Adventures in Azeroth

It’s a Druid’s World (of Warcraft)


For comments, suggestions, rants, praise, ideas for the site, or if you just want to talk, use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. 

I currently play only two charcters Amanna, my Druid and Mangle, a Hunter.  I play both characters on the US Eldre’Thalas PvE server.  Both characters are members of the Elite Defenders guild, but Amanna is definitely my main character.  I consider myself a casual player and put in about 15+ hours a week playing. 

Elite Defenders is a “fun first” guild I was invited into when Amanna was just around lvl 25 or so.  I had run Blackfathom Deeps with a couple of guild members, and they threw me an invite after those runs.  After reading about all the guild drama that seems to be rampant in other guilds, ED is a great guild that allows everyone to play at their own level and in their own way.

I have been a feral Druid from my first talent point and never looked back.  I don’t enjoy full time healing so I’ve never headed that route.  I’m intriqued by Moonkin form/Balance and may respec sometime just to try it out.

My interest in creating this blog were really just to try bloggin out and have some fun.  I never realized it would grow so much, and I’m glad so many people have found useful information here.  My main contribution interests are summarizing pertinent research as shortcuts for your gameplay (e.g. gear lists, quest overviews, etc.) and general observations on what it means to be an effective feral druid. 



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