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Enchantments are probably the first thing we think of when we’re ready to start augmenting our effectiveness past pure gear.  There are different types of enchantments though, offering benefits beyond those that your guild Enchanter can offer.  While Enchanter enchantments tend to be the best you can get, don’t overlook the many other ways to “buff up”.

Also note that since I am using stats-based filters, in some instances an item or two may be returned in the results that might not be appropriate for us Druids. 

You may also want to check the very nice WoWwiki page summarizing permanent enchantments.

Enchantments by Slot 

These links let you research various types of enchangements by slot, with no filtering as to effect.  You’ll find lots of “non-druid” stuff in these lists, but you might also find some surprises too!  Also be sure to keep in mind that any new enchantment replaces any enchantment already on the item.

Enchanting Enchantments – Placed on your gear by an enchanter using the appropriate enchantment spell and materials.
All | Back | Chest | Feet | Finger | Hands | Main Hand | Off Hand | One Hand | Two Hand | Wrist
Permanent Enchantments – Different than enchanting “spells”, these permanent enchantments include such things as armor kits, glyphs, arcanums, and other miscellany.
All | Chest | Feet | Hands | Head | Legs | Main Hand | Off Hand | One HandShoulder | Two Hand
Temporary Enchantments – Different than enchanting “spells”, these temporary enchantments include such things as poisons, oils, stones, and other miscellany.  These temporary enchantments do not replace existing enchantments, so they’re great for a little extra boost.
All | Chest | Feet | Main Hand | Off Hand | One Hand | Two Hand

Enchantments by Playstyle

These links will help you narrow down particular enchantments by the type of build you want to augment.  Unfortunately, wowhead does not currently allow filter by stats on Enchanting enchantments, so you’ll have to use the complete slot links above to search. 

Balance Enchantments – Plusses to Intellect, Spirit, Spell damage, Spell Crit, Spell Penetration, Spell Haste, or Mana Regen.
Permanent | Temporary
Feral Enchantments (Tanking) – Armor, Defense, Dodge, Stamina or Agility.
Permanent | Temporary
Feral Enchantments (DPS) – Agility, Strength, AP, Crit, Haste or Hit.
Permanent | Temporary
Resto Enchantments – Intellect, +Healing, +Spirit, Spell Crit, or Mana Regen. 
Permanent | Temporary

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