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You guys may have seen this before, but until BRK mentioned it, I hadn’t heard about this.  The site is Warcrafter, and it is very cool.

Think The Armory (only very fast) + WoWhead’s talent calculator + CT Profiles.

Yea – it’s that cool.

I checked out this forum post for a little background.  Looks like the site is being put together by a Cerberus, an undead warlock (ew!) and his girlfriend (double ew – lol!!).  All kidding aside, this site is very well done.  Especially considering Cerberus says he considers the site to be only in beta.  While the site looks very nice, I think he means he can’t guarantee absolute accuracy on generated stats, etc.

I gave a run through the site and for beta, I was very impressed.  The first thing that strikes you is how fast it is.  I’m not sure if this is because it’s fairly new, or if it’s just programmed better than The Armory, but this thing rocks.  I hardly ever use The Armory for no other reason than how slow it is.  With Warcrafter, you just type in a character name and server from the home page, and in about 2 seconds you get a full page with stats, gear, talent spec, buffs, etc. 

The second thing that’s cool about this site is the Sandbox Mode.  In Sandbox Mode you can build a character from the ground up, specifying all relevant gear, buffs, etc.  This is where it gets interesting for me.  With the death of CT Profiles, I’ve been looking for a way to represent different gear sets.  The Armory only displays what you logged out of play with recently.  As Druids, we often have multiple gear setups.  I for one have full Bear and Cat sets, along with a hodge-podge of healing gear if needed.  With Warcrafter’s sandbox mode, you can build each gear set, hit the Save button, and then use that profile to send to guildies, friends and family for all to enjoy.

The site’s features are numerous even for being new and in beta.  What I like the best is the extensive tooltips.  Just about everything that’s on the page can be hovered over for more information.  Warcrafter breaks down everything so you can see exactly what is impacting a particular stat.  So not only is the site useful for representing different gear sets, but I can see using Sandbox Mode to compare different setups.  The only word of caution would be not to rely on it as “the gospel” until it seems stable and stats are being represented accurately. 

I haven’t read the entire forum post – there’s 23 pages of comments already.  Cerberus lists the following as key features in his original post:

  • ‘Sandbox mode’ both for existing and new characters, which lets you alter gear, talents, gems, enchants, buffs etc. and save it for reference and linking to friends/guildies.
  • Search through character database with more options then Armory (e.g. to view all 70 priests on your server, you’d search for e.g. “70 priest Blackrock”). Only characters that have been viewed at least once are searchable.
  • Made a start with guild progression, I haven’t all the bosses in the database yet so it’s not yet completely accurate.
  • Extensive tooltips for equipment: view rating conversion, socket stat stacking, how each stat affect other stats.
  • Extensive tooltips for stats: see what each stat is composed of, taking into account gear, enchants, talents and buffs.
  • Extensive tooltips for spells: see each spells’ dps(/hps), crit chance, damage-per-mana, tps, what it crits like, etc; taking into account your gear, talents, enchants and buffs.,

Okay, I’ll shut up.  This site is cool.  Go to it.  NOW!

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December 11, 2007 - Posted by | Online resources, World of Warcraft


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