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Cerberus responds – Warcrafter sandbox mode fixed for IE

I checked the forums this morning and had the following reply from Cerberus:

“Amanna: thanks for stopping by :p. I loaded your profile and checked the buffs you mentioned (also saving your character for the first time will clear any buffs currently checked) and the mentioned new was working for me: either or . It’s the querystring part that adds the buffs 🙂 I hope this makes sense :p
edit: oh I see, it’s just not working in Internet Explorer haha, thanks I’ll get it fixed. edit2: I think its fixed.”

I played around this morning a bit, and I’m still having some trouble with the Save Character button, but the URL string on the Buffs page works.  Here’s what you do:

  • Go into Sandbox Mode
  • Click the Buffs link
  • Check off the buffs you want to represent (this is where Bear and Cat form is)
  • X out to close the window
  • Click Build Stats
  • Click the Buffs link again
  • Copy the URL link at the top.  It has all the querystring info it needs to re-create this character

You can now use that link as a representation of your character.

I posted in the forum again to see if I’m using the Save Character button incorrectly, but I can’t get it to save a character, with buffs, and supply a link that works.


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December 19, 2007 - Posted by | Online resources, World of Warcraft

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