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Buffing Up

Hitting level 70 and getting a good amount great non-raid gear in Outland got me researching how to continue to buff up so I can be as effective as possible in high-end content.  Obviously, there is better gear in the raid dungeons.  Grinding particular factions can lead to some great faction rewards also.

What I want to do in this section of the blog however, is provide a one-stop Druid shop for those “other” ways to buff yourself up: enchantments (permanent and temporary), consumables, and gems.  This new section will replace my Enchants series for two reasons:

  1. More information all in one place so you can research exactly what you want, and
  2. Instead of typing out the choices, I’ll link to various selections and filters on wowhead.  This way, as new items are added or old items updated, the information will always be up to date.

So, click the links to get started and be sure to send me feedback if something needs tweaked or added.

Consumables | Enchantments | Gems

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