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I’ve wrote previously on factors you should take into consideration if you are looking to move your WordPress blog to self-hosting.  One of the general themes was that it was up to you to take care of all the technical support of your installation, including backups, plugins and upgrades.

After spending the prior week cruising WordPress for information concerning how to upgrade, printing it all out, taking a backup and nervously going through the update, I was able to successfully perform an update. 

Well, I thought I did.  The “you need to upgrade” notice that displayed on my WordPress admin panel went away, but the next time I logged into my hoster and looked at my websites, there was a message there that said I still needed to upgrade.  The good news is that the message was hotlinked, and when I clicked it, it took me to the Fantastico panel. 

Turns out Fantastico on my hoster will not only do an initial install of WordPress, but will do upgrades as well.  Of course, there are qualifications.  If you’ve done any local editing of plugins or themes, etc. then they will be lost during the upgrade.  But if you haven’t, then your WordPress upgrade is but a single click away.  It worked fine for me.

I’ve also found out that there are plugins to handle the backup issue.  One in particular I’ve seen mentioned a couple different locations, so I plan on giving it a try (full disclosure: I haven’t tried it yet).  WP-DB-Backup is a plugin that will perform a daily database backup and mail the backup file to an E-Mail address you specify.  It’s automated, and with the generous space allocations on many of the free E-Mail accounts these days, you should be able to keep quite a few copies.

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Auctioneer and making money

Interested?  I’m assuming I’m not the only one out there who needs more money.

I’ve long since wanted to write a series on how to effectively use Auctioneer to make money; living the high life of buying low and selling high.  Trouble is, I never really felt like I had a good handle on how best to use Auctioneer effectively.   I just couldn’t get my furry little head wrapped around the ins and out of Auctioneer.  Maybe us bears get slapped in the head too often, or maybe we’re just not cut out to be accountants, but it just wasn’t sinking in.

Compounding the problem recently is the introduction of Auctioneer Advanced.  So now I have to learn two add-ons??? 

Well, I’ve found a nice little blog that solved my problem for me (and you).  I recently found Og’s Ledger, and there are some great Auctioneer resources on his site.  Not only does Og have an overview of Auctioneer Classic, and a two part overview of Auctioneer Advanced, he has ongoing threads around how to make money using the Auction House.  For those of you that would like to understand the ins and outs of Auction House trading, this is a blog you should have bookmarked. 

Og also has a category called “Rags to Riches” where he details his adventures on a daily basis trying to make money buying and selling on the Auction House.  It’s from the perspective of low level starting characters, but his detail in describing the process I think could help anyone.

Here’s a summarized list of links into Og’s Ledger for this topic:

Og’s Ledger has a lot of other good information.  Most of the posts are concerning with buying and selling and making money.  If this is something that relates to you, then add Og to your blog list.  I will be right after this post.

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