head, post your item and manually set the initial bid and buyout.  Yea, it’s a pain and a good reminder how awesome Auctioneer is.  Anyway, I was looking up what to charge for my 7 Khorium Ore and WOW – just 7 of the buggers was selling for just over 100G.  Not sure if that’s still a post-2.3 spike or not as I never had too much Khorium, but I’ll take it.

So no regrets on the switch, but it was nice to see those prices.  If all the ore I posted sells at the prices I listed them at, I should net aroud 150g.  Not bad for some rocks jangling around in my backpack.

I also sent off the herbs I had stashed from the weekend.  I’m starting to hit the point in levelling where you can actually make a little cash.  In particular, I had a stack of Swiftthistle from picking Briarthorns.  A full stack was going for around 15G.  I always found Swiftthistle to be a decent money maker, probably due to it’s inclusion in Thistle Tea and Swiftness Potion.   Anyway, I got that stack listed for 15G, and found some decent prices on my Wild Steelblooms also.

I’m picking now in Swamp of Sorrows, and it’s a good news / bad news scenario.  SoS is fairly rich in herbs with little competition.  The downside is the range of herbs to be picked there.  I headed there with Herbalism around 130 planning on leveling by picking Kingsblood, then Liferoot to level into Fadeleaf, Khadgar’s Whisker and Blindweed, all available in the zone.  The problem is that the predominant herbs are the higher level ones, while Kingsblood and to a certain extent Liferoot are less abundant. 

In the end, I headed back to The Wetlands where Kingsblood is a bit more prevalent and leveled up a bit more there.  Once it hit around 160, I headed back to SoS as I could now pick not only Kingsblood, but Liferoot and Fadeleaf as well.  Fadeleaf is more scarce than Kingsblood in the zone, but Life root is fairly common with a bit of riding around.  With the ability to pick Khadgar’s Whisker at 185 and Blindweed at 235, this zone should take me well into the mid 200’s skill level.  Khadgar’s Whisker greens at 235 so there shouldn’t be too much of a lag in leveling.  I’m finding with herbs I almost always get a skill point on a yellow pick.  I’m looking forward to the Blindweed as I seem to remember it was a moneymaker also.

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November 20, 2007 - Posted by | World of Warcraft


  1. check out my blog at

    Comment by extrapreneur | November 20, 2007 | Reply

  2. So have you found herbalism to be more profitable that mining and blacksmithing?

    I have found that I always make more money selling the herbs themselves or the ore themselves rather than anything I made with those items.

    Comment by bc3263827 | November 20, 2007 | Reply

  3. I never had blacksmithing and admittedly, I picked up mining right before I took a summer hiatus. But when I had herbalism before, I found it easy to accumulate multiple stacks to sell very quickly, regardless of whether I was PvE’ing or Instancing. With mining, it feels like you actually have to “go mining” to get decent stacks to sell.

    Plus, I just like picking herbs better than mining for ore.

    Comment by Amanna | November 20, 2007 | Reply

  4. On of the best things I found about herbing versus mining is that you only have to pick an herb once, versus the several whacks you have to take at a vein.

    Having done the herbalism power level recently, get some gloves with the +5 herbalism enchant (which doesn’t drop any more, but some enchanters still have), and you’ll have more opportunities to pick herbs that are orange or yellow, versus yellow and green.

    Comment by Armath | November 21, 2007 | Reply

  5. Khorium is so high because of the new engineering mounts. I actually made the epic flying machine on my hunter engineer and saved a ton of extra mats to sell on patch day. I calculated I made about 2k extra gold that day just from selling the khorium and felsteel.

    Also, I’ve never had an herber or a chemist, but I have found that, because I have a JC, all of my ore goes to her for prospecting and all gems are saved for future usage. That means that mining is yielding me zero gold per day. Where if I were to pick up Herbing, I would be selling the herbs for a profit.

    I also highly recommend picking up a cheap set of gloves and putting +5 herbing on them. Same with mining (should you choose to switch again). It allows you to go to the higher level areas just a bit faster and allows you to level your herbing 5 points sooner.

    Have a great long weekend everyone!!

    Comment by Slipslappy | November 21, 2007 | Reply

  6. Only addons written in ace appear on WoW Ace Updater and Auctioneer is not written in Ace so you won’t find it on there ever.

    Comment by daveid | November 24, 2007 | Reply

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